30 July 2015


I've recently subscribed to Netflix' and its official, I now have no life! Just kidding! But I thought I would share what series I've been watching over the month of July and what I plan to watch next! Be sure to let me know what you're favourite series is at the moment!

#1: Pretty Little Liars! 
We all want to know who 'A' is right? If you have never watched Pretty Little Liars, it's a drama series that is all about the 'missing' Alison DiLaurentis. Her four bestfriends start receiving messages from a person called 'A', who is making their lives into a living hell. The girls go through a lot of ups and downs together to try and find out who 'A' is but they're still not sure who is could possibly be, yet. There is a lot of theories on who 'A' could be. I'm hooked on Pretty Little Liars, so if you have the patience and love suspense then Pretty Little Liars might just be for you! I watch at least one episode a night and one generally turns into two or three. I'm definitely addicted. 

#2: Orange Is The New Black! 
I personally haven't started watching this TV series yet but with reading up on reviews and hearing my friends rave on about it, I thought it would be perfect to mention! This is definitely what I'll be watching after Pretty Little Liars! Orange is the new black is one of Netflix' most popular series and yes, one I'm yet to watch! It's based on a real life story from a women who spent thirteen months in a minimum security prison. You get to discover the story lines of all characters and you also get to understand the daily struggles and what really goes on behind bars. I've heard from friends that the first few episodes, season one, are a little strange but as you keep watching it only gets better and better. As I haven't seen it yet I can't really say to much about it or whether I'll love it or not but let me know if you watch Orange is the New Black and tell me what you think! 

To start off with I was a bit unsure with Netflix' would be something that I would be interested in. However after looking into it and hearing recommendations especially from friends I couldn't recommend it enough! It features great series and it constantly updating with new series. When I first purchased Netflix' I just thought that is was just T.V series but there is so much more that they have to offer, popular movies and documentaries. It's full of great content, I would recommend it to anyone is looking for something new to watch from beginning to end, and can afford it. Netflix' isn't that expensive and for what you get I think it's awesome! 

Todays post was just something fun and something I thought some of you might find a little interesting. 

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28 July 2015


Getting organised and planning for my upcoming week is something I do every Sunday without a doubt! Knowing what I need to have accomplished by the end of the week is important and helps be stay on task and be more productive! These are some of the steps I take in order to have a productive planning session on my Sunday's! Enjoy! 

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the result of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other people's opinion drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have to courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." ~ Steve Jobs 

#1: Get ready and comfortable.
  • Relaxing music 
  • Quiet place 
#2: List all the tasks you need to complete over the next week. 
  • Set priorities 
  • Categorise your tasks
#3: Shedule everything. 
  • Shedule the time you need to accomplish your tasks
#4: Get a planner/calendar. 
  • Notebooks
  • Apps
  • Google calendar 
#5: Cut those tasks that don't fit into your calendar for that week.
  • Add to your calendar for next week or next weeks to do list 
#6: Check your planner first thing in the morning.

#7: Review and reflect. Be greatful for what you were able to accomplish. 

I personally use my phone as my way of getting organised. I use my Calendar App that comes alreasy installed on iPhones but I also know of a few other calendar apps that could be useful and you can easily find them on the App Store. Along with the Calendar App I also use Evernote. I use this for note taking, listing tasks the need to be done, but also planning blog posts and other bits and pieces. I prefer to organise my day to day events like this because I know without a doubt that my phone is going to be everywhere with me. I can trust myself to have it on me anyway and it also saves me from carrying extra stuff with me throughout the day. 

I hope this is helpful to some of you and especially to those who feel that there is a bit of pressure to having everything done at once, it gets like that sometimes and we've all experienced it!

Be sure to leave in the comments what some of your planning tips are! 

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11 July 2015


On Thursday I uploaded my winter morning routine so I thought that I'd upload my winter evening Routine. If you haven't read my morning routine post be sure to check it out afterwards.

0430PM // 
Around 430PM I start to finish up any work that I have been doing that afternoon. I'll clean up my work space ready for the next day. 

0530PM // 
By the time I have cleaned up the house, it's about 0530PM. I will start to organise what I'm going to have for dinner. I normally make sure I have a good varitation of food in my cupboard ready to make whatever I feel like. I'm generally a pretty healthy person and depending on who I'm cooking for and how I'm feeling will depend on what I cook but soemthing healthy is generally it. 

0630PM // 
Start the prep and cooking dinner. I prefer to not eat my dinner to early, later is personally better for me. I will eat my dinner watching Neighbours and catching up with my mum and boyfriend if he's there, catching up on each others days. 

