30 December 2018

Highlights From The Past Month | December 2018

What a month it has been! December is always the busiest month of the year but nothing can ever prepare you for what's to come. Festive parties & events, trying to get all your ducks in a row for the New Year & then of course gift shopping & organising Christmas. December highlights are very festive orientated because this time only comes around once a year so your girl likes to make the most of it! 

Family & Friends
By far my favourite time throughout December is spending quality time with friends & family. It's always my favourite thing about Christmas. Christmas has been tough ever since my family lost my Nan & Pop so together we share happy memories & laughter to help get us through. I think it's a given, but I would be so lost without my friends & family & I definitely wouldn't be where I am now without them either. 

Christmas Festivities 
I'm sure a lot of you know by now that I work with children so we had a lot of Christmas activities going on throughout the month. We were getting crafty in the kitchen with a variety of Christmas cookies but we also made a variety handmade Christmas cards & Christmas decorations. I'm pretty convinced that I enjoyed myself more than the children did! 

Christmas Gift Shopping 
I'd so much rather give gifts than receive them! My favourite part about Christmas is not only being able to spend time with family & friends but also giving those I love gifts. I see Christmas as an opportunity to show appreciation for all their love & support throughout the year. Being able to put thought into what each individual might enjoy is definitely one of my favourite things to do. 

What are some of your favourite festive times? 

B x 

25 December 2018

Merry Christmas!

And that's a wrap! Other than a couple of highlights & favourites posts, we've reached the end! I wasn't able to post as much as I hoped throughout December but I hope you enjoyed none the less. 

Thank you for all your support & lovely messages throughout 2018! I'm so incredibly grateful!

I hope you all have the best Christmas regardless of who you're spending it with or what you're doing. Be grateful, be kind & have fun! 

I'm looking forward to having some time off & spending it with family & friends. 

B x 

18 December 2018

Seasonal Skincare Lineup | Summer Edition

I'm keeping my skincare routine pretty simple this summer with products that I've used before & I know that my skin love. But nothing beats a simple yet effective skincare routine, right? Chances are you've heard me talk about some of these products before but I'm a creature of habit & if somethings working well I'm going to keep using it. 

Removing your makeup properly is so important. I swear by this cleansing oil & have gone through quite a few bottles of it. It leaves skin feeling clean & instantly hydrated. It's made with 100% pure grape seed oil means that it's not going to irritate the skin & is safe to use around the eyes. Removes makeup so easily & doesn't leave you with a greasy mess to clean up afterwards. Highly recommend if you're looking for something new or different to try. 

Definitely not a surprise for anyway but I swear by this product. It's mean in my skincare routine now for a solid couple of years & I don't think I'll be removing it anytime soon. It leaves skin feeling clean but not dehydrated. Tea tree has fantastic antibacterial properties which is great for imperfections & keeping skin clear. It's a great everyday facial wash. 

Again, probably no surprises here! St Ives Facial Scrubs are some of my favourites. They have a variety of exfoliant strengths which you can choose from as well as some really gorgeous scents. The reason I think I keep going back to the St Ive Facial Scrubs is because while they help remove any dirt or oils on the skin, it doesn't dehydrate my skin at the same time, which I've found some scrubs & exfoliants to do. They also don't just have facial scrubs, they also do other face & body products which I'm really interested in trying sometime soon. Keep an eye out for a wee review. 

Now this is a new product to my routine & I'm really enjoying using it. With mineral-rich carrageenan seaweed extract & rose absolute properties, it will help tone & balance the skin. Rose absolute will help reduce any redness while patchouli oil is cooling & refreshing on the skin. I'm actually running pretty low on this product so I guess that's an indication just how much I love it. 

When it comes to keeping my skin hydrated this summer I'm using a couple of different products. Almond Oil is a life saver for dehydrated skin. It's something I put on my skin at night & get let it do it's thing. It leaves skin feeling hydrated & plump. The other product I've been loving, as per usual, is  Simple's Hydrating Light Moisturise. I'm sure you've seen me go on about it before but it's such a gorgeous product. It's light on the skin, soft & hydrating. Seriously just love this product. 

