29 September 2015


Mornings //
Waking up earlier is going to give you more time in your day to complete that to do list I know you don't even want to look at or acknowledge. If you are use to getting up at 9AM then don't try and get up at 7AM, just start by setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier. Once you're finding it easier to wake up that 15 minutes earlier then you can start waking up another 15 minutes earlier than that and so on. In the mornings I love to get up and make my bed straight away, after making my bed I will just head to my kitchen and really enjoy a hot drink or a smoothie and then just take some time to go through my social media. I'm most definitely not a morning person at all, so getting up earlier and starting my day in a relaxing manner really helps me feel refreshed and ready to get everything done that needs to be done for the day. I've mentioned this before, but for me personally having a great start to my day is so important and it tends to just set my mood for the rest of the day.

Thankful Journal //
Having a thankful journal is such an easy way to improve your day. Writing down three to four things that you are grateful for is going to make you feel so much better and by doing this you're going to begin to be so much more thankful than you are already. Just remember that the things that you are grateful and thankful for could be the smallest of things, it could be that you're thankful for how amazing your nails look, or that you were able to enjoy the sun outside today. You could do this whenever it suits you best, whether it be in the mornings or evenings. Personally I like to do this in the evenings just because I feel like it's just a nice way to end my day, but then again it could also be an awesome way to start your morning too.

Organisation //
Being organised is going to improve your life so much and depending on whether you know me personally or how long you've been following me for, you'll know that I'm all about the organisation life. Everything I do is super organised. I think being organised is so important especially when you want to have a super productive day. Being organised can be a number of different things, whether you make regular to do lists, or you keep a journal or diary or whatever it may be. Another cool idea to becoming more organised is that you could spend a couple of hours on Pinterest just looking through simple life hacks that will make your life so much easier. You can spend a whole day just completing those little life hacks and just organising your life in general. Don't feel like that being organised has to be more stressful or boring than it needs to be, make sure you have some fun with it!

27 September 2015


Ah it's the end of September already which means that it's now three months until Christmas! Yaaaas! This month I've decided to do my monthly favourites a little bit different, I have 14 different categories which I'm going to list one favourite under.

This month I've been absolutely love my Australis AC on Tour Contouring and Highlighting Kit! The shades are so buttery and blend so flawlessly. If you what you read more about this product, I did a post on it earlier in the month, so if you missed it you can read it here!

This month my holy grail skincare product has been one from The Body Shop. You guys all know how much I love the Body Shop, but especially there Vitamin C range. Well this month I've been using and loving the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Cleanser. The name itself kind of scared me a little bit but after taking a sample home with me and using it a couple of time I new I had to go back and purchase the full size. This product has done my skin the world of good. It's a finely milled paste that really helps remove any dry patches on your face. I'm always really cautions when trying to exfoliating products just because my skin can sometimes be quite sensitive, but I've had no problems with this product at all.

APP //
Hootsuite! If you haven't heard of Hootsuite it's basically where you can schedule Twitter posts. I use this more so to let you guys know when exactly a blog post has gone up, and when I'm away on holiday it's really good just to schedule tweets for blog posts, because sometimes I can forget! But I really do love this app, it's so simple and easy to use which is why I think I love it so much!

I know I'm so late on the bandwagon for this one, but the movie that I saw and fell in love with this month was Fast and Furious Seven! I've been meaning to see this ever since it first came out but I just never got around to seeing it. So while I was in Auckland I decided that I would rent it out and finally sit down and watch it! To say the absolute least, I love it in every single possible way! It had funny moments, it had it's sad moments and I think it's just a great movie all round!

This month I've been loving quite a few songs but one that really stuck out to me was Let It Go, by James Bay. I really love just listening to the lyrics, I think it's just really calming and such a easy listen!

This month I've not been able to get enough of Dani Mansutti! She's absolutely gorgeous and so down to earth! She has a crazy amount of talent and she's so super lovely! If you aren't subscribed to her channel you definitely need to be! Dani has also recently been here in New Zealand visiting Shannon Harris, also known as shaaanxo and Sally Jo so be on the look out for collabs from those three beautiful ladies!

