31 May 2015


This month I have been obsessed with three YouTubers and normally I'd have five but I didn't want to just put down any random YouTubers for the sake of it so today I'll just be chatting about my top 3 for the month of May!

Before I start I just want to mention that all three of these girls are an inspiration to me and to all there subscribers! They're absolutely gorgeous, all in there own way too! I adore every single one of there videos and recommend subscribing to them if you're looking for someone new to subscribe too! I'll leave all there links at the bottom of this post if you're interested in checking them out! I hope you love them just as much as I do!

Lily Pebbles //
Lily has a variety of videos on her channel, from all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle! This month she has been doing 'Every Day May" where she has been uploading vlogs on the week days and I love when YouTubers that  possibly wouldn't normally vlog, do! I think you get to know them a lot more personally and you get to see what they get up to on a normal week day! I find Lily's videos so motivating, if I'm feeling in a bit of a rut in regards to working, one of her videos will always get me back on track! Lily also has a blog where she post everyday and I love reading these at night in bed! Again Lily has a variety of post on her blog regarding beauty, fashion and lifestyle so if you're looking for some inspiration I recommend checking her out!

Anna aka Viviannadoesmakeup //
Anna is absolutely stunning, I adore her and I think you'll love her as much as I do! Anna also does a variety of beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos! My favourites are when Lily (mentioned above) and Anna do beauty chats, answering all our questions sometime depending on a theme! Lily and Anna take turns each month to upload these to there channels so you'll be able to find some on both Lily's and Anna's channel! Last year they also did a guide to blogging and vlogging so if you're interested in starting blogging or making a YouTube channel I totally recommend checking those out! Anna also does weekly vlogs which I love and like I said earlier I really think that vlogs allow to to get to know them and more about there week days! Overall I really love Anna and her channel! I'm personally a big fan as you can probably tell!

Ingrid Nilsen aka Missglamorazzi //
Ingrid is one of the most inspiring YouTubers I have been watching lately! My favourite videos of hers are when she just sits down and chats, gives us advice of life in general! I love a YouTuber who can just be there self on camera and even though I don't know Ingrid personally I really feel and get that vibe through the camera! Again Ingrid posts a variety of videos from beauty and lifestyle related and I recommend Ingrid if you are looking for some inspiration in our day to day life!

Overall you can tell I love all three of these girls and there videos and blogs! Be sure to let me know who are some of you YouTuber favourites in the comments below and you never know, I might end up becoming a subscriber myself!

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Lily Pebbles //
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Anna //
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Ingrid Nilsen //
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Enjoy your weekend and we'll talk in the next couple of days!

28 May 2015


It's winter here in New Zealand and I hate winter! It's cold, rainy and yuck! In spite of that I thought I would share with you some of my favourite products, events and things to do in the winter!

Photo: pinterest.com 

1. Top 2 Winter Beauty Essentials? Something which is a must for me is a light BB Cream which I can just chuck on for school or is I'm just ducking out to the store it's just really easy to wear with dry skin which is often how my skin is in the middle of winter! I personally enjoy the Maybelline New York Dream Fresh BB Cream and I'm in the shade Light! Another product I like to actually pair with my BB Cream is a moisturing concealer! My few of my favourites are the Rimmel Wake Up Concealer, I have this the shade Ivory and another favourite I found great for under the eyes is the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer and I have this is the shade 15 Fair!

2. Top 2 Winter Fashion Essentials? Definitely a pair of black boots, these can be ankle boots, knee high boots, with or without heels but I definitely think a pair of black boots is essential for winter! Black boots can be paired with absolutely anything and I currently have a pair of black small ankle boots with a small heel and I love them! My second fashion essential would have to be a some kind of coat, doesn't matter the colour as long as it keeps you nice and snug! 

3. Top 2 Winter Skincare Essentials? My skin personally can get incredibly dry over the winter months so I love to have an really moisturing skin care routine. An essential skincare item in my skincare routine, in the winter, is a serum! I'm currently using The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum Oil, I've only been using this product for about two weeks but so far so good! Another essential is a moisturing face spritz and the one I'm using at the moment and I'm nearly actually finished it but it's The Body Shop Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz, this product has a fresh tangy smell to it and I personally think it makes your skin just feel so much more energised, like the name suggests! 

