29 April 2021

2021: Favourites #02

Not a huge lot of favourites over the past couple of months but nonetheless I did want to share the products that I have been loving! 

"Our alcohol-free mist toner blends chamomile & rosewater to help soothe, purify & cool tired skin. And did we mention it is the ultimate multi use product? It can be used before & after cleansing, in the office as a 3PM pick me up, after makeup application to give you a dewy complexion or just anytime your skin is feeling stressed or overheated." See full review here

"This light eye serum melts into the skin helping to soften & firm dull stressed skin, adding a boost of radiance with out nourishing & hydrating formula."

"Minimise pores and restore a more radiant skin tone with the brightening & purifying goodness of natural pink clay and witch hazel. Gently draws out all the dirt & oils trapped in the skin, combined with nourishing native New Zealand kawakawa extract which is renowned for its cleansing and calming effects." 

"This caring shea daily hand cream helps soften & protect hands with light, nutty moisture. The instantly absorbing formula is ideal for on-the-go hydration. This product is non-greasy & a wonderfully light gel-cream formula."

"This effective daily hand cream cares for nails as well as hands. It contains two manicurist's essentials, sweet almond oil and pantheon. This product moisturises, softens, conditions nails & has a sweet almond scent." 

"Nut for the fainthearted, Candy Rain is abundant with moisturising nuts. Buttery cashew cream, coconut cream and rich brazil nut milk glide down & coat each strand, moisturising & protecting for glossy hair. Topped off with a sweet tonka & cocoa absolute fragrance, Candy Rain is big comforting cuddle in a bottle." 

"Contains almond oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E, jojoba oil plus the designated scent." Salted caramel is my personal favourite!

"Mattifies & refines pores & leaves a natural, seamless finish. Ideal for normal to oily skin, our exclusive formula with micro-powders controls shine & blurs pores." 

Content Creators 



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27 April 2021

5 Ways To Maintain Your Energy Throughout The Day

As someone who is always tired & struggles to find energy throughout the day I wanted to share a few ways you can keep your energy levels up that don't require huge amounts of caffeine, you'll be glad to know. Naturally energy waves throughout the day but I find these things help sustain my energy all day. 

Sleep An Optimal Amount Of Time 
If you haven't had enough sleep, you will be much less likely to have energy that will last. Often when we are out of a routine with our sleep, we struggle with routine throughout the day. Having at least 7-9 hours each night should make you feel refreshed & will help tiredness being the cause of lack of energy. 

Watch What You Eat 
Your energy levels are far more dependable on food that you probably realise. Consuming high-energy, sugary food may seem like that best option at the time, but you're more likely to receive a sugar crash & as a result, won't feel energetic for long. Even something as simple as swapping white bread for wholemeal can help & allow you to be filled with energy that will release slower, making it last longer. 

Hydrate The Smart Way 
I recently found out that just like when we are hungry, our energy levels drop when we are in a need of a drink. More often that not, when we are tired we reach straight for the caffeine but the may not always be necessary. When your body is lacking water you experience fatigue & your body struggles to provide you with the energy you need. It's important to stay wise to the benefits of drinking enough water throughout the day & I think there are probably more benefits than we originally realise. 

Boost Serotonin Levels 
You would think working out would zap all energy out of you but it actually does the complete opposite. Regular exercise can positively impact serotonin levels. Regular exercise, as simple as a walk around the block, raises serotonin therefore boosts your mood & overall sense of well-being. It can also help improve your appetite & sleep cycle. 

Gratitude List 
It's been said that grateful people sleep better, who would've thought. Studies show that writing in a gratitude journal helps to improve sleep & overall well-being. Spend just 15 minutes before bed jotting down a few grateful sentiments & you may just sleep better & longer. 

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22 April 2021

Product Review: Sukin Original Hydrating Mist Toner

I'm not going to lie, for a long time I didn't have any form of toner within my skincare routine but I've found this product change the game for me completely! There were two key things that first originally drew me into this product & those were that it came in a spray bottle & it claimed to be hydrating. My skin really goes through it throughout the year. For the most part my skin is dry & I'm always searching for new hydrating products to try out. When I came across the Sukin Original Hydrating Mist Toner I was very excited to give it a go. 