Ever since I've been sick I've been loving to make smoothies, they full me up and are full of amazingly good nutrients for your body, but if it's not smoothies and I happen to have some Cranberry juice in the fridge I'll have that! I'm not a big fan of the classic apple and orange juices but for some reason I just cannot get enough of cranberry juice! When I'm not having either of these beverages I'm just having water, because my livers been swollen it's so important for me to be drinking water, just to be able really help my liver repair itself!

I'm not going to say much in this one because if you check out her blog then that just really says it all! And by her, I'm talking about Amelia Liana, and if you don't already follow her blog you're seriously missing out and need to check it out as soon as possible!

Auckland City. As you guys know I went on a holiday up there this month so see family that I haven't seen in such a long time, I think it had been a year or maybe even longer since I'd seen them! Crazy right?! I had such an amazing time up there and while we were up there we also celebrated my Mum's birthday! If you want to see and know more about my mini holiday then you can check out the blog post I did called my Auckland Adventure.

I love this photo so much, this photo is of my Mum and myself and although she's not looking at the camera I adore this photo so much! we took this photo together when we were up the Sky Tower while we were in Auckland!

Nicole, if you didn't Nicole is my baby sister! I don't get to see her very often at all but she's currently staying with me for a week and I'm so excited to have her here! I miss having you around so much, we are always guaranteed to have an amazing time together, we're always laughing and making such amazing memories! Maybe I'll get her do some kind of blog post with her, we'll see!

I find it so hard to find decent and afford nail polishes. I know a lot of you probably have a million solutions for me but I'm so fussy when it comes to nail polish formulas and shades, I don't ask me exactly why. But this month I have fallen in love with the Rimmel London 60 Second Super Shine Nail Polishes. I have been using specifically the shade 500 Caramel Cupcake! It such a nice natural nude shade, the brush applies the product flawlessly and I'm looking forward to trying some more shades from this range!

I've always loved this quote, 'Let your dreams be bigger than your fears and your actions louder than your words.' Feel free to take this quote with you through the month of October, and really aim high this up coming month!

24 September 2015


I quite frequently use coconut oil in my beauty routine, it's super inexpensive and such a great product. Coconut oil is a natural product that is great for your skin for a lot of different reasons.

Coconut oil has no harsh chemicals in it meaning that it's excellent for removing your make up. It' going to break down everything, including waterproof mascara and it's going to make it super easy to wash off. I especially use coconut oil for removing my eye make up, while it does an amazing job at removing all my eye make up I also find that it helps with really nourishing my eye lashes that can get a bit weak and damaged with the amount of mascara I layer on them.

Coconut oil is known to have anti aging properties which is amazing because we want to keep our skin looking young for as long as possible. And because of this I love to use coconut oil for a eye cream and body moisturiser. However because, obviously its an oil I like to use this more so in the shower, because that way I can wash off any access oils.

Using coconut as a shave cream is incredible, because not only is it moisturising your legs at the same time but it's also helping you get a nice close shave.

I love using coconut oil as a hair mask because I find it's really moisturising on my dry hair. If you want to try using coconut oil as a hair mask I'm going to recommend that if you have naturally oil hair reframe from putting the coconut oil in your roots, focus more in the mid lengths and ends of your hair. In the way of body scrubs, I love making my own. I'm always going through body scrubs, so this is a super inexpensive way to create your own. I just like to melt down some coconut and add sugar then wait for it to harden again and there you have your own DIY homemade body scrub. You could differently experiment with this by adding different scents.

Coconut Oil is super rich in many proteins and these proteins are going to help you keep you skin healthy and rejuvenated. Internally as well as externally. Coconut Oil is so good for dry and cracked skin, so coconut oil is perfect for a pamper night!

23 September 2015


On the 25th September 2015, 193 world leaders will commit to 17 Global Goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years. End extreme poverty. Fight inequality and in justice. Fix climate change. The Global Goals for sustainable development could get these things done. In all countries. For all people.

Goal 1. No Poverty
Goal 2. Zero Hunger
Goal 3. Good Health & Well Being
Goal 4. Quality Education
Goal 5. Gender Equality 
Goal 6. Clean Water & Sanitation
Goal 7. Affordable & Clean Energy
Goal 8. Decent Work & Economic Growth
Goal 9. Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure 
Goal 10. Reduced Inequalities
Goal 11. Sustainable Cities & Communities
Goal 12. Responsible Consumption & Production
Goal 13. Climate Action
Goal 14. Life Below Water
Goal 15. Life On Land
Goal 16. Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions 
Goal 17. Partnerships For The Goals

If the goals are going to work, everyone needs to know about them. You can't fight for your rights if you don't know what they are. You can't convince world leaders of what needs to be done if you don't know what you're convincing them of doing. If the goals are famous, they won't be forgotten. We can be the first generation to end extreme poverty, the most determined generation in history to end injustice and inequality and the last generation to be threatened by climate change.

