28 February 2016

Monthly Favourites: February 2016

As we say goodbye to February we also say goodbye to Summer but a hello to Winter & a new favourites post. I hope February has treated you all amazingly. Although I've have had a very crazy month, I've also had an extremely enjoyable month too.

The Maybelline Lash Sensation Mascara has to hands down be my favourite product this month. Whether I'm using the waterproof formula or the original formula, I'm always so pleased with the result & how it leaves my lashes. I'll leave the link here, the post review I need if you're interested more in knowing about the product & my thoughts in more detail.

I'm going to keep this one pretty simple because at some point this month I'm going to do a post on my favourite makeup removers, but one I've been loving this month is the Garner Skin Naturals 2 in 1 Express Makeup Remover. It's also great for removing waterproof mascara but I'll talk about it more in my up coming post.

I absolutely adore using coconut oil in my hair. I probably do this about once week & it helps my hair lock in the moisture especially in the ends.

This month I've been loving a Sinful Colours polish in 982 Be Happy. It's a beautiful mint shade & it's not something I would normally reach for but I've been trying to use it & much a possible before Winter hits us!

APP // 
I've fallen in love with the app Flipboard. I keep a collection of my favourite blogpost, under a range of different categories, from a range of different bloggers. If you like reading & collecting different articles & are wanting to find one place to keep them all then I think Flipboard may just be for you.

BOOK // 
10 Steps To Earning Awesome Grades by Thomas Frank. Lets be honest, I'm an organisation freak & I love to be able to be as productive as possible so this was definitely right up my ally. Thomas also has a YouTube channel as well as a blog & they are both filled with really useful information.

FILM // 
At the beginning of the month I went to see The 5th Wave with my sister & Ma. I wasn't a hundred percent sure if I would like it but holy crap I loved it. I was such an incredible movie. There was not one single part of the film that was boring, I don't even know how to explain it, it was just great & if you haven't seen it you definitely need too.

Definitely the Walking Dead. There's a new season out on TV at the moment & I'm loving it so far. I believe the series is on Netflix so definitely check it out if you're looking for something new to watch.

SONG // 
Youth by Troye Sivan. Holy crap, I'm incredibly proud of Troye & if you haven't heard his song, definitely check it out along with the music video because it's just recently been released!

Again, Troye's new album. Incredibly proud & it's incredibly amazing.

Rhian HY, holy crap this woman is utterly incredible. When I first came across her YouTube channel, I think I probably watch all her videos, she's inspiring & down to earth. I think you all need to watch her & read her blog. I just don't have words to explain how much I love this woman. Just go subscribe, follow & watch her, you won't regret it!

Logical Harmony, I came across the site about two weeks ago, whether you want to class it is as a blog or not that's up to you but I adore this blog. You can find out all the information on site but it's a site where they review all kinds of vegan products & I find that very interesting because I'm looking into slowly become vegan but I want to start slowly to help my body adjust to it & also because my body is so temperamental. But I'll keep you updated.

This month I've been in love with Meghan Rienks instagram. Definitely flick her a follow.

FOOD // 
Avocado. Avocado on toast, avocado in my salads. If you don't like avocado then what are you doing with your life!

I didn't go to any specific places that were anywhere completely new but I did go & stay with my Nan & Pop for a night which was really nice. I always love spending time with them both.

'Worrying won't stop the bad stuff from happening, it just stops you from enjoying the good.'

Rhian HY for sure. I talked about her above so be sure to check her & all her social media out!


B x 

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