11 October 2016

Review: LA Girl Cosmetics Lip Products

LA Girl Cosmetics has become quite a popular & affordable brand in the last year or so. In that time I've tried a few of their products & really loved them. The packaging is sleek, the quality of the products I've tried is great & it's affordable, what more could you ask for?

I was having a look at what products they had to offer & what new products they had out, I thought I would pick up a couple of their lip products. I decided to grabbed a lip liner & a matte liquid lipstick. When I first brought these lip products I wasn't sure how they would preform as I hadn't heard of any reviews & hadn't really heard others talking about them. It was really trial & error.

"Lip definition becomes easier & more exciting with our new & improved pencils. With the most extensive colour selection available. Moisture rich formula glides on smoothly for a seamless look." 

Above is what the LA Girl Cosmetics website states about their lip liner pencil products. I picked up the shade 'Natural' however they do have 12 shades in total in this specific collection & I do feel like that there is something for everyone. I found the product to be moisturising but not too moisturising to the point where it's slipping all over the place. The formula allows for easy & smooth application. As you can tell from the picture above, this specific shade is nothing too bold, it's really simple & looks amazing against my skin tone. The product does have a scent however I only noticed because I held the product up to my nose, other than that I never noticed it while on the lips. It's a gorgeous formula & super affordable. I definitely do recommend trying them out for yourself especially if you're looking for something different to try. I'm looking forward to trying out the other shade they have in the collection. 

"Introducing our hottest new lip product - Matte Pigment Gloss. These 16 bold shades provide rich intense colour in a flat finish for all day wear. A long wearing formula goes on as a high pigmented liquid & dries to a flat matte finish. Leaving lips covered in gorgeous velvety perfection that lasts & last."

Above is what the LA Girl Cosmetics website stated about their matte pigment glosses. I picked up the shade 'Dreamy' however they do have a total of 11 shades in this specific collection & again I feel like that their is something for everyone. The shade 'Dreamy', as sown in the picture above, is a deep, pinky rose. As you can tell, I'm not particularly great at describing shades & colours, but I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about! The formula is super pigmented, long wearing & velvety so I definitely agree with what they've said over on their site. The scent of this is quite unique however it doesn't bother me once on the lip especially once the product is completely dry & matte. I've found the product can be a little bit sticky on the lips especially if you apply too much of the product. The way to avoid that would be to not apply too much product. Applying too much product can cause it to become thick, heavy & uncomfortable on the lip. I would stick to just applying a small amount & because the formula is really pigmented you don't need a lot of it anyway. One thing I wouldn't recommend with this product is wearing it out if you're planning to do a lot of eating or drinking, it tends to seperate easily on the lips. Re-applying can be difficult & doesn't tend to look as smooth as what would've when first applied on clean lips. Another wee recommendation I have is when applying the product make sure your lips are as moisturised as possible, whether that's using a lip scrub or a wee bit of lip balm on the lips before applying any product, or maybe you want to do both, that's totally up to you. I say this because this product tends to cling to drier patches so if you're able to minimise as much dryness as possible the better the product will look on the lips. When it comes to removing the product, it can be quite difficult. I suggest using a lip balm for during the day when you don't intend to remove any other makeup from your face, just because this can be a lot neater however for example, you're removing at night with the rest of your makeup an oil based makeup remover would work perfectly. I personally use coconut oil but it just comes down to preference. For an affordable liquid lipstick I don't rate this one too bad. I'm yet to decide on whether I'll pick up anymore shades from this specific collection but if you're looking for an affordable liquid lipstick to try out, I would recommend giving LA Girl's Matte Pigment Glosses a go.

Let me know if you've tried any products from LA Girl Cosmetics & what you thought were, I'd love to know what to try next from the brand.

B x

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