What can you do? Tell everyone. The more people who know about the Global Goals for sustainable development, the ore successful they'll be. If we all fight for them, our leaders will make them happen. So they need to be famous.

They're working to get Global Goals onto every website and billboard, broadcast on every TV station and radio station, in every cinema and classroom, pinned to every community notice board and sent to every mobile phone. But that won't be enough. We need your help to share the goals. In conversation, on email, on products, at home, at work, at school, whatever it takes, let everyone know.

This is a bunch of information that has come directly from the Global Goals website, http://www.globalgoals.org/, I'd love for you to get behind this campaign, such like myself and thousands of other people are doing, and support this generation along with future generations, in changing if world for the better, and we can all start today!

I think it's safe to say that we all can at least relate to one of the 17 Global Goals above. Pick the one that you stand by the most and take a picture to acknowledge your support, be creative and start talking.

Here is my picture showing my support! All the goals hold a special place in my heart but #5 Gender Equality is the one that I have chosen to support in my picture! Make sure to share you pictures and show your support!

Start talking and don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. This campaign is not only going to allow this generation but future generations, it's going to impact there life for the better.

I can't encourage you all enough to get involved with this project, this campaign. Fight for what you believe in and lets all be apart of this incredible change in our world.

Remember to check out the website, http://www.globalgoals.org/, for more information.

22 September 2015


We all know that after some super relaxing and enjoyable time away that it can be hard getting back into work. Our work routine has been completely thrown out the window altogether. I've put together my five top tips for you so that you can get back into your work as soon as possible. If you attend school then this can totally apply to you guys too!

Picture: www.pinterest.com

#1: Work Ahead // 
I can't stress this one enough! It's super important to plan and work ahead when you know that you're going away on holiday. Planning and working ahead is going to release that stress for when you get back but also while you're away on holiday. The last thing you want to be worrying about is that you forgot to email Molly through last weeks meeting minutes or so on. Take your holiday as you time but allow for the week before hand to be a little bit hectic. And when I say plan and work ahead, I mean everything, even down to bills that might be due the week you're away, YouTube videos and even blog posts. Although this might seem a little bit extreme I do totally recommend this because it's really going to allow you to have the most relaxing holiday possible.

#2: Create A Detailed 'First Week Back' To Do List //
Write down everything that needs to be completed in your first week back including everything you can't tie up before you leave. Having this list is going to help you get the ball rolling once back at work. Making it detailed means that you're going to know exactly what needs to be done and you're not going to forget anything. Having this to do list is also going to keep you on task, I'm always writing to do lists and it's such a great feeling to be able to cross items of your list but it's also a really great way to be able to see what you have accomplished throughout the day.

#3: Emails //
Looking at your emails after you've been away can be a super daunting task after weeks away on holiday, I know, I've been there. But I have a solution that helps me every time. You have one of three decisions to make, delete it and be done with it. Delete everything that you don't need, or feel like you don't need to open. Immediate action, decide which ones are going to need immediate action, and this may even just be a reply back straight away. Then future action, decide which ones you need but can deal with later on, in a different period of time.

#4: Schedule Some Fun //
Just because you've returned from your holiday and you feel like you have so much to catch up on at work, don't feel like you can't have some fun either, don't keep continuing to wear yourself out before your first week back is even over.

#5: Post Holiday Detox Plan //
While we all have our morning routines, and I love a good routine, these tend to go out the window while we're on holiday. I love having my routine, it means that I'm making time for healthy meals and plenty of exercise. So on my travel home I like to plan out a few of my favourite meals, workout routines. I'll go to extra gym sessions and yoga classes once I'm back and just really get back into the flow of things, all these things make me feel good about myself and my way of living, which makes it a lot easier to be home after an amazing time away.

