28 November 2017

Everyday Spring Makeup

I can't wait for it to be officially summer and with spring drawing to an end I thought why not share the products I've been reaching for over the last three months. As the weather starts to get warmer I prefer to reach for more natural and lighter products. I think because my skin has cleared up a lot recently it's meant that I can really appreciate and enjoy the natural appearance of my skin. 

haven't really tried a huge variety of primers but so far it does what is says it's meant to. It gives the skin a smoother looking appearance however I'm not convinced it's the best pore erasing primer. But for the mean time, I'm really liking it. 

100 percent my favourite face product in the warmer months. It's light on the skin yet has a beautiful, natural coverage. It leaves skin looking fresh and healthy which is just what you want. Out of all the BB cream's I've tried it's definitely my favourite. 

The Maybelline Matte Setting Powder is fairly new to my collection and so far I'm really enjoying using it. It does a fantastic job at setting everything in place and mattifying any oily patches.

My favourite contour and highlighting kit at the moment is hands down my this one from Revlon. There's not really much to say other than the shades are gorgeous, blend seamlessly and look natural on the skin. I adore this kit. 

I believe I mentioned this in a recent post, linked here, and it's still a fairly new product in my collection. But that being said it's my favourite highlighter at the moment. Not only is it affordable but it's fantastic quality. It's so natural on the skin and leaves you looking like a gorgeous glowing goddess. 

I know I'm in need so some new eye brow products but my Natio Brow Kit treats me so well. I'll definitely look into trying some new products in the New Year! 

Just my usual favourite brow gel.

Surprise, another new product to my collection but it's already a holy grail. I'll forever buy this mascara. I didn't really understand the hype until I tired it myself and I get it now. It's incredible. I adore the waterproof formula for the summer and especially because it doesn't smudge under my eyes which all other mascaras seemed to do. 

Again, a new product to my collection but so far I'm loving it! I adore the formula of these liquid lipsticks and the shades are stunning. I can't wait to get my hands on some of the other shades. 

B x

21 November 2017

Product Review; Simple Skincare Hydrating Cleansing Oil

Simple Skincare has produced some of my favourite skincare products to date. There products are suitable for all skin types because Simple believe that what they leave out is just as important as what they put into their products. Simple chooses to say no to any harsh chemicals, artificial perfumes and colours that may upset your skin. Instead they use there most pure, skin loving ingredients to ensure that their products to kind to all skin types but more specifically sensitive skin types. 

Waterproof is my preferred formula when it comes to mascara. It helps prevent any smudging throughout the day which seems to happen when I use anything other than waterproof formulas. The downfall to waterproof mascaras is that it's always a struggle to get off and the end of the day. 

Simple Skincare Hydrating Cleansing Oil has saved my eyelashes. Not only does it remove face makeup, but it also eye makeup like a breeze. No pulling or tugging at the skin with instantly hydrated and cleansed skin. It is so quick and easy to use, yet so effective. This cleansing oil is 100% pure grapeseed oil infused with skin-loving ingredients such as Vitamin A and E. 

Highly recommend the Simple Skincare Hydrating Cleansing Oil, in fact I recommend any of there products. I love that they are chemical free and so gentle on the skin. 

B x 

16 November 2017

Current Favourite Reads and Book Recommendations

The Way To Use To Be, Amber Smith
I enjoyed this book but there were parts of the story line I didn’t agree with. I wrote a full review which I’ll leave linked here if you’re interested in checking it out. 

How To Lose Weight and Get Fit The Paleo Way, Elora Harrè
“The incredible story of one blogger’s massive weight loss journey.” 
“Elora Harrè, better known for her popular blog, The Shrinking Viloet, have been overweight almost all her entire life. For many of her teenage years, the perfect ‘bikini body’ was simply a dream. Armed with determination and a new attitude, Elora lost half her bodyweight and jumped into a world of fitness and nutritious food. Be inspired by her journey and enjoy these healthy, delicious and easy to follow paleo recipes handpicked to help you on your own path to a healthier and happier lifestyle.”

