29 January 2017

5 To Watch On YouTube

Long time, no talk! Well, kind of. It's been a week since I last uploaded but it feels like a life time. January has been one hell of a crazy month & I owed to myself a week off, to gather my thoughts, relax & get back into my routines.

YouTube is a pretty amazing thing. YouTube has given creators opportunities they never thought were possible including YouTube being there full time income. YouTube has connected thousands of people from all over the world & I think that what I love the most. Because of YouTube, I now know of people that really inspire me, people & share similar opinions to me. I've also learnt a variety of different things from a variety of different YouTubers. I thought I would share just a few of my favourite videos from the past month or so.

These are just a few of the videos that either really inspired me or that I felt connected with. Leave me links to those that inspire & motivate you. 

B x

19 January 2017

The Truth About Being Single

I watched a YouTube video recently uploaded by Rosianna Halse Rojas, featuring Lucy Moon. These are two of the most incredible women, I love them & they both continue to inspire me. They spoke & discussed about being single, singledom as an identity, shame, insecurity, relations after abuse & lots me. Rosianna video was a video response to a couple of other YouTubers, Hannah & Lenna's video's, in which they discussed & talked about essentially the same things, the truth about being single. Hannah & Lenna also happen to be incredible women, so I highly encourage you to check out their content. I'll link all three video's along with there channels, at the very bottom of this post so you can have a look & join in on the discussion! 

I throughly enjoyed Rosianna's video & as a single 18 year old myself, I find I could connect & understand what Rosianna & Lucy were discussing. More specifically I could really relate to when Rosianna mentioned & spoke about her experience this NYE as a single woman. Rosianna said she felt she had a great outfit, she had a friend do her hair & she was genuinely excited to see her friends. However, there was one point in the night where she looked around the room & thought to herself, “Omg, I look massive, I hate myself, this is terrible”. She said all these awful things to herself & had that weird feeling that because she wasn’t in a relationship she was inadequate. I know I have felt this way before & it's not a great feeling at all. 

I experienced a very similar situation myself this NYE. I went to a party, a gathering with friends, whatever you wish to call it. I, just like Rosianna, felt that what I was wearing was really lovely, my makeup & hair was done beautifully, all that kind of stuff. I was one out of two of us girls who attended, who were single & generally that doesn’t bother me at all. I was sat outside, with a group of people, some of which I knew & others I had just met. All of a sudden, there was this voice in my head that was tearing me down. I was thinking all these horrible things about myself, about how terrible I looked, how massive I was. Regardless of the size of the other girls, what they wore, how they wore their hair & makeup, I thought they were all bloody goddesses & looked absolutely stunning. And then of course that only leads to me thinking, “Well of course those people have partners because they’re bloody amazing & I’m not”. It’s like we go through these stages of feeling inadequate because we’re not in a relationship. I was now sat there crushing myself on the inside. And I know how bad that is for you, how it’s not productive & that you’d probably find that’s not how everybody else see’ you but I feel like it kind of just happens. In reality, you've really just got to be kind to yourself. 

In the same sense where people go from relationship to relationship. That doesn’t make them any less of a person nor does it make you any less of a person if you’re not in a relationship. I feel that those who do from relationship to relationship are lucky in the sense that they’re able to find someone to connect with on a level where they can romantically involved. I use to see this a lot when I was in high school & I always use to think to myself, “Well what is it that they have that I don’t?”. The reality was, nothing. I had to be kind to myself & just remind myself that I’m a unique individual & that one day someone will appreciate me for who I am. 

The aim of this discussion was to really to get the point across that, whether you are in a relationship or not, you are uniquely special. If you are single, you are no less adequate to those in relationships & visa versa. Being in a relationship & having a romantic partner has it’s highs & lows, just like being single, in fact, just like a lot of things in life. Don’t beat yourself if you’re single at the moment, don’t hate yourself & put yourself down because of it, instead take the opportunity to spend the time working on yourself & making yourself a even better person than you already are. 

From one single lady to another, I love you for you. 