20 September 2015


Recently I have been loving Australis Cosmetics. Currently I'm loving their Stay Put Long Wear Foundation and their AC On Tour Contouring and Highlighting Kit. I just want you guys to keep in mind that these are my honest opinions and how these products work personally on my skin type. I always recommend doing some research yourself on products just because it's great to be able to gather a bunch of different opinions from other people, find out what else is on the market and also you may be able to find a cheaper alternative.

Australis Stay Put Long Wear Foundation //
This foundation comes in five different shades, and of course I'm the lightest shade however I wouldn't recommend this foundation for fair skinned people just because this range just doesn't come with a fair shade at all unfortunately. I wear the lightest shade and I definitely can't wear this when I'm at my palest. The five different shades are Nude, Natural Beige, Natural Fawn, Natural Tan and Golden Tan. In NZD you can pay anywhere between $18 - $20 depending on where you purchase it from. I love this foundation on my skin, it sits so well on my skin leaving a matte finish. I jumped on the Australis website to see what they said about the foundation.

'A long lasting, smudge free foundation that contains moisturising multi vitamins, antioxidants and broad spectrum SPF 15. A medium to full coverage for a radiant matte finish and suitable for all skin types.'

I definitely agree with what they have said on their website but again I really think that you also need to do your own research and I recommend with this any cosmetics or anything you are thinking of buying. Doing your research is going to make sure you're buying the right product for you. I have brought this foundation twice now and I'm still in love with it like the first time I used it.

Also for anyone who is interested  this product is also Vegan Friendly.

Australis AC On Tour Contouring and Highlighting Kit //
I have brought this product more recently after using it at a friends house and it's safe to say I fell in love with it! I went out and brought it and I swear the more I use the more I fall in love with it. I didn't know this until I did my research on there website but this product comes in three standard shades, light, medium and dark. In NZD you pay around $20 for the kit, again depending on where you buy it from but I think this is such a great price for what you get. You get three highlighting shades and three contouring shades. They are so pigmented, creamy and so easy to blend out, I just can't rave about this kit enough! This is what the Australis website has to say about their product.

'Defines features and shapes like a pro with these six powders designed to contour and highlight the face taking your daily make up routine to the next level. This palette is formulated to provide a natural glow for any skin tone offering a contouring and highlighting trio.'

Again their description of this product is pretty on point. I would have to agree with what they are saying. I don't have a bad word to say about this product however I would've liked a mirror in the compact. But after doing some extra research I found out that this product is currently in a packaging change over. Like I mentioned before the old packaging doesn't come with a mirror whereas the new packaging does come with a mirror inside the compact.

Let me know if you've tried either of these Australis products or let me know if you've tried any other  cosmetics from their range and what you think of them. Are they worth trying or not?

17 September 2015


If you guys follow me on my social media then you'll know that I spent four days in Auckland recently and you may have already seen some of the photos. It's not very often at all that I get to go up there and see my family that live there, so the time I spent up there was very well spent hanging out with family and exploring Auckland a little bit more.

This here is a collage of some of my favourite photos taken over the four days the we spent there! 
Obviously I took so many more but I didn't want to post to many and I want to respect family members that were also in many of the photos too. 

I had such an amazing time! I got to see parts of Auckland that I had never seen before and really just spend quality time with my family. We went to the Sky Tower and got to see some incredible views, we went for ice cream at a place called Ollie's Ice Cream Parlour, we went out to a little place called Pokeno and we went to see that amazing beach views at a place called Castaways Resort! We spent some time driving around some little communities admiring the amazing houses, they were like castles, they were stunning to say the least! Being able to celebrate my Mum's birthday with such incredible people was amazing and I'm so glad we got to! 

15 September 2015


Since I was away over this past weekend I thought that I would do an updated travel routine and add a few tips along the way.

Picture: tumblr.com

The Day & Night Before //

Plan Ahead //
Make sure you plan ahead, whether it be the day before or a few days before hand. Whether this may be for your blog, YouTube or maybe it's for any bills that are going to be due while you're away. I will always do this with my blog posts and it makes me feel so good knowing that I still have content going up for you guys. When going away I will most definitely plan everything.

Pack //
I always like to pack a couple of days before I go away just to make sure that I have everything and that way I can get rid of anything that I don't really need to take with me too. I especially like doing this with my make up and skin care. I'll then work from what I have in my makeup and toilet bag, then I'll remove anything I haven't used over those couple of days and add things I find myself reaching for or that I may have forgotten.