0715PM // 
The makeup comes off and the comfy PJs come on. I take my makeup off and cleanse my face ready for bed. I like to use a lot of moisturising products in the winter during my skincare routine. 

0730PM // 
I'll join my boyfriend and mum out in the lounge. We will watch some T.V together and I'll also go through my social media, catch up on anything that I might have missed during the day. Also I'll clean up after making dinner, I'll do the dishes and all that jazz. 

0830PM - 0930PM // 
I head to bed in between this hour at some point. I will head to bed to watch something on Netflix. I am currently watching Pretty Little Liars! I'm now up to season two so I'm excited to see what season two will bring! 

1030PM // 
By 1030PM I'm generally on my second episode of Pretty Little Liars. I get way to attached but I'm loving it so much! Be sure to let me know what your loving to watch at the moment! 

1100PM // 
By 1100PM I'm heading to sleep. I'll blow out my candles and cuddle up under the blankets. 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know what I get up to in the winter evenings, let me know what your favourite winter/summer fashion accessories is at the moment!

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9 July 2015


Winter. No one likes having to get up in the mornings, but especially getting up in the mornings! Lucky for me I'm currently on my winter school holiday! Today I'm going to share what my winter mornings look like during the holidays! Be sure to check back here on Sunday to check out my winter holiday evening routine.

0930AM //
My alarm goes off. I'm generally woken up at about 630AM by my boyfriends alarm going off for work but once he has gone off to work I head back to sleep. I like to set an alarm during the holidays becasue I like to be at a resonable time and I like to keep in some kind of routine for when I go back to school. After my alarm goes off I go through my soical media like the morning new paper, I will also check out stuff.co.nz so I'm up to date with the lasts current affairs.

1015AM // 
Around about 1015-1030 I will get up out of bed and head to the kitchen to grab some breakfast and a cup of tea. I have read a magazine or watch a few YouTube videos while eating breakfast and drinking my tea. 

1030AM //
I head to the bathroom and get ready to have my shower. While in the shower I will clean my face, exfoliate, shave, wash my hair and all the jazz. I generally would shower in the evening but because I'm on holiday I prefer showering in the morning. Not every shower I have is like this obviously, I wash my hair about every second day.  

11AM //
By 11AM I'm out of the shower and I'm finishing off my skincare and choosing out what I want to wear for the day. Depending what I'm doing will depend what I'm wearing. If I'm at home just working away doing blog and school assessments and extra work I will just be in sweats and a jumper. I'm not a big makeup wearer in the holidays, I will put a little something on if I'm heading to the shops and I'll wear it if I'm going out but the rest of the time is makeup free.

1130AM // 
I'm well into working, whether it may be on my blog or school. I will work anyway for about 2 hours until I stop for lunch. 

I hope you guys enjoyed finding out about what I get up to in my winter holiday mornings! Let me know some of your most important steps in your morning routine at the moment!

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7 July 2015


Ok, lets all agree that you can take and edit your instagram photos however you like. Whether it's a cheesy smiled photo of you and your friends, a bird's eye view of that amazing desert you had last nighy while you were out, or that beautiful sunset picture you took last night. It's your instagram so just do whatever makes you happy.

But for the purpose of today's post I thought I'd share with you how I personally edit and style my instagram pictures and what apps are my favourites to use.

Get into the perfect position //
You won't have to crop much, if any of the photo if you spend a good amount of time on the composition beforehand. I like to mix it up I bit from time to time, from birds eye views, front on views, side angles etc. I always find natural lighting the best, whether in be near a window or outside, if outside is the case for you, be sure to make sure that the sun is behind the subject matter you are taking the photo of. I have gone through stages on my instagram but I definitely prefer the orginal square look, I tend to think that it is square for a reason. 

Background // 
Depending on what the main subject of the photo I do tend to like to keep the backgrounds pretty plain. White is generally a big favourite of mine but anything plain and minimal works well for me. If I feel like adding something to the background I tend to go for simple things and not to much, you don't want to draw your viewers away from the main subject. 

Edit, edit, edit //
You can edit on the instagram app itself. Instagram have made it really easy to edit your pictures without having to download extra apps however I have got a few different apps that I like to use when it comes to editing my pictures. I use VSCO cam for changing the filter of the photo, if need be. I tend to reach for the filters HB1 and T1. Those are just a two of my favourite, I generally like all of them but it comes down to how the orginal photo was taken. I then save my new photo to the camera roll and go into Aviary. In Aviary I adjust things like the brightness, constrast, warmth, sharpness, etc. Again it all depends on the kind of photo you have taken and what thre orginal is like. 

Overall, not matter how you decide to edit your pictures, it's important to keep snapping because photos are simply a record of existance. 

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