How To Be Happy Or At Least Less Sad, A Creative Workbook, Lee Crutchley
“A different kind of self-help book. This book cannot fix you, and it cannot make you happy. The good news is that no other book on this self can either, but you already know that. Because you know, deep down, that no self-help book can make you happy. Just like you know, deep down, that you can. Maybe you haven’t discovered that yet, or maybe you have forgotten but you know more than you think about your own happiness. This creative and practical book will help you draw, write, discover and remember those things that make you feel happy, or at least less sad.” 

“This book made me nervous when I first scanned through it because I knew it would work! It’s an explicit map that leads to a place where you’re going to feel measurably better, and better equipped to face life’s vicissitudes.” - Rob Delaney; Comedian

“There’s a huge amount of wisdom in this pages and there will be even more when you’ve finished with it.”

How To Bullet Plan, Rachel Wilkerson Miller
If you’re interested in Bullet Journalling or wanting to know more about planning in the form of a Bullet Journal I highly recommend checking it out. It’ll give you tips on where to start and a bunch of ideas. Keep a look out for a full review of this book in the near future. 

Miss FQ Magazine
For millennials, by millennial. 
“With Miss FQ, discover the latest news and trends in fashion and beauty, breaking celebrity news stories, and interviews with Kiwi social media influencers.” 

Frankie Magazine
A little bit of everything, bi-monthly, including design, art, photography, travel, music, craft, home, life and more. 

Nadia Magazine
Nadia is a bi-monthly magazine where Nadia Lim shares what’s inspiring her when it comes to food, family and life. 

Mindfood Magazine
Mindfood has been created to bring you intelligent, inspirational ideas and information. A completely integrated concept, Mindfood the magazine brings you in depth features on society, wellness, environment, culture, travel and food.”

B x 

14 November 2017

New In My Beauty Rotation

I'm always changing up and trying new beauty products. I enjoy trying new things and seeing how they work for my complexion. I don't always love everything I try but that's natural and trying out new things is just apart of the fun. 

These five products have been in my beauty routine for about two months now and I'm thoroughly enjoying them. Some are brands I haven't tried before and other brands have been long time favourites. 

I've never really used setting sprays before so I can't compare this product to anything but I'm really enjoying it so far. It's a light mist and helps to settle any lose powders on your face. I've noticed it also helps reduce any fading. It dries extremely quickly on the face and doesn't leave you looking shiny. I think this product will be perfect for anyone starting out with setting sprays and trying to get an idea for what they like. 

While my pores have never bothered me I have to admit that they are larger around my nose. I've never really used primers before, I guess I have just never felt the need for it but I thought I'd try something different. This primer does a wonderful job at blurring any imperfections especially pores. It looks gorgeous under makeup but also can be worn on its own. I know there are a variety of primers on the market for minimising the appearance of pores but I think this is a good start for anyone looking to try primers for the first time.  

Hands down my new favourite contour kit. I'd been looking at getting it for a long time and after my sister tried it and loved it, I  knew I needed to get my hands on it. It's blends gorgeously and the shades look gorgeous on the skin. I have the one for a lighter skin tone but I know they also have one for darker skin tones. I just can't rave about this product enough. 

Mecca Max was one of those brands that I hadn't heard much about but when I tried it I was pleasantly surprised. I'm definitely looking forward to trying some more of there products but in the mean time I'm really loving their Skin Halo in Diamond Dust. It's a beautiful yet natural looking highlight. It's shimmery but not glittery and I think that's what I love about it most. 

After hearing friends rave about it and have trying friends every now and then, I knew I needed together my hands on it. It's such a gorgeous bronzer. It's bendable, buildable and let's not forget about the incredible chocolate scent it has. It's going to be a staple in my collection for a long time yet. 

B x

10 November 2017

Empties and Declutter

I have to be one of the worst when it comes to accumulating beauty and skincare products. I thought it was time I sort through a bunch of stuff and get rid of what I don't want anymore. There's definitely something super satisfying about finishing a product and I think that's how you can tell if someone really loved the product or not. 

Dove Original Anti Perspirant Deodorant 
Dove is one of my favourite brands when it comes to deodorants whether that be roll on or anti-perspirant. All their scents are gorgeous but the original will always be my favourite. I keep going back to this product because it never fails me.