Pamper Time //
I take this time to have a bath a really just take some time to myself. A face and hair mask id usually something I would do in this time along with shaving and exfoliating my body. For me this is specific time where I'm not worried about my flight the next day.

Read //
I love reading anyway, but I especially love reading before I fly because it gives you the chance to delve into a completely different world and forget about what's currently going on in yours. It could be a magazine, blog post, or the current book you're reading, it can be anything you wanted.

On The Day Of Traveling //

Alarm //
Getting up early is super import for me. I hate being rushed at the best of times, and when I'm rushed I only get more stressed. If I'm already super stressed before I even get to the airport I know things aren't going to turn out great. Getting up early means that I am giving myself plenty of time to get myself ready and organised .

Breakfast //
I'll always reach for something light, simple and filling. I would usually reach for a smoothie or some avocado on toast.

Shower & Skincare //
A hot shower and a decent morning skincare routine perfect when you're feeling not only anxious about flying but also when you're just anxious in general. Doing this makes me feel fresh, awake and also makes me feel better about myself, don't ask me why, but it does. Like I said it'll make you feel fresh and ready to concur your flight.

Make Up //
For me personally, when it comes to flying I like to keep things pretty simple. Light, quick and easy make up that is still going to make you look flawless. I generally reach for a light coverage foundation, brows, bronzer and mascara.

Clothes //
Again keeping things pretty simple but I like to be comfy in whatever I might be wearing on the plane. I think it's important to be comfortable during the flight but also wear something that's going to make you feel great about yourself. It's going to feel like a longer flight than it actually is if you're wearing and worrying about clothes that you just simply aren't comfortable in.

Final Check //
At this point I'm ready to head out the door. I will do a final check to make sure that I have things like my keys, phone charger, my phone, tickets, wallet etc. Keeping everything like this in one place the night before means that you aren't going to be running around like a headless chicken trying to find them at the last minute.

13 September 2015


Right now is the perfect time to mention that yes I have a fear of flying, but am I going to stop that from letting me see incredible parts of this world? The answer is no, and you shouldn't let it stop you either!

Picture: www.pinterest.com

#1: Leaving Your Space Clean & Tidy //
Leave your space clean and tidy means that you are coming home to exactly that. No clutter and no mess. I find that knowing I'm going to be coming home to a clean and tidy space make me feel a little bit better.

#2: The Day Before //
Coping with your fear of flying starts really starts the day before. Really just have some time to yourself and give yourself time to relax the day before you fly. I find that if you have everything packed and planned at least a whole day before you're actually flying then this leaves out any stress on the day you're actually flying out, meaning you're not getting on the plane stressed and anxious about other things as well as the flying. Keep an eye out for my next post which will be an updated travel routine!

#3: Pack Distractions //
Th busier I am the better. I like to take something to read on the plane, whether that may be a recent magazine or the book I am currently reading. I also like to have my phone on me, that way I can plan ahead with other bits and pieces. Taking headphones with you can also be really helpful, I like to listen to some more calming music, close my eyes and think of the end destination rather than what's really going on.

#4: Don't Get To The Airport To Early //
Although I'm never one to get to the airport to earlier anyway, I've had to wait because planes have been delayed before, and although there's nothing we can do about that, it does tend to only make our anxiety worse. Try not to get to the airport to early otherwise you're left sitting there watching planes leave and come in, and this can only make you more anxious than you already are.

#5: Pre Book Your Seats //
Pre booking your seats is definitely going to cut down your anxiety. Knowing where you'll be sitting, whether you have a window seat or not will definitely help with the anxiety. If I'm traveling with someone I tend not to worry to much about this because I'm traveling with someone else, and we'll be sitting next to each other anyway, however if I'm traveling alone then I will definitely try and pre book my seat.

#6: Fly With Someone //
Flying with someone can make the whole experience a whole lot better. I definitely prefer flying with someone but I know some people like to fly with alone. So it's important to do whatever is going to make you feel comfortable.

#7: Don't Be Afraid To Close The Window Shades //
I personally love looking out the window when first taking off and coming in to land. However when I'm so many feet in the sky and can see nothing but endless amounts of clouds that's when I like to close the shade. This way I'm not making myself worry anymore than what I would already be.