4. Favourite Winter Accessories? Hands down, no doubt about it a scarf! In the winter I'm generally more often than not, wearing a scarf! This is because they help keep you nice and warm on those cold winter days but also because wearing a scarf keeps your neck warm this just helps prevent you feeling worse if you're already sick and just stops you from feeling ill! Another one of my favourite accessories to have in the winter is some kind of gloves! I can't stand having cold fingers, it's probably one of the worst winter feelings ever so gloves will definitely help with that! 

5. Favourite lip colour to wear in the winter? My favourite lip colour in the winter is definitely purples and pulmy colours! So two that I'm lovng at the moment is the ChiChi Viva La Diva lip stick in the shade Game On, this is just a muted pulmy colour, I would decribe it to be very similar to a Kylie Jenner lip colour! Another winter lip favourite is the Revlon Colourbrust Matte Balm in 225 Sultry and I adore this shade, it's definitely a shade that may not be for everyone but I think it's the perfect shade for winter and if you are able to get into a department store that sells Revlon I would definitely recommend going in and having a look! Even if your not a fan of this particular shade they have plenty in store and the formula is gorgeous! 

6. Favourite hot drink? Favourite hot drink would most likely just be tea, any kind of tea! I find tea super relaxing especially at nighttime before you head to bed! If I was to order something for Starbucks and feeling like something a bit different, rather than having tea, I would grab a Mocha, I love there Mochas especially in the winter months!

7. Skiing or snowboarding? Neither! Like I said early I'm not a fan of winter at all and I've never actually been skiing or snowboarding, I don't really plan to either, it's not really my thing if I'm going to be honest. However I will admit that it seems like an amazing sport and hobby!

8. Have you ever been ice-skating? What was your experience? Good or bad? I've only be ice-skating once and I didn't like it at all! I think I went ice-skating around that age of eight with some friends and yeah, it was just not a good experience at all! From what I can remember I just didn't enjoy myself!

9. Does it snow where you live? It doesn't snow where I'm currently living however it did when I was living back in Christchurch! Here in Nelson I've been told that it does snow on the hills but never down low and I would imagine that it would be way to wet here for it to settle anyway! 

10. Have you ever build a snowman? Yes I have! Everytime it snowed when my sister and I were little we would always go out and build a snowman and have snowball fights, it was so much fun and sometimes we would even have a hot bubble bath together to warm back up! 

11. What's your favourite thing to do during the winter holidays? The winter holidays for us here in New Zealand are only two weeks compared to other parts of the world when winter falls around Christmas time but I usually just have movie days with friends! My winter holidays are generally pretty chill and nothing to exciting happens!

That's my winter months summed up in one blog post! I know some of my readers are in summer right now so let me know what you're current Summer favourites are and if you're in you Winter months answer some of your favourite questions from above and let me know what you love or hate in the Winter time!

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I'm sending happiness and love you wherever you are in the world!
Bonnie xxx

26 May 2015


We all know at least one YouTuber that has brought a book out, am I right? Zoe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, Connor Franta, Tanya Burr and there is a few YouTubers in the process iof bring out there books like Marcus Butler, Joey Graceffa and Joe Sugg, Tyler Oakley but then we also have Zoe Sugg who is bringing out her second book and Alfie Deyes who already has his second book out, how crazy if this? I'm so incredibly proud of #teaminternet and the power we all have through the internet to make amazing incredibly things like this happen! I love reading and I love YouTube so you can only guess that I love reading a book that any YouTuber has brought out! Today I'm going to be talking about three of my favourites so far, Tanya Burr's Book called Love Tanya, Zoe Sugg's Book called Girl Online and Connor Franta's Book called Work in Progress! I love all three of these books for different reasons so I'm going to jump right in and let you guys know why!


Starting off with Zoe's book, Girl Online. I was want to start off by saying if you followed Zoe through the journey of her first book, watching her vlogs, reading her blog, watching main channel videos and following her on soical media you will know how much time and effort she has out into this book! I absoutely adore her book and I could read it a million times over, it's so relatable and I love that in a book! 