Nivea Hydro Care and Pure and Natural Milk and Honey Lip Balm
You'll never find me without a Nivea lip balm. Nivea lip balms are some of the best lip balms I've ever tried and I've used them for years. The Hydro Care and Pure Natural Milk and Honey are my two favourites but I think depending on what you're looking for you'll find it within a Nivea lip balm. My lips stay hydrated for a generous amount of time and help prevent them from drying out to fast in the warm weather. 

Palmolive Aromatherapy Anti-Stress Shower Gel
The scent of this shower gel is absolutely incredible. I'd definitely re-purchase it just for the scent. But other than the scent, it's a super moisturising body wash and does leaving your skin feeling tight and striped of all moisture. Palmolive is a great shower gel range. 

Jordana Best Lash Extreme Mascara 
I've been using this mascara for the longest time ever. It's a mascara I've always re-purchased at some point and it hasn't failed me this time either. I really like the combination of the formula and the brush together but I also enjoy the fact that it doesn't dry out to quick which some mascaras can do. I'd really like for them to come out with a waterproof formula, I'd 100 percent be down for trying it if they did. I've already repurchased and am using another which is a good indication to you all how much I enjoy using it. 

Nivea Rich Nourishing Intensive Care Moisturiser with Almond Oil
This is definitely far from my favourite moisturiser, purely because it's very thick and tacky. Generally I do love Nivea moisturisers but really not a big fan of this particular one. 

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub
I did throughly enjoy using this Neutrogena exfoliating scrub, I prefer other products more. I would recommend this product if you're looking for something slightly more inexpensive but still reasonably effective.  

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Mini Body Butter and Full Size Papaya Body Butter
The Body Shop body butter are some of my favourite moisturisers. They're a butter rather than a lotion so they are slightly thicker in regards to consistency but not tacky at all. Once applied to the body they're gorgeous. The Body Shop have a huge range of scents you can choose from and a few different sizes as well. The mini is the perfect size for your handbag. 

B x

5 November 2017

Book Review: The Way I Use To Be by Amber Smith

“Eden was always good at being good. Starting High School didn’t change who she was. But the night her brothers best friend rapes her, Eden’s world capsizes. What was once simple is now complex. What Eden once loved, who she once loved, she now hates. What she thought to be true are now lies. Nothing makes sense anymore and she knows she’s supposed to tell someone what happened but she can’t. So she buries it instead. And she buries the way she use to be.”

"The book realistically looks at the last effects of trauma on life, love and relationships."

"The Way I Used To Be is an intensely gripping and raw look at secrets, silence, speaking out and survival in the aftermath of sexual assault."

"Definitely a must have for every collection of books that serves teens." 

The Way I Use To Be written by Amber Smith is a fantastic read and one I think everyone could benefit from. I think it's a much needed look into what dealing with sexual assault can be like for someone. I enjoyed the characters Smith created in the novel, some more than others, and I wonder why Smith went with the chosen plot line opposed to something different. Overall, I definitely think it's a great read. Although sexual assault is so awful, it does give me a sense of relief that issues such as this are now being written about, non-fiction or otherwise. 

B x

2 November 2017

Take A Self Care Date

Routines always change and I don't think it's a bad thing. It shows that we're learning and growing in life. Self care is a big part of my life and I try and implement moments, if not full days, of self care daily. I often talk about how important I think self care is and why I think we should all be implementing more time for ourselves into our day to day life. 

This post is going to be all about my current daily self care routine. So this is what a 'Self Care Date' would look like for me if I had an available day to myself. 

I start with a complete tidy of my house. Having a tidy home and having any home jobs completed means I can relax the rest of the day knowing that my house is clean and tidy. 

Next I'll get outside and what I do outside varies. Sometimes I'll go for a light walk and get some fresh air, other times I'll do a full workout. If my body is really not feeling up to any exercise I'll try to get outside and just read or mediate. Fresh air is incredibly when it comes to how you're feeling and sometimes it's all we need to feel grounded again. 

So I've done the cleaning and tidying up part but now it's time for me to actually clear out any junk and clutter I might have going on. So I might have a good clear out of my desk, my wardrobe or cupboards and throw away anything I don't need or use anymore. Clearing shit out always makes me feel good!

This is the part I look forward to the most. I'll run a bubble bath, put on a face mask and catch up on some YouTube. I'll usually also take this time to exfoliate my body and face, shave, wash my hair and all that feel good stuff. 

B x