16 August 2016

If I Could Only Use Five Beauty Products

In reality, I know that I’d never be really be able to only use 5 beauty products. It’s a fun, hypothetical game to play as it shows what your true favourite products are. So here are 5 of mine, which probably don’t come as a surprise as anyone however I did take a few minutes to pull together 5 products that make for the perfect everyday makeup look. These products change over time as I'm trying out new products & finding new favourites so I might just make a mini series out this, we'll see how things go!

E.L.F MAXIMUM COVERAGE CONCEALER: I decided to start of with a base product because let’s all be honest, we don’t always have blemish free skin & that goes for me too. A full coverage concealer is perfect because it’s going to cover any unwanted blemishes, discolouration & dark circles. It conceals anything that I might not want to show but it doesn’t completely mask out your complexion. 

MAYBELLINE FIX ME POWDER IN 235 PURE BEIGE: I never go a day without powdering any cream product that I put on my face. The love how finely milled this specific powder is & it’s beautiful for setting under your eyes. I find that if I don’t powder, everything ends up going south. I feel like you can never go wrong with a powder whether it adds coverage or not. 

NATIO EYEBROW KIT: This one isn’t a surprise but when I find a product I really enjoy, there is no putting it down for something else. I think brows really help complete any look, whether it’s everyday or full glam evening look. I don’t know about you guys, but I really think lovely shaped brows help frame the face. Brows are an essential for me. Also let me know your favourite brow products in the comments below because I’d love to try something new for a change! 

MAYBELLINE MASTER HI-LIGHT: You’ve got to love a product that you can use for multiple purposes. It acts as a beautiful highlight & blush in one. Its effortless way of highlighting the cheek while also adding a subtle sweep of colour. Not only does it look incredible but  the formula feels incredible on the skin too. 

MAYBELLINE LASH SENSATIONAL MASCARA: Since picking this up at the every beginning of this year, I’ve become completely smitten with it. It delivers an almost perfect lash look, with a lot of lift, separation, curl & volume. It stays pull all day without the need for a stubborn waterproof formula however the waterproof formula of this specific mascara is probably my favourite. The mascara wand it perfect to work with & gets right to the root of the lash. 

What would your top 5 beauty products be if you had to pick?

B x

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