"Penny has a secret. Under teh alias Girl Online, Penny blogs her hidden feelings about friendships, boys, her crazy family and the panic attacks the have begun to take over her life. When things go from bad to worse, her family whisk her away to New York where she meets Noah: a gorgeous, guitar-strumming American. Suddenly Penny is falling in love and capturing every moment of it on her blog. But Noah has a secret too. One that threatens to ruin Penny's cover, and her closest friendship forver." This is the blurb that is on the back of Girl Online and I don't know about you but whilst reading that it instantly drew me in and I new I had to get my hands on a copy! I totally recommend Girl Online if you're looking for a easy, enjoyable read because you'll definitely get that with Girl Online! 


"I refuse to live a life a regret. I refuse to hope things will get better in the future when I have complete control over making them the best possible right here and now. We have one life - and none of us know how long our life will be fore or what will come of it. The possibilities are endless." 

Connor Franta has written an incredible book, more than just a memior, an open honest look into his life. A conversation where Connor does all the talking and as readers we do all the listening. 

The book consists of 212 pages where we learn more about Connors upbringing, life for him as school all before his YouTube career. Instead of endless, long chapters from each and every stage of his life, Connor shares some of his most valuable moments and life lessons which shaped him to become the person he is today, the picture he has added to his book make is story that little bit more personal. Connor shares a lot of stories with us throughout the book and they aren't just for the sake of telling them, he tells his stories with hope that it'll help others. 

I totally recommend reading A Work in Progress if you are looking for some new found inspiration and motivation in any aspect of your life. 


"I want to write a book to share the things I've learnt with you - revel my top tips on fashion, beauty, love, friendship, YouTube . . . and loads more!" 

Tanya Burr, as written this amazing book filled with just a few of her top tips on all things girly! Whether you are looking to finding new tips for all things beauty including skincare, make up, fashion, hair and nails or whether you are needing some new inspiration, motivation and tips on love, life and friendships this is the book for you! 

I adore Tanya's book, I always find myself coming back to it searching for tips and new inspiration! I keep Tanya's book by my bed 24/7 and I find myself reaching for it more often than not! 

I totally recommend Tanya's bool to anyone who is looking for a change in their usually lifestyle or looking to change up any part of there daily routine because Tanya has some of the best tips for you!

Along with some of Tanya's top tips, she also shares some of her life time experiences with us! Tanya shares some of her most memorable moments as kid. some of her all time old favourite songs she loved to listen to in her teen years and she also talks about the top ten things that helped her shape who she is today! 

One of my favourite parts of Tanya's book is where she has left for us as her views, subscribers and readers is a section to list some of our favourite things along side hers! I think this is such an nice, simple touch to the book and really makes it that little bit more personal! 

Overall I think it's pretty clear to say that I'm a big fan of Tanya's book and like I said earlier I would totally recommend this book to someone who is in need of possibly some change or some new in site into there life! 

Let me know what your favourite book is at the moment or even what you are reading at the moment! 

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Sending all the happiness and love to where ever you may be in the world and we will talk soon 

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24 May 2015


Recently I received the L.A Girl Nudes Palette for my birthday and I'm in love! This is the perfect palette for all kinds of looks whether you be needing a look for school, work, a neutral day time or a smoky night time look, it's all in this palette!

The shades are very pigmented and creamy however some shades can be a little powdery so I would suggest maybe using a eyelid primer as well just to make sure everything is held in the right place all day long. Another thing to keep in mind I do get the slightest amount of fall out from these shadows but I only fined that this when I'm packing shadows on top of each other to create a smokey look but I can deal with that apart from that there is near to nothing in regards of fall out from the shadows! I ws a little bit worried about the packaging and I was pleasantly suprised that the packaging is quite durable and I liked how the casing around the shadows is a very durable, thick plastic rather than being something that seems it would only last 5 seconds.

Over all I love this nudes palette and I have fallen in love with it! It has become a staple in my everyday makeup routine! I totally recommend this nudes palette to anyone who is looking for an affordable new palette to add to there collection!

Unfortunately I'm not sure where this palette was brought from and I can't say I have seen it in stores however I have seen that you can purchase it online for under $20 NZD so bargin! I also know that they have other palettes in this collection, Neons, Smokey and Ultra and of course Nudes! If any of you guys end up tryong the other palettes in this collection definitely let me know what they are like, I love you know what you guys think! 

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Sending love and happiness where ever you are in the world!
Bonnie xxx

21 May 2015


Motivational YouTube videos, there are an incredible amount out there but I would like to mention a few of my favourites, one that I continually go back to if I'm just not feeling myself or I feel like I could just fo with some extra motivation. I'm not saying these are the only five out there on YouTube but what I am saying is that these are a few of my favourites and I wanted to share them with you in the hopes that it might motivate you as well.

