24 January 2019

New In My Beauty Rotation 002

I'm always trying new products & over the Christmas period I picked up a couple of new products I thoughts I'd talk about & let you know my thoughts so far. 

This palette is the perfect mix of 14 matte & 10 shimmer shadows with which you can create everything from a natural day time look to a full glam night look. The 24 versatile shades are perfect no matter what look your trying to create. Shadows are buttery, pigmented & look great when creating a variety of different looks. Adore this palette & am so proud of Soph, who has done an incredible job with her first palette. 

If you're looking for a highlight palette that does it all, then look no further than this gorgeous collaboration between Revolution & Soph. From a natural glow to a blinding highlight, this palette has you covered. There are 8 different shades, 5 baked & 3 pressed from which you can pick your favourites or mix & match colours to create the perfect glow for your skin. Hands down one the best highlight combinations I've tried in a very long time. 

Brow products are never something I change up a lot. Once I find something I love, I stick with it. I'm not really sure why, I guess I just take my brows a little too seriously! But I stepped outside of my comfort zone & brought something new. What a surprise, I'm loving it! The product is gorgeous. It contains 4 super blendable brow powders, 2 tinted eyebrow waxes, a brow arch enhancing cream, a brow bone highlighter, a brow pencil along with mini tweezers/applicators. Which is all in a sleek palette with a decent sized mirror. I love this palette & I could imagine it would be great for travelling as well. Love, love, love. 

Well, well, well, an oldie but a goodie! I never imagined I'd pick up this product again but so far I've used it nearly everyday this summer when I've wanted a natural gorgeous glow while still giving my skin the ability to breath. Along with a SPF 15+, nothing has been this perfect for my face this summer. 

Now days I only really reach for waterproof mascaras especially in the summer months. I love myself a good ole waterproof mascara & this one really hits the mark for me. It's volumising while covering lashes from root to tip. The new formula is now infused with precious oils which helps with softer & healthier lashes which I'm all for! Waterproof mascaras aren't for everybody but if you're looking to try a new one, I highly recommend this one! 

I'm going to leave Sunday's post linked here so that you can look more into my thoughts on the products! But just know that I'm loving them & would love to get some new shades. 

B x 

22 January 2019

A Mental Cleanse & Getting Your Mind Right

The word 'detox' comes up in conversation a lot more now than ever before. More specifically when we're talking about diets & cleansing but of course there are various other forms detoxes come in too. We're constantly talking about their endless health benefits but the truth is, our bodies are already equipped with a detoxication system that can defend itself pretty well as long as you're in pretty good health. 

What I'm more interested in is the idea of a mental cleanse. A mental cleanse and/or detox is the same  as cleansing/detoxing the body; getting rid of & eliminating certain 'bad' things. What you need to remember is that when it comes to a mental cleanse a lot of effort is required. Just like your lifestyle & the foods you eat, they'll either fuel or limit your body & you're mind is very much the same. Feeding your mind with positive thoughts & engaging in good habits & keeping it healthy is just as important. 

Majority of the time we're too busy to properly deal with our emotions & we often just out them aside. We're also not always aware of where our energy is going. Doing a mental cleanse is not as simple as saying, "Okay, let me just replace my bad thoughts & feelings with something happy & positive". It's more about gaining clarity, staying resilient & reclaiming control. 

Having clarity will help you with reaching your goals, learning to move past setbacks & embracing change, all without fear. It can also help you better understand your emotional reactions. 

Emotional Detox
The idea behind an emotional detox isn't so much about getting rid of any feelings or emotions that you'd consider to be negative but to rather find & identify any emotions that might be displaced or repressed. My favourite approach to an emotional detox is through journaling & writing. Some times it's guided, other times it's free-writing. Find a quite, comfortable place, light a candle & start to ask yourself similar questions to there . . . 

  • Lately I've been experiencing feeling a lot of . . .
  • I feel most like myself when . . .
  • One thought that has been causing me stress lately . . .
  • The things that bring me the most joy are . . . 
  • One old pattern that doesn't serve me that I wish to let go of . . .
When approaching journaling allow yourself to feel absolutely everything! This will help you spot any patterns & discover may misplaced feelings that manifest themselves into your daily life. 

Mind Clutter
One of the things that can help you get rid of any mental/mind clutter is to actually get rid of any physical clutter first. Your desk, wardrobe, office - everything & everywhere. Keeping things tidy will help improve your mental clarity. Also, having a small, sacred place where you can disconnect from the outside world is also important for clarity. Make it a place where you can go gather your thoughts, reflect & renew your connection with yourself 

Focus On What You Can Control 
Whenever I feel like things are slowly slipping out of my control, normally when life is a little stressful, I try my best to focus on those that I can control. Is it always easy? Hell no! But when you're facing a situation where you know you can't change certain things, you can find yourself feeling overwhelmed & frustrated. Any energy that you give things that are beyond your control is a complete waste. There is a huge difference between taking action & solving problems compared to contemplating. What you can control is where you direct your focus & there lies your power. Focus on all the things you do have control over. 