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10 September 2015


Lets all be honest, we have those days where the thought of working out just makes us screw up our faces. Sometimes we get busy and the last thing we want to do is be getting all sweaty. I've had these days before so I totally get you but we have to remember how good working out is and can make us feel. I know after I've done an amazing workout I feel great, I feel like I could concur the world, well after I've had a shower, done my hair and makeup of course. Some of you might think I'm weird but I enjoy the pain you get the next day after you've had a decent workout. It's probably my favourite part of working out! I've complied some of my tips that help me get out of my workout funk so maybe you could give them ago?

#1 Be Prepared //
 Have your gyms clothes set out the night before, have everything you need ready so whatever time of the day you workout you have everything you need ready to go. I tend to go to the gyms for my workouts just because that's where I tend to get most of my motivation from but I know some people love to work out from home and I love that too so do whatever is going to work best for you.

#2 Get A Buddy //
For me my buddy is my mum. We go to the gym together, we workout together. Although once we are there we go off and do our own exercises it nice to have someone ti actually get you there and get motivated with. Having a buddy means that you are able to motivate each other and really just have fun while working out. Specific classes are great fun to do with a buddy, I think in the summer my mum and I are going to pick up a few classes together.

#3 Try Something New //
Get excited about going to the gym. You're not going to want to go if the idea or what you're actually doing at the gym is 'boring'. Find something that is going to make you want to go. Try some new classes, if you're finding yoga a bit on the boring side or no longer beneficial, try something like hot yoga something that might push you a little harder. Maybe it's even time for you to update your program. Find something you're going to enjoy and that makes you actually want to work out.

#4 Be Nice //
And by this I mean be nice to yourself. If you're new to working out and going to the gym, set realistic goals. Maybe going five days a week is a bit ambitious, give your body a chance to get use to the exercise that you are doing. Don't beat yourself up if you only went twice to the gym this week, it's better than not going at all and it gives you something to work towards to next week.

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8 September 2015


My handbag isn't anything fancy, it's just a cute over the shoulder black bag with five separate pockets which definitely comes in handy! I do like to keep a range of small  bits and pieces in my handbag and especially when I'm going away because I'll never know what I might need.

I carry around small bits and pieces like lip balm, hand sanitiser, hand cream, then I'll also have whatever lip product I'm wearing that day too. I might on the rear occasion carry around a concealer as well.

I also have the obvious staple items as well such as my wallet, keys, my phone, some headphones, my glasses and my sun glasses too. If I'm wearing my contacts that day I also carry around my small contact case incase I need to take them out. Sometimes I will also carry my iPad around but not very often as everything I need is generally on my iPhone.

That's in basically, I don't carry around a lot, I just like to carry around the simple essentials and small bits that I think I might need. In regards to going away I will always make sure I have some kind of ID on me and if I am flying I'll also  have my boarding pass on me too!

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6 September 2015


Do you ever find yourself drowned in paperwork with a ridiculous amount of unread emails and a to-do list the length of your arm? And let me guess, your morning coffee is stone cold because you just haven’t had the time to drink it? If this sounds similar to what you’re doing or if you’re finding yourself getting so over whelmed in work, study or school, take a deep breath, go and go and treat yourself to a Caramel Latte with whipped cream, trust me you’ll thank me for it later.

Taking time out is an absolute must, time out from school, work, life, stress, people and all that worrying we do. Time out for me can be several different things from sitting down and typing  my little heart out, to running a bubble bath, having a cup of tea but at the end of the day, no matter what it is, it means that I’m able to gather all my thoughts, centre myself and just focus on me and just giving myself a chance to stop thinking about all the negatives and instead about how many good things I have in my life, how many opportunities I’m yet to discover and just everything that I’ve achieved so far in my life.

Don’t get me wrong a small amount of pressure and stress is healthy. It makes us want to work and strive for our own personal best but so much stress that all you want to do is give up and stay at home and hide under your covers because you simply can’t face the idea of failure and humiliation is definitely a clear sign that it’s way too much. Learning to take time out is so important, not only for yourself but those around you. Not even your best friend wants to put up with you when you’re in constant work or study mode, all those emails you desperately want to check can wait, along with that to-do list the length of your arm.