Meghan Rienks, Meghan is a YouTuber and aspiring actress, and I'm not going to lie I can't get enough of her videos! Her content is uplifting and inspiring but one of her many videos caught my eye and it was her 'Brave Story'. This has to be one of my favourite videos on YouTube to date, it's uplifting and inspiring just like all her other videos but there is something about this one that makes you feel like you can conquer the world over night! I absoulety love this video of her and could watch it over and over again, in fact this video is quite regaually played if I need some motivation and uplifting sptirits in my life!

Marissa Lace, Marissa's Draw My Life video is one of the most brave YouTube videos I've seen in a while. In her video Marissa opens up about her past and actaully had me in tears! While watching Marissa's draw my life video can be very sad it made me realise a lot about myself,  it made me realise that I can over come a lot more than what I thought I could! Marissa is an inspiration to anyone that is going through a tough time and needs uplifting and needs to see that hope again! Marissa videos in general are amazing and uplifting, she is one of those people who you can watch on YouTube that will instantly make up happy!

 Connor Franta. Life doesnt wait. I'm not going to say much about this one epxect for that if you are feeling like you need a new perspective, outlook on life this is definitly one for you! Even though I wasn't looking for a new perspective on life this video made me realise a lot more than I though it would.

Not going to say much about this incredible young women either part from the fact that she is a total inspiration too all across the world. Emma Watson and her #heforshe campagin was amazing and if you haven't seen her speech it's something you definitley need to check out as soon as possible, it's truly amazing as well as what she's standing for.


Colbie Cailat, music video and song Try! I believe this song has inspired not only teens but all women across the world! The message she is trying to get across is beautiful and it's definitley something everyone can relate too. When I first heard this song I had real tears running down my face, again this is something I listen to when I need a pick me up for sure!

These are just some of the many incredible videos on YouTube and I know for a fact there are lots more out there so if you have any you'd like to share with me or anyone else let us know what they are in the comments! 

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Sending happiness to everyone no matter where you are in the world,
Bonnie xxx

19 May 2015


We all love being a little noisey more often than not, me included! Today I thought I would give you a sneak into my iPhone 5S!

To start off I'm quickly going to mention that I have the Black Space Grey iPhone 5S 16GB. I currently have a light grey case on in which just protects the back from any scratches! 

This first image is my lock screen which is just a palm tree picture which I came across on Instagram, I believe it was Meghan Reinks instagram and I just love how bright the image is and you guys all know I have an obsession with the beach as well! The next image is my home screen and again I have a palm tree picture which I think I came across on weheartit.com and again I love how bright it is and seeing this picture on my homescreen just makes me generally happy! The apps I have sitting across the bottom of the screen no matter what page you're on are Messages, Phone, Mailbox which is for all my school emails and then the original Mail app which is for all my personal emails. 

Moving on to the next page, in the top left hand corner going across I have a folder called Utilities which holds all the apps which the iPhone comes with so apps like FaceTime, Notes, Clocks, Apple Watch etc, the next folder has apps that I'm frequently reaching for so in there I have Reminders, Settings, Podcasts, Weather, BNZ Mobile which is my Bank, Spark which is my phone provider, Wattpad for all my fanfiction, Driving Theory Test, Countdown, Converter+, Onavo Protect and the Bible. Moving across I have Safari, Calendar which I'd be lost without, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Spotify, 8tracks, AA Game - love this game and everyone seems to be playing this at the moment, super adicting but I love it!

 The last row across the bottom are apps I use for school! The first one Kahoot is a game in which you play with your whole class and there is so many different topics, and what it basically is, is a multi choice answer to questions you get asked and you can have competitions with your friends and other class members to see who can win, it's great fun and especially last class on a Friday! The next app is Kamar and a lot of you may not have heard of it but if you have you'll know what I'm going on about, it's basically where you can check your timetable, school events, school notices etc. Evernote is a popular app and I use this to make my to do lists for particular days. And Google Drive just holds all my documents like English Essays and Biology write ups. 