B x

17 January 2017

Looking After Yourself This Summer

\You all know that I'm a big advocate of self care & self love so it only made sense to update on what I've been doing in the way of looking after myself this summer. In the summer I tend to spend a lot more time outside so I like to make sure that I'm taking the right steps to ensure that my body is well hydrated & looked after.

No.001: Keep Hydrated 
Keeping hydrated is something that is important all year round but especially in the summer as we tend to sweat a lot more due to the warmer weather. If I don't regularly keep hydrated, I'll suffer from headaches & that's never fun especially in the heat. Not only will your body benefit from it but so will your skin.

No.002: Sun Protection 
Keeping protected from the sun is so important, I can't stress this enough. There are so many different  ways to protect yourself from the sun whether that's wearing a hat, wearing clothes that are going to cover your skin, sunblock & also sunglasses. Don't forget to protect your eyes either! I don't go anywhere without my sunglasses nor without putting sunblock on.

No.003: Exfoliate & Moisturise
Looking after you skin is important in the summer. I've covered looking after it in the sense of covering up & using sunblock when outside but I also think it's great to look after your skin with a good exfoliant & moisturiser. It's a no brainer, but exfoliating & moisturising is going to keep your skin looking & feeling fresh, which, I don't know about you, is exactly what I want!

No.004: Hair Masks & Oils 
Due to the weather being a lot warmer I tend to spend more time outside, meaning that my hair is in direct sunlight for the majority of the time. It the summer months I find that my hair can get extremely dry & brittle. Hair masks & oils are the perfect solution & are something I've incorporated into my routines to ensure my hair has plenty of moisture to keep it healthy & strong. My favourite hair mask & oil at the moment is by a brand called Keune, but I'll talk more about the specific products in my 'January Beauty & Lifestyle Favourites' so keep an eye out for that!

No.005: Fresh Fruit & Vegetables 
If you were to ask me what my favourite part of summer is I would straight away say, the variety of fresh fruit & vegetables. We should all be taking advantage of the availability we have of such amazing fresh produce. I love to use fresh fruit in my smoothies & fresh vegetables for lunch & dinner meals. I highly encourage you to try something you haven't tried before, this is the prime opportunity to. Plus you can't go wrong with amazing fresh fruit & veg!

No.006: Get Outdoors, Explore & Have An Adventure
Summer is the prime time to get outside, explore & have an adventure. During the summer, I spend quite a bit of my time outdoors, whether that's at the beach or even just at home. There is something about being outdoors in the fresh air that makes me feel great. Even if I'm working, I make sure I get outside for some fresh air. It uplifts my spirits, wakes me up & makes me feel awesome, which are three things I can really do with heading into a busy afternoon of work! I encourage you to all take sometime this summer, to appreciate the outdoors & the amazing country you live in.

What are some of the things you do to look after yourself in the summer? Or maybe it's winter where you live, so what are some of the things you do to look after yourself in the winter?

B x

15 January 2017

Shit I Keep In My Handbag

I'm going to keep this post quick but I thought I would discuss some of the shit I carry around with me. I ain't going to lie I keep a lot of unnecessary shit in my bag but in saying that, it's a comforting feeling knowing I have bits & pieces in my handbag if I need them, in case of an emergency. 

My handbag at the moment is a little black rucksack/backpack. There's no specific brand to it, I believe it was homemade & I bought it from a little boutique by the beach here in Nelson. I'm sure you'd be able to find something similar or more specifically tailored to your style, online. I guess it's just about finding something you really like & are going to enjoy using. 

To start with I have the basics like, wallet, keys, cellphone, spare phone charger plus the wall plug, lip balm & hand cream. But because my eyes don't work properly I also have to carry with me at least two pairs of glasses which include sunglasses & reading glasses. Headphones are always something I tend to have in my handbag as well because I think they're handy to just have on you if you need them. 

When it comes to the unnecessary items, they include several small perfumes & lip balms. I have a compact mirror, hand sanitiser, tissues & several loyalty cards where the majority of them never get used but if it means there's an opportunity to save money, your girl will have it! 

Let me know what you carry around in your handbag? Do you keep unnecessary shit in your handbag like I do?

