14 June 2015


Having a beautifully packed on flight travel essentials is what is going to make or break your flight experience. Here a just a few bits and pieces I enjoying taking with my while traveling whether on a plane or not.

  • Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizer is great especially if you're flying, if you're anything like me you just prefer to have that clean, fresh feeling. 
  • Tissues: I don't know about you but one of the most annoying things on a plane can be sitting next to someone who is sniffing the whole flight! It's super frustrating and I'd hate to be that person myself so carrying tissues with my is a must while traveling!
  • Mints or Gum: Fresh breath is important and depending on how long your flight is you may be better off just taking a toothbrush and some toothpaste. However for shorter flights I just prefer to take mints or gum with me. 
  • Hand Cream: Hand cream is just one of those things that I like to take everywhere with me! Not only does it freshen you up and make you hands feel slightly more soft but hand creams generally have an amazing smell to them. Just be careful to maybe not going for something to strong! 
  • Lip Balm: For me lip balm is so important! Sore, dry and cracked lips is not want I want on a flight so carrying lip balm with me again is a must! 
  • Deodorant: Whether you apply this on the plane or when you arrive at your destination, I think it's important to be smelling pleasant and fresh because no body likes a long flight stench! 
  • Snacks: Definitely carry snacks if your traveling for a long duration but you can also carry snacks on shorter travels, snack are good if your just feeling slightly hungry and you need something to tie you over until you land or stop. 
  • Medications: Medication like pain killers for those on flight headaches that may occur. 
  • Water Bottle: I know if you're flying out of the country then you can't take water bottles onto the plane so I would just recommend taking an empty on and possibly filling it on the plane, but water is definitely something I need on the plane with me. 
  • iPod or iPad: Something that is going to help the time pass a little quicker. Even your favourite magazine will do the trick! 
  • Headphones: With headphones you can listen to music, postcasts, watch movies or your favourite episodes of your current favourite shows. 
  • A Sleep Mask: A sleep mask is important if you're traveling a super long distance but I like to have one with me anyway because I'm not a great flier and sometimes you just want to relax. 
Of course you're also going to have things on you like your phone, wallet, keys, passport, technology chargers, tickets and boarding passes etc.

Overall that is what I like to carry with me while traveling! This is based around traveling via plane but of course you can adapt it if needed but I also take all of the products above even if I'm traveling via car or train! 


13 June 2015


Welcome back to my second installment of A Weekend Away! This post is just going to be a list of products that are sitting my in make up bag ready to be packed! I'm also kind of giving you a super quick mini review of each product as well, letting you know what I think!

  • Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Powder in 01 Fair: I love taking this away with me as the mirror inside the packaging is perfect! It's an overall good powder and I've been really enjoying using it. 
  • Australis Clear Lash and Brow Extender: Best brow gel I have used in along time and is great if your brows are like mine and have a mind of their own! The brow gel definitely keeps them in place all day long! 
  • The Body Shop Honeycomb Bronzer in 03: Such a natural bronzer and I love the slightly sun kissed look it gives.
  • Natio Brow Kit: Definitely only for those who are wanting to achieve darker brows but I love this product! The mini tools that it comes with are perfect for traveling! 
  • Collection Shimmer Shades in 02 Blushalicious: This blush gives such a natural, fresh looking glow in the skin, I'm in love! 
  • Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Black: Trying this mascara out and I've been loving it so far! It gives my lashes such a full effect. 
  • Maybelline The Mega Plush Mascara in Black: Been a big fan of this mascara for a while now and recently pulled a new one out from my collection, and of course it's amazing like it always has been!
  • E.L.F Under Eye Concealer and Highlight in Fair Glow: Affordable and super brightening. 
  • E.L.F Eyebrow Kit in Dark: Affordable and amazing, that's all I have to say! 
  • Jordana Best Lash Extreme Mascara in Black: Raved about so much and I finally got my hands on one! And so far so good! 
  • Rimmel Wake Up Me Concealer in Ivory: Covers up spots amazingly! Always my go to when I have that annoying spot that just won't leave! 
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15 Fair: Favourite concealer for my under eye area, super brightening!
  • Te Clinique Blush in 20 Bashful Plum: My favourite winter blush!
  • Maybelline New York Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black: First ever gel liner I've tried and I'm enjoying it so far but I'm not 100% sure about it, we'll see. 
  • L.A Girls Nudes Palette: Amazing product but check out my review here if you would like to know more! 
That is all I have currently in my make up bag and these are the products I have been using on an everyday basis. I love very single on of these products otherwise I wouldn't be using them nor would I be mentioning them to you guys! 

In the way of brushes I have a few blending brushes for eyeshadow, I have a concealer brush, a couple of powder brushes for blush, bronzer and powder, an eyeliner brush, an eyebrow brush so pretty much I just have every basic brush also packed in my make up bag to take with me. 

Be sure in the comments below to let me know what your favourite product in your make up collection is at the moment, I'd love to know! 

If you're interested in following me on social media, that would be awesome! I'd love to chat with you guys! Also be sure to stay tuned for the final installment of A Weekend Away! 


12 June 2015


Since I'm spending this weekend away in Christchurch for my sisters birthday I thought I would take this opportunity to let you guys into my travel secrets and surprises! So stay tuned for a few other upcoming posts!