Moving on to the next page, I prretty much have the rest on my apps in albums and this is just because I don't like having millions of pages, I like to keep it to just two or three. The first folder is Soical Media and in there is Viber, Vine, We Heart It and Instagram Repost. Next is Editing and I will do an entire blog post on how I edit my soical media pictures at a later date but in the folder there is, Camera, Photos, Videos, Squaready, Aviary, Afterlight, VSCO Cam, TwinCollage and Pic Jointer. 

Next is the one that leaves my bank account looking awfully empty and thats the Shopping Folder and in there I have Etsy, NZSale, eBay and The Hunt. In Health I have Nike Training, FitBit, Lorna Jane, Nike Running, PumpUp, MyFitnessPal, M.Cycles, Relax Melodies and Horoscopes. I'm going to go into more detail about the apps I use when I do my fitness routine and tips post! My Education folder is looking very empty but inside I have NCEA Pal which is the exam system here in New Zealand and the app allows me to keep track of the progress I'm making throughout the year! 

Travel, I have grabaseat, Airbnb and Air NZ! These apps come in handy quiet a bit now that my sister is living down in Christchurch and that I need to fly down to see her more often! Then I have an album for all my apps to do with my blog! So first I have a direct link to my blog so I can check all blog posts and the stats etc, I then have Google+, the Blogger app and last but most definitely not least I have Bloglovin' which is where I keep track of all my favourite blogs and I like this app because all my favourites are in the one place.

I then have Sleep Cycle which is quiet a popular app, this app tracks your sleeping pattern which is important but also interesting for me, I have the Weather Channel, Bloglovin' which is where you can read all you favourite blogs in one place, Stuff and BuzzFeesd which are my favourite news reading apps although they are both totally different, I then have IMDb which is where I can check movie times and the latest movies out and what I might like to go see next! 

This has been quite a long blog post but I did try and shorten it down in places. Let me know what your top three favourite apps are in the comments, I'd love to know, mine are definitely Instagram, Twitter and Bloglovin'.

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Sending love and happiness to every single one of you! 
Bonnie xxx

17 May 2015


Previously on my blog I've talked about how important it is to have 'me time' so today I thought I would do the Me Time Tag so you can take a speak peak into what I do when I'm personally having some me time!

                                                       Picture: weheartit.com

1. What do you watch or read during me time? 
During me time I love to watch just really crappy reality T.V programmes, these are generally really easy watches and I'm generally scrolling through my social media, catching up during this time as well! In the way of books I have been loving Tanya Burrs book as well as Connor Frantas! Not only do I love supporting #teaminternet both books are so well written and such easy reads. 

2. What do you wear during me time?
Normally just a over sized comfy jumper, a little pair of shorts or tights, as well as some comfy fluffy bed socks. 

3. What are you favourite me time beauty products?
A good ole Lush bathbomb, a nice face mask and a nice smelling body lotion! 

4. Current favourite nail polish?
Currently I don't have a particular favourite colour but I'm currently obsessed with Sally Hasen nail polishes at the moment. I find the formula so amazing and there is a beautiful colour range too. 

5. What do you eat or drink during me time?
Definitley some tea and generally that's it, my me time usually happenes at night around 800PM or later so I don't usually eat anything but if I do it normally fruit and/or yoghurt. 

6. Current favourite candle?
Current favourite candle is currently a handmade one which I got as a gift for Christmas from a family member! It's the most beautiful beautiful scent, it's blackberry and vanilla and it's just amazing, it melts my heart! I do need to purchase some more as I'm currently running low so let me know your recommendations!

7. Do you ever have outdoor me time?
No so much now that it's winter time, it gets dark around 530PM and gets cooler earlier however in the summer I definitely do! 

8. Would you go to see a movie alone?
I'm going to say no to this just because I have really bad anxiety and I would personally just rather go with someone in that sense but besides that factor I think it would definitley be a lot nicer to go to the movies with someone else whether it's a friends or whatnot but if you like to go to the movies alone totatlly go for it and rock it girlfriend!

9. Favourite online shop?
Either eBay or NZSale! I'm sure everyone knows what eBay is but NZSale is very similar but based here in New Zealand! The shop sales discounted products vaired from make up, clothing pieces, home wear etc. 

10. Anything to add? What else do you do during me time?
I take me time for absolute granted, there isn't much time during the week where I actually get me time so I definitely try and make the most of my time, I just try and switch off, read some of my bible and the current book whatever that may be. 

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