B x

12 January 2017

Favourite Summer Lip

Without a doubt, lipstick will always be something I love & collect. This summer I’ve been reaching for two particular lip products. I created a post like this last summer, which I’ll link so you can also have a look at what I was loving this time, last summer. I also mentioned the following Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in a post, 'My Summer No Lipstick, Lipstick' where I talked about how much I love the formula. 

“The first lipstick collection created by Kate Moss. High intensity colour for up to 8 hours. Formula infused with black diamonds, reflects light like never before. Captures all the flair, edge & timelessness of Kate’s unique look.”

“Richly pigmented, french vanilla infused formula glides on as a liquid & dries down to a luxurious, velvety matte finish that lasts for hours & hours. Touch proof, kiss proof & utterly addictive.”

B x 

10 January 2017

5 To Follow On Pinterest

I've done similar posts to this before with other social media platforms such as YouTube, Tumblr & Instagram. I don't know about you but I always love finding new creative content & online creators. This is my small way of share my favourite content & content creators. 

I adore Pinterest & it's a great form of daily inspiration. I have a variety of different collections over on my Pinterest & they're filled with pictures that inspire me in a variety of different ways.

G A B B Y 

Meghan Rhiannon 

Corinne Landrum 

Hannah Marie 


Who are some of your favourites to follow on Pinterest? 

B x


8 January 2017

Important Questions To Ask Yourself In The New Year

We all have reasonable & maybe some unreasonable resolution for 2017 that we’ve been thinking about as 2016 came to a close. Drinking more water, working out more often, finding a better work-life balance, the list goes on. Although there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a better year than the previous but we may be going the wrong way about setting our goals for 2017. 

I don’t know about you but I find that my New Years resolutions can be a bit demanding sometimes. I think before setting out New Years resolutions, we should ask ourselves some very important questions that will help us chart out course for 2017. 

1: What should I start? > Is there something new you’ve been waiting to try for awhile? You can always start a new hobby or activity whenever you like, but the New Year is always a good time to begin. Go ahead & take a chance because you don’t need to be an expert ever or at least al first. 

2: What should I stop? > There’s bound to be something in your life that’s keeping you stuck. Find out what it is & rid yourself of it ASAP. 

3: What should I do more of? > Make a list of all the activities & things you are doing & figure out whats making you happy. Then do more of it. 

4: What should I do less of? > It’s the same thing for this one. Maybe it’s the Japanese you’ve been taking lesson for three years now or the weekly yoga class that’s no longer making you happy. It’s only natural people change & their activities should change accordingly. 

5: What should I be grateful for? > Thanks giving isn’t the only time that we should give thanks for all the little or big things in out life that gives us joy. Family, friends, a job we love, take time to regularly reflect & express gratitude. 

Are there any certain questions you ask yourself at the beginning of every year?

B x

5 January 2017

Start Your Morning With An Aim

I’ve never been a morning person, however 2016 was the year that changed. I decided I wanted to make a change & that was the change I made. I’ve put several routines in place which have allowed me to become more of a morning person. Becoming a morning person has allowed me to be a lot more productive & when I’m more productive I genuinely feel good about myself & that I’ve made my most out of my day. 

Other people hate mornings with a passion for different yet equally legitimate reasons; some are night owls, some just don’t function before 10AM & some just need slightly more sleep than others. No matter what kind of person or not, naturally or not, getting out of bed in the morning can be the worst. 

I like to find the one thing in the upcoming day that I’m truly excited about & the following two things is how I do it. 

1: Make It Something Achievable & Let It Be Your Anchor
The thing I like to think of isn’t something ridiculous or a crazy goal I might not even be able to achieve. It’s an easy thing, it’s a comfortable thing, something that I’m sure of. When I say let it be your anchor, I mean find that one thing to look forward to because it’s like finding a light at the end of the tunnel on a bad day. Let it be your anchor when you feel like everything else in that day is out of control or not going the way you’d hoped. 

2: Don’t Allow Yourself To Skip It
If it’s what got you out if bed, then it means it’s important enough that you should’t let it fall. Don’t reschedule your happy moment for another day, It’s something worth smiling about & cherishing because no matter who small it is, it;s something totally worth waking up for. 