Protect Your Energy
It's taken me awhile but I'm definitely learning how to protect my energy more & recognise who & what drains it. It's not always that the noise & clutter surrounding our minds is our doing. Sometimes we can act as an emotional sponge & soak up other peoples emotions & feelings. Empaths & highly sensitive people can very easily absorb that energy from other people & places. The need for learning to detach myself from other people's emotions is something I'm continuously working on. Sometimes you'll interact with someone & can immediately feel your own energy change as you immerse yourself in the emotions & feelings of that person. If this is something I noticing happening, I'll asks myself, "Is what I'm feeling right now my feelings or someone else's?" 

Setting up healthy boundaries is one way to protect your energy & it's all an important part of a mental cleanse. Fear may also be a culprit. When you become fearful, you immediately sense your energy shift. To let go of that fear, imagine & feel yourself being strong & staying tall. You tell yourself that your are safe & remember that it's your energy & it's your responsibly to protect it. It's one of those things no one else can do for you. 

Staying Present 
Life moves so fast & sometimes it's easy yo lose track of some of the things the matter to us most. We tend to spend a lot of time worrying about the future & re-living the past. Being present is all about letting go of those fears & allowing your mind to be free of judgement in every single moment & thought. Don't spend time wishing you were somewhere else - teach your mind to pay attention to & be present in the current moment even when it's not a fun place to be. Staying present will help improve your mental clarity & practicing it is a crucial part of a mental cleanse. 

Embrace Stillness 
This is one of my favourite steps for a mental cleanse. Mediation is one of the essential ingredients in restoring mental balance in your life - especially when you feel like that mind clutter is weighing you down. Being still & silent can be very intimidating & even scary at first if it's not something you're use to. We don't always love being alone with our thoughts & feelings but once you get over that fear & full embrace the stillness though, it will help you find peace & clarity. 

Doing a mental cleanse can help guide you back to you authentic self. There will be days when you find yourself feeling lost; when you don't know what the next step should be. There will be days when there is so much going on around you that you don't know how to find yourself again. 

You can't be afraid of letting yourself feel because the more you try to push away any negative thoughts & feelings away, the harder they come back to bite you. Cleansing your mind is not just about embracing the good, it's also about allowing yourself to feel the bad too & realising that you negative thoughts have a purpose too. 

B x

20 January 2019

Favourite Summer Lippy

Talking about my favourite summer lip products is a reoccurring post for this time of the year & there was no reason for me to change things up this year! So here are my two favourite lip products for summer 2019! 

This moisture rich chubby crayon comes in a variety of shades - available in creamy matte or glossy, medium to full coverage with 8 hour moisture. It will leave lips soft & hydrated for long periods of time. It has a 100% natural everyday wear formula infused with Kendi Oil, Jojoba Oil & Shea Butter to nourish & protect lips. What I love most is that Burt’s Bees have created packaging that is 100% recyclable! 

A lip treatment with sheer colour relives dry, cracked lips & provides immediate moisture. Loaded with Mango & Shea Butters you can guarantee your lips are going to get the hydration they’re so desperately after. 

B x 

13 January 2019

Top 5 Skincare Tips

I've had a skincare routine in place for quite a few years now & I've experimented with a whole lot of products. But over that time I quickly realised that it's not always that products we use, it also depends on what we're 'feeding' our skin in other ways. I've put together a few of the tips I've found help my skin over the years that aren't product dependent. 

It’s been said a million times before but chugging back water is really the ultimate act of skin self love. It’s the exact same with eating well & easing up on the alcohol. 

You should always, always, always be adding a layer of protection to your skin in the mornings before you leave the house. It will help prevent the obvious gorgeous red tint none of us really love but also wrinkles, sun spots & sun damage. 

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is fantastic in skincare & something I love having in my routine. Vitamin C is great to help safeguard yourself against any potential future damage but also trying to repair current damage. 

 don’t do the whole caboodle every night but I at least take of my makeup, do a quick cleanse & moisturise. Your skin will always thank you in the long run. 

Stick, Not Twist
Keep up with those products that work with well with your skin. Don’t go & change something the doesn’t need changing. Only ever add one product into your routine at a time so your able to have some control over what’s working & what’s fluff. 

B x 

8 January 2019


Biggest happiest birthdays to my wee fur baby! It's been three years since we saved his wee life & he's really created a wee cheeky personality. I adore him so much & would we lost without my morning smooches & head butts. 

B x

6 January 2019

Self Care Ideas | Summer Edition


You all know how important I think self care is & to have it as a constant routine in your life. I wanted to throw some ideas around for things you could do for yourself throughout the summer. 

It is currently summer here in New Zealand but I know it's not summer everywhere at this time of the year so regardless of the season you're in at the moment I hope you can take some of these ideas, adjust them where needed & include them in your self care routine. 

Spend Time Outside
One of the reasons summer is my favourite is because of the gorgeous weather. I cannot encourage everyone enough to spend time outside, absorb all the Vitamin D you can, safely of course & just have fun in the sun. Being outside & being in the fresh air almost immediately puts me in a better mood. I feel instantly grounded & just at a place of peace when I'm outside. Make the most of the sunshine because it'll be winter before we know it! 