I'm going to leave masks for another post where I'll chat all about the ones I'm loving at the moment & that have been helping my skin. Keep an eye out for that one if you're interested. 

B x 

13 December 2018

Empties/Declutter 005

I haven't done one of these posts since 2017 so it's long over due. There isn't a long list of products purely because this is just the products that I'd repurchase again. I felt like that if I were to do every single product then I'd probably have a list twice the length of my arm. 

These are products that I have tried & enjoyed using. I highly recommend that you do your research into products you're interested in trying & remember, that what product I love & that work for me, won't always work the same for others. 

Manicure Miracle Growth Cuticle Oil

B x

11 December 2018

What's On My Christmas List This Year . . .

Just a quick post from my today but usually at this time of the year I would usually put out a couple of blog posts with a variety of different gift ideas but this year I thought I’d do something a little different. 

As a child my Christmas we were always & still are spent with family. And as I’ve gotten older I’ve realised that all I really want for Christmas is my family to be together but more than that, to be healthy, safe & happy. To me, Christmas is about so much more than gifts & the food especially now that I'm older. 

All I'm asking for this year from Santa is a happy & healthy family. 

So I guess this post just serves as your friendly reminder that while getting gifts & get yummy food is great, also remember to share laughter & create good memories with those that are around you too because that what really lasts forever. 

B x

9 December 2018

Budgeting For The Festive Season

Financially, it’s never easy around the ol’ festive season but I want to chat today about some of the things we can all do to take that pressure off. We want to be enjoying the festive season & not stressing about how we’re going to clear the ol’ overdraft. 

Where You Can Cut Back
It’s a classic, but instead of grabbing a coffee every morning on your way to work, take your own cup in & save yourself the coin instead. Same goes for lunches. Make extra dinner the night before to take into work for lunch the next day. Another thing to think about is canceling classes & give at home workouts a go instead. It’s a busy season & so if you feel like you’re not going to be able to make an exercise class because of other events or maybe a massive hangover then cancel it in plenty of time to get your money back or just ease back on the exercise classes if money is tight. Cut any magazine or app subscriptions. More often than not subscription services & products are often direct debits that slip out of your account without much notice but take a look through your statement to see if there are any that you can cancel or put on hold over the festive season. 

It’s the party season so of course with all the festive gigs coming up in your diary, it would be completely understandable to want to invest in new occasion wear for every event, but try to stick with just the one & change it up with jackets, shoes & accessories. Another good idea would be to make a list of all the events you want to show your face at & from there try & budget how much you think you’ll spend at each event. At least this way there won’t be to many big surprises, if any. 

Save Your Christmas Pennies
Secret Santa is something I do with my family & friends which definitely helps cut costs but still is really enjoyable. Homemade gifts if something else to have a think about. Gingerbread or truffles are easy on the budget but also a really lovely touch. Look for discount codes when online shopping as well. Never make a purchase without doing a quick google search for a discount code, you might just save yourself more than you first thought. 

B x 

6 December 2018

Rest, Repair & Recover | Summer Evening Routine

My summer evening routine is probably one of my favourites. It’s still light & warm outside when I get home from work. I can sit outside to eat my dinner with a cold beverage & just rewind from my day. So my evening routine is pretty minimal but still has all the essential parts to it to make sure I’m taking adequate time for myself so I’m able to recharge my batteries. 

My evening routine will more or less begin as soon as I get home. This time will vary especially if I have an event to go to at night. 

For this post I’ve split my routine into four major parts. This is how I like to break down my evenings to ensure that I’m still getting things done but it has those important relaxing aspects to it as well. 

Dinner & Tidy Up 
Dinner are usually pretty easy during the week as I tend to meal plan. So after having dinner, I’ll do this dishes & then a quick tidy up of the house. If you didn’t already know, I function best in a clean & clear space. So I’ll take about 20 minutes to tidy up & put away anything that might have got left lying around. 

Shower & Skincare
Probably one of my favourite parts of my evening routine is taking off my makeup & jumping in the shower. I’m someone who will normally shower at night time so during this time I’ll also wash my hair if need be, brush my teeth, shave & complete my skincare routine. A hot shower & skincare routine is the perfect way to relax after a long day, well I think so anyway. 

