13 July 2017

Sweet and Simple Evening Routine

I'm going to keep it sweet and short today just how I like keeping my evening routine these days. 

I start by finishing up the day around 730PM and I have some down time for about an hour before I start organising what I'm going to have for dinner. After dinner, I'll have some down time. This is where I'll check social media and catch up on all those bits and pieces. 

I'll then shower and do my skincare routine which will include a mask. At this point I will generally get into bed, put something on from Netflix, check on social media and maybe do some reading from a magazine or the current book I'm reading. I try and get to sleep around 11PM which means I get at least 8 hours sleep. 

Like I said, I keep it pretty simple which just makes it easier for me to relax at the end of the day. 

B x 

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