"Our alcohol-free mist toner blends chamomile & rosewater to help soothe, purify & cool tired skin. And did we mention it is the ultimate multi use product? It can be used before & after cleansing, in the office as a 3PM pick me up, after makeup application to give you a dewy complexion or just anytime your skin is feeling stressed or overheated. You can also keep in the refrigerator to instantly refresh skin on hots days. It's also amazing at blending concealer under the eyes with a beauty sponge!" 

I think I have now re-purchased this product 3 or 4 times & I plan to continue to have it within my skincare routine for the foreseeable future! I love that it's a really flexible product with how it can be used, has a really calming scent that isn't to overwhelming & feels really light on the skin. This product has been a really great touch to add into my skincare routine & I'm throughly pleased with how it's working with my skin! 

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20 April 2021

Are You Afraid To Do Things Alone?

It's a bit of a food for thought post today & it's a conversation I'm regularly having with those in my life. I'm very much interested in the mentality that much of us hold, a mentality that I once held, that lead me to be afraid to do things & experience life alone. I very much resonate with this post 'Don't Be Afraid To Do Things Alone' written by Mitzi J Hernandez.

"I'm a solo adventurer, I'm a loner. I am the woman you see alone at a coffee shop drinking tea and reading a book. I am the one who takes herself out on dates & sit-downs at restaurants by herself, without shame. I am the woman who attends concerts without feeling awkward about being there alone. I sing my heart out & have a hell of a good time." 

I've been thinking more & more about this recently & the older I've gotten, the more I've realised that doing things alone is simply wonderful. Don't get me wrong, I love being around people, my friends & family but I also love being alone, doing the things that make me happy. I feel there is such a big social stigma that leads us to believe doing things alone makes us a loser, lonely or that we're being anti-social. I just think there's a lot to be learnt through doing things alone. I don't know, read Mitzi post & let me know what you think. Do you do the things that make you happy alone sometimes? 

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15 April 2021

Everyday Minimal Makeup

It's a quick & simple post today so here is a wee list of all the makeup products that I typically reach for a daily basis to achieve a very simple & minimal makeup look. 

Foundation & Concealer 

Powder, Bronzer & Highlight 

Brows & Lashes 


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13 April 2021

Standout Haircare Products

As someone with a natural curl that get's a bit dry & unruly more often than not, I thought I'd share some of my current standout haircare favourites that I'm really enjoying & more than that, my hair is really loving. 

"Been putting your hair though a lot? Help easy some of the damage with Rehab. Olive oil adds strength the hair, while fresh pineapple & papaya juice means this clarifying shampoo cleanses oil & enhances shine." After using Rehab shampoo my scalp & hair feel so beautifully refreshed, the fragrance is fresh but subtle & just a small amount provides such a rich lather! I really wish I had come across Rehab earlier! 

"Don't let bad hair days rain on your parade, this nutty conditioner is loaded with ingredients to soften, smooth & detangle your hair for a sleek, moisturised finish." Candy Rain conditioner leaves my hair so smooth & soft. I love that this product has an abundant of moisturising properties which helps protect hair for stronger strands. As someone with curly hair that tangles way to quickly, Candy Rain is the perfect conditioner to help detangle hair as well! It really is the perfect conditioner for my hair, I'm in love. 

Garnier have a great range of hair masks for all hair types but what I think I love about them most is their multiple use factor. They can be used as a hair mask, intense conditioner or a leave in treatment. These hair masks consist of a formula that is 98% naturally derived, 98% biodegradable & vegan, with no silicones, no parabens & no artificial colourants. Each individual mask is specialise depending on hair type & scent. My favourites are the Aloe Vera & Macadamia masks as they're for dry & unruly hair types similar to mine. Highly recommend checking out these hair masks, they're for sure some of my favourites! 