#1 Do Something You Love //
Whatever it may be, whether it’s writing, drawing, YouTube even or maybe it’s working out and going to your local Zumba class with your best friend. If it work for you and you love it then keep on doing it. Have a balance it your life between work/school  and personal is so important, never ever be so busy work that you actually forget to live your life and explore.

#2 Learn To Say No //
This was something that personally was hard for me to learn. I felt like that I always needed to be where people wanted me to be and I had this idea in my head that if I wasn’t or said no that I’d be letting them down and be a disappointment. We all want to impress, and it’s in our nature to do so and what to do well but we must all learn to say no. Saying yes to the late nights, the parties and the extra shifts are great if your truly getting something out of it but sometimes we can put in all this extra effort without even getting a simple thank you and that’s something we could all do without. Put your focus on something that is going to make you feel fulfilled and happy at the end of the day.

#3 Look At The Bigger Picture In Detail //
It’s so incredibly easy to get caught up in what you’re doing in that exact moment that sometime if you just take a small step back and look at it in the grand scheme of things then you will probably realise that it’s nothing to really worry or stress about too much. Maybe you missed a deadline or you forgot to put the washing out for you Mum this morning but you know what, it’s really not the end of the world.

#4 Find The Right Balance //
I briefly mentioned this earlier but having the right balance between work/school and your personal time is so important. I know it can be hard sometimes but try and leave all your work/school related stuff there, try not to bring at home with you. I know that sometimes it can be hard to avoid but remember that time you have at home is your time, it’s me time. And at the end of the day it’ll still be there in the morning when you get there. Never be so busy with work or school that you actually forget to have some fun and laugh. Never be ashamed to watch the newest episode of Pretty Little Liars rather than looking up how to make your C.V look that little bit more professional. Home time is your time.

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3 September 2015


We can all get super busy and wrapped up in work and school that we forget to take time to look after ourselves. I have this beauty routine in place to make sure that I find the time to do all these things and really just take care of my body.

Once a week I like too:
Exfoliate my face and body
Apply a hair and face mask
Take care of my brows
Do a manicure and pedicure

Every other day I like too:
Wash my hair
Intense hand and foot cream

Every day I like too:
Cleanse, twice
Apply a eye cream
Take my vitamins
Drink eight glasses of water

These are the simple things that I really like doing and that I know are beneficial for me and my body. I prefer to do my once a week part of this routine on a Sunday just because that’s when I like to do it and I consider Sunday’s more of my relaxation time  but obviously this could be any day of the week for you. Remember having you time is super important. It’s going to give you time to relax and destress and just centre yourself, it gives you time to really connect back with yourself and your ultimate goals.

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1 September 2015


We can all have busy schedules sometimes. With work days starting early in the morning and not ending until pretty late at night, then you can't forget the partying. All of us girls deserve a fun night out after a hard week at work but with all off this there comes a price to pay. Puffy eye bags. They make us look old and tired all the time. How do you get rid of them? Well I'm about for share 4 quick and easy solutions that might just help you!

#1: Tea Bags And Cucumber Slices, duh? //
This has to b one of the oldest tricks in the book, one that's been past on from our grandmothers, to our mothers then to us. I believe it worked then and still does now. So take so tea bags and a few slices of cucumber and rest them bad boys on your eyes for a few minutes each and they'll start to reduce that swelling soon enough.

#2: Get A Massage //
Get a massage, you ask? Yes, sometimes the puffiness is the result lymph build up. What's that you ask? Lymph is the fluid that picks up all the bacteria and other unwanted substances in our bodies and gets rid of it. However sometimes the flow becomes stuck which then causes a build up. It's super easy to fix! Just take your favourite eye cream and massage it around your eye area. Remember to start from the corner of your eye and move inwards!

#3: Caffeine Can Help Too //
I recently myself found out that caffeine can help tighten skin! This then helps reduce puffiness and apparently even helps with drainage! However don't apply ground coffee to your eye! Instead look for those skincare products with caffeine in them.

#4: Cold Compresses //
Another DIY trick that has been around for years is to use cool compresses. It could be with a wash cloth or a cold spoon. Wet the wash cloth or spoon until it's nice and cool, apply with mild pressure and wait for a few minutes before removing it. And voilĂ , puffy eye bags be gone!

What are some of your tips and tricks to getting rid of those awful eye bags?

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