B x

3 January 2017

Summer Essentials: What Keeps Me Going Through The Summer

You all know how much I love summer & I thought now that we are in the middle of summer, I would talk about all my summer essentials. These are the things that I carry around with me or keep in the car during the summer, the things that keep me going during the summer. 

No.001: Beach Towel; Carrying around a beach towel is great if I decide to go to the beach for a swim last minute or go to the river. It’s good to just have it there if I need it. 

No.002: Sunblock & Insect Repellant; You can never go wrong with carrying around extra sunblock & insect repellant. 

No.003: Waterproof Mascara; Waterproof mascara is a must have essential, during summer you get sweaty & then if you decide to go swimming, you definitely can’t go wrong with waterproof mascara. 

No.004: Music Device; Great summer music is something I can’t live without so a music device is an essential for me, whether it’s my phone or a bluetooth device. 

No.005: Sunglasses & Hat; Sunglasses & a hat are going to help protect you from the sun this summer, sunglasses are something I’m constantly reaching for, especially because I’m already blind enough as it is!

No.006: A Decent Drink Bottle; I simply say this because not only in summer, but all year around it’s important to stay hydrated & I find carrying a drink bottle around mens that I always have water or some kind of drink on me. 

No.007: A Good Book or Magazine; Good reading  material is something I always make sure I have, nothing beats sitting in the sun, on the beach with a  good book or magazine. 

No.008: Your Favourite Swim Suit; Find a swimsuit you adore & feel a hundred percent confident in. I live in my swimsuit in the summer so finding something that is comfortable is key.

What are your summer essentials?

B x

1 January 2017

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

2016 was an incredible year, it flew by so fast & I thought I would take a walk down memory lane.

January >> I took a trip to Blenheim, where I stayed a few nights before heading a Christchurch for a week. I travelled back to Nelson with my best friend & we spent the following two weeks. It was awesome fun & all up we spent three weeks together. 

February >> February was a crazy month, I started back studying which was great to get back into. I also went to whats called the Evolve Festival, it was amazing & I had the best time. I also took some time to visit my cousins, which was awesome. I can't believe how fast they're growing up!

March >> For the majority of March I spent time with my Nan & Pop. There were hospital appointments I attended with her & it was important that I spent that time with them, including my Mum. I also want to mention that I made the best Apple Pie, it was delicious & I was so proud that I didn't burn my house down. 

April >> My little sister came to stay towards the end of the month so that we could celebrate my birthday together. I was able to open my birthday presents from her but most of all I was grateful for the time I got to spend with her. And yes, my little sister brought me a 'Grow Your Own Boyfriend' for my 18th! 


June >> HAPPY 80TH TO MY POP! Celebrating my Pop's 80th was one the most memorable moments of 2016. I adore my Pop greatly & it was amazing to be able to celebrate his 80th with him & our family. 

July >> I took a trip to Christchurch to be with my sister when she had to tailbone operation. Nicole actually had her tailbone removed, this was a big operation & I'm happy I could be there for her & the first week of her recovery. 

August >> August was another special birthday month. I took another trip to Christchurch for about a little over a week. I went down for a very close families friends 40th birthday party. It was incredible & to be able to catch up with everyone all at one time was fantastic. I also got to have a small gathering with some of my closest friends I went to school with down there, that was also really amazing to catch up with the girls. Many great memories were made over that week. 

September >> September signifies my Mum's birthday which was a special day. We went for coffee & did a little shopping in the city. My sister also came for a visit in September, it was great to see her & have a good ole catch up. 

October >> The weather had started warming up by this point so some friends & I took advantage of the gorgeous weather & went to the beach, had a BBQ for dinner & had a few drinks afterwards. It was great fun & something we definitely are going to do again. 

November >> I finished school for the year, whoo!

December >> Christmas drinks with some of the most amazing people, so many great laughs & so many good memories made. It was a great way to celebrate the good year we all had. I also went to a 21st which was also great fun, it was good to catch up with those I haven't seen in awhile. 

B x