Journal & Plan 
Next up is journaling & planning. Journaling & planning are actually big stress relievers for me. Journaling at night helps me take everything from the day, from my mind to paper. If it’s sitting on paper it means that it’s not sitting in my sub-conscience causing all kinds of trouble. Planning is very much the same. If I can go to bed with a rough idea of what needs to be done tomorrow then I know I won’t get up frantic in the morning worried that I’ve forgotten an event or appointment. 

Read & Mediate
Another super relaxing part of my routine is this reading & mediation section. I’ve always loved reading but as I’ve gotten old I’ve struggled to find time to fit it into my day. So incorporating it into my evening routine means that without a doubt I should be able to get some reading done, even if it is just a page or two. The mediation portion is also really important to me. I feel like it goes hand in hand with the journaling aspect. Mediation allows me to finish my day in a calming & positive manner. Regardless of how my day has panned out, I rely on my mediation to bring me back to a calming & positive space. 

B x 

4 December 2018

How To Decompress When You're A Busy Bee

I feel like I write post like this, or of the similar context, every couple of weeks but stress is one of those things that I feel is important to check-in with regularly.

It’s got to that time of the year where ‘busy’ just doesn’t even begin to cut it. ‘Busy’ just doesn’t seem like a word which really sums up just how packed in with schedules, errands & various social events we are at this time of the year. We really need to think about inventing a new word for that one. 

While we think about that one, here are some ideas on how to decompress tonight & over the weekend. Okay, so they’re pretty obvious ones but hopefully they’ll serve as a gentle nudge; a friendly reminder that you’re allowed to set aside some time for you so you can fill up your glass of energy. I’ve thrown in some personal suggestions below but of course, adjust where necessary. 

This one is extremely applicable to me but might not be such a stress reliever to those who aren’t so anal & organisationally obsessed like myself. However, if you find yourself grinning like a wee bit of a weirdo at the appearance of paper notebooks, new stationary & a feather duster then this point might be worth some consideration. Personally, I know that when I’m feeling stressed that it’s not just normally mental clutter but also physical clutter too. I normally stick on some music, had a good beverage & get my tidy on. Of course, I stop for regular dance breaks because why not? Sometime it’s the act of tidying, whilst feeling like I’m being just a little bit productive that chills me out. I know, I’m an odd one. 

 Well I’m not the most sociable person at the best of time, but at this time of the year I do try to make the extra effort. I’m someone who restores their energy from being alone and then spends it when I’m around others, whereas for some that situation will be switched around. That doesn’t mean that I find being around others stressful, as always I leave feeling the complete opposite. But December is the month where I vow to myself to make a bit more effort whether that’s with a simple message via social media, sending a card in the mail or a good ole coffee chat. Taking time to do something small like checking in with those I love & care about is a really great feeling. 

This isn’t going to be a universal stress reliever but for some of use writing is a was to decompress whilst actually getting something done. I find wring a blog post a very relaxing to do list item. If I’m having a day where my brain feels like it’s constantly buzzing without an end it sight, I turn to tapping out some blog post drafts. Or I’ll write thank-you cards or even journal. Perhaps you fancy yourself an author so if you do, put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and get scribing. Or maybe you just would like to write a friend a letter. How nice would it be to receive a handwritten letter every now & then. 

Of course, it’s the most obvious choice here is to stick on Netflix & to attach yourself in a semi-permanent way to the sofa. I definitely ain’t mad about it. Sometimes getting engrossed into a new TV series is the only way to get my phone out of my hand & I’m okay with that. The one series I’ve really enjoyed as of recent was The Haunting Of Hill House. I was able to finish season one in about a week. I thoroughly enjoy it & definitely think it’s worth the watch if that’s your kind of thing. If it’s not your kind of thing, that’s okay! There’s definitely plenty to choose from on Netflix. 

B x

2 December 2018

2018: November Favourites

November is a funny ole month. We're all excited for the festive season but at the same time we can't believe the year is almost over & we want time to slow down just a tad. None the less I have just a few new favourites to share with you. 

Kiss Rejuvenate Nail & Cuticle Oil 

iPhone X 




What are some of your favourites from November? 

B x