It's time to wake up //
I love to set my alarm for earlier than I normally would just because I like to take some time for myself. I'm personally not a great traveller so taking time to myself in the morning is important. Whether that may be making myself a cup of tea, painting my nails, reading a magazine or book. Just something that will really just allow me to have me time and centre my positive thoughts and feelings.

Breakfast //
Something light is what I prefer when it comes to the morning of travel. I will generally reach for something like avocado on toast, it's light but super filling. Along with that I will have a nice big glass of water.

Shower //
Now I don't know about you guys but I find baths and showers super relaxing and leaves me feeling fresh and with a clear mind. I'm a big shower girl in the morning just because it's quick and easy but depending on how much time you had before catching your flight you could definitely have a bath.

Skincare //
A moisturising skincare routine is super important for me in the winter but also when I'm traveling. Some of my favourite products at the moment are the Simple Kind to Skin Moisturiser as well as The Body Shop Vitamin E Over Night Serum. I use both these products morning and night, together they make my face feel amazing! I always like to leave those products sit on my skin for a while so while I wait I pick out what I would like to wear, in this case on the plane.

Comfy Clothes //
I believe the best thing while traveling, no matter how you're traveling, is definitely comfy clothes! Comfy clothes are especially key if the duration of the flight is long. Depending where I'm going, what my plans are after the flight and what I'm packing to take with me will depend on what I'm wearing! However I generally am reaching for black tights, some kind of comfy t-shirt and a jumper, paired with either my black converse or my black booties.

Make Up //
Simple but effective is the key for me while traveling. I'm not to keen on wearing heavy make up on a flight, in fact at all while I'm traveling but I do like to wear a small amount. I tend to reach for my favourite concealer and at the moment that is the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15 Fair, for powder I've been using my Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Powder in 01 Fair, for mascara I have a new combination at the is the Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes with layered on top the Maybelline The Mega Plush and these are both in black. Eyebrows, the most important thing am I right? I have been using the E.L.F Eyebrow Kit in dark and then over the top I have been using the Australis Clear Lash and Brow Extender. Lips is simple, just any lip balm I have lying around but I have found myself reaching for the Nivea Pure ad Natural Lip Balm in Milk and Honey! While traveling I'm definitely going for a fresh and healthy look.

Handbag //
Last not not least I will put any leftover bits and pieces in my handbag! Products like lip balm, purse, phone, chargers, keys, tissues etc. I will also double check I have everything like my boarding passes.

After all that I'm ready to head out the door and start my traveling adventures! Be sure to let me know in the comments below a few of your favourite places around the world or places you'd love to go one day!

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4 June 2015


It's okay to have a bad week. This week was my bad week, it wasn't to flash and with that, I thought I todays blog post would be a inspirational poem I always refer back to whether I'm having a bad day, week, month. This poem is written by Meghan Reinks and I'll link the YouTube video that goes along with it here, if you're interested!

Bravery - Meghan Reinks

I have been told that I dream to greatly,
That my mind dwell in a fantasy rivaling even the most prestigious novelists,
In pre-school I use to conger up these intricate fables,
Sit down my class mates in their pigtails and velcro shoes,
And tell them of my Thursday's spent in castles,
My Saturday's spent breeding dragons,
And my Monday's back in time for recess and otter pops,
"You've got your hands full with that one" they use to say,
As if my lack of there limitations was crippling,
I have no concept of failure,
I never have.
A four year old Meghan would have told you that same thing I do today,
"I'm going to be an actress"
Not an ounce of uncertainty to my voice,
No possibly, or if, or lukewarm maybe,
The world 'if' is toxic,
I never let it slip through my tongue because I set my own limitations,
And if I tell myself 'if' then I'm crumbling to the possibility that I don't have what it takes,
That I'm doubting my very self,
But we're taught on the knees of kindergarten teachers that the sky was the limit for Jack and the Bean Stalk,
So why should it be mine?
They tell us that if our dreams don't scare us then they aren't big enough,
But sometimes at the age of 16 the only thing you dream of is getting through the day,
Getting asked to prom or passing AP bio,
Because bravery isn't saved just for knights and shinning armor or solos in school plays,
It's raising your hand in English class because you actually enjoyed Catcher in the Rye,
It's trying out for cheerleading despite never done a cartwheel,
And eating your lunch alone because you're worth more than toxic friendships,
These acts of bravery do not have to move mountains or accent seas,
They do not set of off on a running at the sound of a gun,
They can start small,
Step by step, moment by moment,
I believe in ordinary acts of bravery,
Overflowing my 1,440 minutes in simple acts of fearlessness,
So no matter how big or small,
I dare you to be fearless,
To be brave,
So fall in love and get your heart broken,
Learn French and fail miserably,
Laugh, sing, cry, scream, dance, run, write, climb, lean, build, give and dream,
And then, start all over again.
Do 'it',
Whatever your 'it' might be,
When I was 16 my 'it' was YouTube,
And at midnight 3 June's ago,
I went from being another teenage girl with an idea and a dream,
To a 20 year old living reality that rivals made for TV movies,
And if I were to tell my teenage midnight self,
That that particular instance of sheer bravery would change the rest of my life,
Well, I would've done it a lot sooner.

This poem always helps me push on and continue with the bad that's going on in my life, that it won't last forever, it's temporary.