After falling in love with the blogging & YouTube community at the age of 14 I created a small space on the internet, called 'bonnieellenxo', where I could share my thoughts on life & happiness as well as having an outlet where I'm able to talk about my interests such as beauty & style. Social media has changed a lot since I then, in my opinion mainly positive but some negative too. There were no monetary incentives so everyone knew where they stood & disclaimers weren't really necessary. These days, I feel like the liners are blurred because bloggers are sometimes paid to talk about certain things & as I am a reader on blogs as much as I am a creator I can absolutely understand how this can be confusing. I want to make sure that there's no confusion when it comes to me & 'bonnieellenxo', all of the opinions on my blog & social media are solely my own & 100% honest. 

I'm really proud to say that over the years I've been on social media & had my blog, my ethics have remained the same & I still blog for the same reasons - to share aspects of my life & to spread happiness & positivity. Having what I do have when it comes to my social media & blog, I am forever grateful & appreciative of all the support & kindness I've had over the years.

To me, it's important that anyone who reads my blog or is following me on my social media knows that I'm not driven by money, but for a love of what I do. The relationship & friendship I've built with you as an audience over the years, to me could never have a dollar value. Every single one of you mean the world to me & I ensure that all of my content is honest & sincere, & you trust myself that my opinions are genuine & unbiased. I strive to make it so that you're treated they way I would like to be treated as a viewer/reader. It's important to me that you feel safe & happy here, are seen as an equal, appreciated & not lied to. 

On my blog or social media you may see products that I have either purchased myself or have been sent. Either way, I treat them as if I have paid for them myself. Reason being, it allows me to keep opinions fair & unbiased. I would never recommend something to my audience if I didn't truly think they would benefit from it in some way. Absolutely everything I talk about, whether that be on my blog or on social media, it is my own choice, my own words & at my own discretion. 

If I choose to feature sponsored content any of my @bonnieellenxo forums including my blog, it will always be after serious & careful consideration. Again, I want to make this as fair & unbiased as possible meaning I would never post anything I thought otherwise. It would have to be something that I truly love & would spend my own money on to feature on any my forums. My audience, my readers, my viewers are some of the most amazing people & no amount of money could ever make me feature something that I wouldn't recommend to a friend myself. 

Currently there are no affiliate links on any @bonnieellenxo forums however I want you to know for the feature that there is absolutely no pressure or obligation to use my links & you can always search for the item yourself. 

Everything you read/see on @bonnieellenxo forums created by the owner & creator of 'bonnieellenxo' unless stated otherwise. Without my express or written permission no content, words, images or other may be used or duplicated. 

If you have an other questions or enquires I would love for you to just email me at bonnieellenxo@gmail.com, I'm someone that would much rather you ask than assume. Thankyou!

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