Slow Down 
For us here in New Zealand, Summer is upon us just in time for Christmas. In the lead up to Christmas & the New Year it can be hectic. We're all busy trying to get shit done before the end of year but at the same time get things in place ready for the New Year. Take some time for yourself, slow down, take a breath & ground yourself. At this time of the year we're so busy thinking about everything & everyone else we tend to forget about the most important person, ourselves. Do something for yourself & do whatever the heck you want to do for a change! 

Mind & Soul 
Something I do regardless the time of year in regards to self care is mediation, yoga & a bit of journaling. All three things are great for your mind & soul. It's important to look after your mind just as much your soul. These three things together help me feel grounded when everything else around me is busy & chaotic. I highly recommend adding these practices to if not your everyday routine, your self care routine. 

Pamper Evenings
Girl, treat yo'self! Hot bubble bath, mani/pedi, freshly washed hair & a face mask. We can't afford to forget about ourselves at this time of the year. Pamper evenings are one of the best ways to relax after a busy week. Take time to debrief & just check out for the weekend. Do the things that bring you happiness. 

Switch It Up In The Kitchen
Another one of the many reasons I love this time of the year is the food. The fresh fruits, salads & fresh juices & smoothies. Experiment in the kitchen. Cook meals you haven't tried before but think might be interesting. Have a go at cooking & trying foods you never have before. Enjoy the process & have fun! You'll either end up a wicked meal at the end of it or you would've had a good laugh throughout the process!

B x 

3 January 2019

2018 Yearly Favourites

This post has been a long time coming so I'm sorry about that! It's taken me awhile to put together all my favourites from the year & I'm still probably missing something! 

You would've heard me talk about these products throughout the year so I'm going to say near to nothing about them individually because I don't want to bore you but you'll be able to find direct links to all products so you can do you own research on each. 

Don't be afraid to let me know what products you've been loving in the last year! I'm always looking for new products to try! 


Almond Oil 
Kiss Rejuvenate Nail & Cuticle Oil 
Manicare Miracle Growth Cuticle Oil 


Shannon Harris , @shaaanxo
Cindy Guentart-Baldo, @llamaletters
Zoe Sugg, @zoesugg
Joe Sugg, @joe_sugg
Meghan Rienks, @meghanrienks 
Laura Jane Williams, @superlativelylj
Hailey Reese, @itshaileyreese
Gabbie Hanna, @thegabbieshow



B x 

1 January 2019

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

It's come to that time of the year where I reflect on all the memorable events that have happened throughout the past year. 2018 has been one hell of a journey. Like previous years, it's come with the good & the bad but we made it! 


In January I attended my second Evolve Festival & it was as magical as ever. I also had my first ever reading with a psychic medium & has you could imagine that was amazing. I left my reading blown away & with very little words. It was an incredible experience. Evolve always out does itself. Everyone at the festival was so lovely & caring. It was like one big hippy family! 


February I was in Christchurch finalising some bits & pieces for a big change in my life. While I was down I got to catch up with all my gal pals. I'd missed them so much & it's very rare that as many of us can all catch up at one time. Love & adore them!


March was the month where I got to see the most handsome ginger man live! Ed Sheeran's concert was incredible & if you're looking for a true concert experience I'd definitely recommend one of his concerts! Not only does it sound bloody amazing but his stage presence & the way he interacts with his audience just leaves you feeling like you've just personally met him! Ed has to be one of my favourite concerts I've ever been too. 


I moved back to Christchurch! I honesty didn't think this would happen so soon but after losing my Grandparents it's been one of the best things I've done. Being closer to family & life long friends has made getting through the tough shit that little bit easier. 


Happy 20th birthday to me! I can't believe I'm 20, nearly 21. It's so crazy how time flies but I'm super excited to see what being 21 has in stall for me!


In June I took my sister & one of her friends to see Niall Horan in concert in Auckland for her 17th birthday. I wasn't sure what to expect but he was incredible. Amazing stage presence & sounded incredible of course. Glad I took them, it was definitely worth it. 


August was school formal time & I'm grateful I got to be apart of it. We got heaps of photos but this has to be one of my favourites of Nicole. You may not be little anymore but you'll forever be my baby sister. 


Some of you may know that I had super long hair. Like I'm talking down to my butt. In October I decided to give it just a wee trim. It's been the best thing I've ever done to my hair & I've never seen it healthier. For someone who is afraid of the hairdresser, I must say, I'm quiet proud of myself! 


December was one of my busiest months of the year, as it always is but I wouldn't trade it for the world You all know how much I love Christmas & spending time with those that mean that world to me, so that's exactly what I did! After everything was all tied neatly in a bow, ready for 2019, I was able to relax & enjoy Christmas & quality time with those I love & adore. 

2018 you've been a wind-whirl but I wouldn't change it for a thing! Thank you for all your support throughout 2018 & I'm so excited to see what 2019 will bring! 

B x