19 July 2016

We Are All Human

I consider myself as a strong advocate for positive vibes & non-judgemental thoughts. I always try to be as positive as I possibly can with everything I do, more specifically when it comes to writing on my blog. I prefer to spread a positive frame of mind rather than a negative. 

I often see varying levels of negativity, opinions, emotions & reactions across not just my social media but also those that I follow. It’s definitely helped me realise that there is absolutely no exemption from online bullying, no matter how sheltered, famous, thick skinned we are. Negativity has seemed to become a big part of social media & definitely a big part of what comes with putting yourself out into the online world. I often tend to see or hear, “Well, they’ve but themselves online, not only themselves but their life too. What do the expect?” There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to be bullying someone online. Just because people have chosen to put themselves out there & put their life online doesn’t give anyone the right to bash them down every chance they get. And just because they may have different opinions or thoughts to what you may have, doesn’t mean they deserve hate or negativity thrown at them. 

It seems that everyone of us, at some point, have faced negativity & hatred in some shape or form. And it’s a shame to see so much of that has been happened online. 

I feel that they’re are a lot of lessons, things you could learn from seeing all this hate & negativity online. I don’t just think that these lessons apply to social media but I also think that they especially apply to the online industry that we are seeing become more popular day by day. I’ve complied just a few of the lesson, or things you could learn from all the negativity you & I see on a day to day basis. 

1: No matter if you work online or have online profiles for whatever reasons, I feel hate & negativity is inevitable. I see negative & malicious comments everyday across several different online platforms. But as I am only human, I am still continuously shocked at not only the negative comments that I see on a daily basis but also the fact that these people actually have that much hatred to freely post negative comments without the thought of consequences towards another person. There will always be this small part of the me that hopes they will one day respect others or leave them alone altogether. Either one, they don’t need to write negative insults toward others online. It’s so not necessary. Whether someone has millions of followers, hundreds of thousands or just one, they are still human, with emotions & feelings just like you & I. And regardless of how much a person may dislike them or what they do, they do not deserve any kind of disrespect. They might be having a bad day, just like you could be & negative comments aren’t going to help or do anyone any favours. Never mind how successful you may think someone is, this goes for Bloggers & YouTubers too, remember they are regular people, with hearts, souls & emotions just like you & I. They’re entitled to their opinion, just like you & I are & I’m sure they didn’t even set to offend you in the first place. 

2: Secondly, all this hate & negativity I’ve been seeing as of lately, has only pushed me, even further, to ensure all my comments, thoughts, feelings & opinions are coming from a place of positivity. No one needs to see negative comments especially when they could already by having a shitty day. 

3: I can’t stress this enough, everyone deserves respect, even if they’re entirely untouchable & someone you’ll never met in your life time.  They have feelings exactly like you & I. Whatever they may be posting or sharing, about whatever they choose, isn’t an open invitation to bash them in an open & public forum. 

4: I’ve realised that we all really need to be aware of the words the leave our mouths. Life is too short to be upsetting people for no reason other than the fact that you have nothing better to do. Don’t get me wrong, your words matter but it takes nothing to stay quite & keep your opinions to yourself. Choose carefully when you decide to voice your opinions. I think the concept is quiet simple, don’t say anything unless it can genuinely enhance someones day or life in someway. 

5: People will read & see everything, even if you think they won’t see you comment, I guarantee they will. Even the smallest comment could hurt someone, just don’t say it. I don’t care if you have one million followers or just one, you don’t have any right whatsoever to be posting nasty, shitty comments. And at the end of the day they will be read & probably by more people than you think. 

6: Just be positive & spread positivity & I promise you that’s what you’ll get in return. Hate breeds hate. Happiness in infectious. 

My point simply is to share these bits & pieces with you, the things I have learnt along the way. And I guess to also open the eyes of those who think it’s okay to bully others online. I would really love to see things start to change when it comes to online negativity & hatred. Remember none of us are exempt from it, everyone is human & I truly wish that in the future people will start to realise the affect their words can have on a person & people. I would just like to see an online world where not only where people learn not to voice their negativity & hatred but also feel that they are able to voice their opinions & thoughts in a positive way without having to worry about the comments they may receive. Lets start bring others up instead of tearing them down. 

 B x

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