If anyone has tried any decent curl creams I'd love your recommendations! I'm on the hunt for something incredible! 

B x 

8 April 2021

Your Weekend Read, Watch & Listen List

I think the last time I did one of these posts was a couple of the months back, at the beginning of February. I've been consuming a few more bits & pieces since then & thought it was time for a bit of an update. 

Recently I've delved into Rupi Kaur's amazing poetry. I now have all three of her books, Milk & Honey, The Sun & Her Flowers & her newest release Home Body. Rupi is an incredible 21 year old poet, artist and performer. Rupi writes & illustrates her books & she does such a wonderful job. I honestly couldn't recommend her stuff enough! In terms of novels, I've been wanting to read 'The Fifth Letter' by Nicola Moriarty for the longest time. At the time of writing this I'm about to go away for a long weekend so fingers crossed I'll get some time to jump full force into it! 

I've been watching a few different things recently. Netflix has an awesome series called 'Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel'. I love watching these kinds of series so this was right up my alley & it was a very interesting watch. I also binge watched Season Four of 13 Reasons Why & if you've seen the last reason you'll understand when I say a cried like a baby in one of the last episodes. On YouTube I've just come across @ravenreads & her content is amazing! You'll love her as much as I do especially if you're into more of the spooky & creepy ghost stories. 

I'm still catching up on The Double Cleanses Podcast which is hosted by James & Robert Welsh. James & Robert also have YouTube channels which are filled with heaps of makeup & skincare tips & tricks. Another podcast that was recommended to me recently was The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her hosted by Lauryn Evarts & Michael Bosstick. They have heaps & I mean heaps so awesome content to go through & I'm excited to explore & listen to their podcast a bit more. 

What have you been reading, watching & listening to lately? 

B x

6 April 2021

Six Tips For A Healthy Headspace

Taking steps to maintain your mental health & wellbeing helps you live life in a positive & meaningful way but it also helps you to bounce back when times do get tough. I am always referring back to this wee list of tips when I'm feelings overwhelmed & like life is getting to be a bit much. 

Set Yourself A Small Goal 
Set a goal or task that you want to achieve for the day. It can be something small like making your bed, going for a walk or calling a friend. Try some new hobbies & keep doing the things you love as best you can. 

Learn Skills For A Tough Time 
It might be helpful to learn new coping skills to maintain & improve wellbeing. You could try journaling your thoughts & feelings, practice some breathing exercises, explore mental health apps or website, create a new routine or take a digital detox. 

Create Connections 
When we can't physically connect with friends & loved ones, there are so many other ways to stay connected. Try calling a friend or video chatting with a family member. Online is always a good way to make connections with those you may not be able to physically. 

Eat Well 
Minimise unhealthy snacks & caffeine. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables & drink plenty of water! 

Stay Active
You could try doing an online fitness class, a yoga session or even a challenge of some kind with you friends. It's important to remember something is better than nothing & it all benefits your mental health! 

Get Enough Sleep 
Trying to stick to a sleep routine can be really hard something but if you can, try wake up & go to bed around the same time. Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep each not & try turning switching off from electronics 30-60 minutes before bed. 

What are some of the steps you take to keeping a healthy headspace? 

B x 

1 April 2021

Travel Away With Me | Makeup & Skincare

I thought because I'm going away for the long weekend I'd take this opportunity to share with you all what I take away with me when it comes to skincare & makeup. A lot of the makeup I take away with me is what you'd also find in my makeup bag on a daily basis as well. I prefer to keep my skincare as simple as possible while I'm away but there's nothing wrong with treating yourself to a face mask too. 

Primer, Foundation & Concealer 

Powder, Bronzer & Highlight 

Brows, Eyes & Lashes 
Wet n Wild Mega Clear Brow & Lash Mascara 

Maybelline Matte Lipstick - Darling Nude 655 & Lust For Blush 665 

Cleanser & Exfoliator 

Moisturiser, Toner & Oils 

Eye Creams & Face Masks 

Makeup Remover 

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