17 August 2018

Seasonal Skincare | Winter Lineup

It's been one thing after another over the past six weeks and I've struggled to find any time to just sit and write. Fingers crossed things will calm down a bit and I'll be able to get the ball rolling again. 

Originally I would've liked to of had this post up towards mid July but shit happens and not everything always goes to plan. I'm obsessed with skincare and probably have way mote products than any single person ever needs at one time but I've actually surprised myself with my winter skincare routine. 

Johnsons Unscented Baby Wipes are my favourite thing to remove my makeup with at the moment. They're affordable, can be found at your local supermarket and don't break me out. For something more gentle around my eyes I reach for Simples Hydrating Cleansing Oil. I wasn't a big fan of cleansing oils until I tried this one. It removes makeup quickly while doing a great job at the same time. Leaves skin feeling cleansed but well hydrated at the same time. I'll be in need of another bottle very soon so I think that says it all. 

An oldie but a goodie, The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash. I always mention this and I will continue to until I find something better. Tea Tree holds natural anti-bacterial properties so it is great for keep skin clear and blemish free. Leaves skin feeling clean and fresh but not tight and uncomfortable. It's super accessible and affordable which is why I picked it up in the first place and now I've just fallen in love the stuff. Plus, I love the smell of tea tree so that's a bonus. 

St Ives Gentle Smoothing Oatmeal Scrub & Mask as been my pick of exfoliators this winter. It's gentle but with regular use keeps skin looking great. My skin can be really dry in the winter and this scrub and mask combo has done a fantastic job of keeping any flakey dirty skin at bay. I'm looking forward to trying some of there other products over the coming months. 

Once again, this shouldn't be a surprise to anyway who has read my posts before. I'm still loving and using Simple Skincare Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser. This is one of those products I don't think I'll be changing up or completely removing from my routine until I really find a moisturiser that is so super magical for my skin. It keeps my skin hydrated for hours on end which is what I really need in the winter. It doesn't leave a greasy film on your skin and absorbs gorgeously into the skin in a matter of seconds. Oh, and how can I forget to mention that it has no harm chemicals or artificial colours or perfumes. At the end of the day I'm just in love with this product. 

Never really delved into face oils much but Almond Oil has been a life saver for me this winter. It's been great to soothe flakey skin, soften dry skin and nourish the skin. I've been using Thursday Plantation's Almond Oil which is affordable and easily accessible from your local Farmers Department Store. Will be continuing to use Almond Oil in my routine for as long as my skin needs that extra boost of hydration. 

We all love a good mask and I'm always changing up the ones I'm using. This winter I've been using the Essano Clarifying & Deep Cleansing Rosehip Clay Masque which has been fantastic at drawing out impurities, dirt and toxins which leaves skin feeling refreshed and well cleansed. If my skin was showing clear signs of dryness and I wanted to treat my skin I'd reach for the Evolu Rehydration Rescue Masque. This mask is designed to rescue your skin from visible effects of long term dryness and nutrient depletion. I'd agree with that and would say that it immediately helps skin feel hydrated and replenished while also leaving skin smooth to the touch. Evolu is more of a high end brand but if it's something you can afford and have been looking into, I'd highly recommend. 

From one dehydrated gal to another, what are some of your favourite products for dry dehydrated skin? I'm always looking out for new products to try and you might just know of the product I need. 

B x

2 August 2018

What I've Learnt From Taking A Month Off Blogging

I’d say I have a pretty healthy relationship with my phone. I notice when its been in my grips a little too much on one day and them spend the next with it out of arms reach and on silent. July quickly became the month I decided to take off blogging when life got busy and internet was limited.

I was extremely cautious about taking the month off because one of my big goals for the year was to consistently upload good content to my website. But it got to the point here I really needed some time away to  re-evaluate a few bits and make a plan for what and where I see my website in the future. 

Having some time off blogging also came with having time away from being online. Being offline has been a big eye opener and it’s one of those thing that you don’t realise how good it is for you until you do it. I mean I’ve kept up to date with social media but it hasn’t been something that has consumed my life over the past few weeks. Here’s the thing though - I think this period of consuming content while not putting anything to consume has changed my outlook of the online world. I haven’t spent hours glued to my phone but instead I picked out the content that I actually wanted to view, just the good stuff from topic and creators that appealed to me. When it comes to producing content to consume, I’ve alway stood by the mantra, ‘create what you like to consume’ and so that’s what I really want to delve deeper into now that I’m back online. I’ve got a bunch of new ideas for website posts and things I’d like to update you on. I’d like to eventually get back up to three posts per week but we’ll see how we go. 

B x