17 January 2015


Hiii everybody! 

Today blog post is a bit of a random one but something that I believe is really worth sharing! Happiness. I can't begin to express to you guys how important happiness is. I have come across some people that have really changed my views upon things and I'm so glad I happened to find them because I promise you this change is for the better and it couldn't of happened at a better time. Through finding these people I'm the happiest I have been in ages and I truly feel like I've just been able to be myself. 

On the 01 January I found myself thinking of ways to change my life, I had watched all these videos but I wanted to really do something for myself. I so want this year to be a good one for me but instead of waiting for it to magically appear like I have done in previous years, I'm going to go out at get it! For about, what I believe is coming up four years, I have suffered from serve anxiety and depression and I could sit down and tell people how awful my life has been in those four years but instead I use my experiences to continue my self growth and help others and to help you guys. And don't get me wrong I know we all have are struggles in life but it's what we can learn and take from those experiences that really matters. I know that I still have a long road to recovery but I believe that I'm definitely on the right track. I also know that my anxiety and depression will never 'go away', that it'll continually be apart of my life, but it's not about fighting it anymore, it's learning how to manage it and know what best works for my body. 

"No matter what circumstances life throws in your direction, you have to believe that you can handle it. It's really about our perception. There is no such thing as a bad circumstance. All those things that we perceive as bad are actually real growing experiences in life. You have to see that everything that happens to you has come into your life for a reason, an we are challenged in life because that's what life is all about. Life is about how we deal with all those challenges.' ~ Anonymous 

Sometimes life doesn't go as planned. The road to success can be quite a bumpy one. Just when things start to go right, life tends to make things...well ...interesting. The up and downs in life are inevitable. You can feel like you are on top of the world one moment and feel like you've hit rock bottom the next. But after every storm comes a rainbow. As cliché as that sounds...it's true. Whatever you may be going through, it won't last forever and I want you to remember that, the good times are just around that corner. And with that I just wanted to say, my storm lasted 4 years and don't get me wrong I still have my bad days and I want you guys to know that, but now I can confirm my rainbow is truly starting to shine. Your storm doesn't have to last that long at all. I encourage anyone out there who is struggling to reach out for help because if I had done it sooner my rainbow would have been shinning for a lot longer. 

2015 is going to be about my happiness! I can't please everybody and I don't need to! This year is going to be about focusing on the things that really matter to me, family, friends and my own personal well being. For so many years, I've worried about what others think, what others are going to think if I do certain things. So my challenge to myself this year is to worry less, not to not worry at all because I think worrying is an important thing to feel but just to worry less and not necessarily worry about the silly small things. 

"I'm in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness." 

I really wish you guys all the best with what 2015 is going to bring you, I hope it brings happiness to your life, I really do! xxx

Thankyou so much for reading, I love you guys millions and millions! 
We'll talk soon 

3 January 2015


Hiiii everybody! ♡

Happy New Years! I hope everybody enjoyed there Christmas and New Years! I hope you all made memories that will be cherished forever! 

I enjoyed my Christmas Day with my Nan and Pop in my new home which was lovely! A few days after I picked one of my bestfriends up from the bus stop! She came to visit from down home and we got to spend new years together which was nice. 

So over the past few days we have been visiting beaches and different fun events and places but I thought in this blog post I will just talk about what we got up to New Years Eve and New Years Day. 

We woke up on New Years Eve to pretty crap weather! It was rainning and it was cold outside! It was pretty miserable so we decided to do a bit of shopping! We went down the main streets in the centre of town and just browsed the shops! We then went and had some frozen yoghurt, I don't normally like frozen yoghurt but the bestie convinced me to try it and I loved it! Come 7PM that night the sun came out and it was lovely and warm! So we decided to head down to the beach and go for a swim! It was so lovely and peaceful down there, it was just such an amazing place to be on New Years Eve. We spent abut 2 hours there and then came home for snacks, a movie and to see the New Year in. I couldn't have asked for a better way to end 2014! 

The beach on New Years Eve! ♡  

New Years Day! What a gorgeous day! There wasn't a cloud in the sky, the sun was out and it was a beautiful warm day! We started off at the annual market, which had a few little bits and pieces to look at, it was lovely to just relax in that way and enjoy the weather and a cold drink. Natureland had been of the list of things to do with my bestfriend while she was up so we thought what a better day to do it than New Years Day and it was perfect weather for it too! So we went and visited the Lamas, monkeys, birds, turtles, fish and all the other cool creatures. It was nice just to explore and feed the animals. We got some really cool pics! We then decided to spend the rest of the afternoon at the beach, of course, no surprises there, right guys?! It was such an amazing first day of 2015 and I got to spend it with the people care about the most! 
Me posing with an elephant made from a bush! ♡ 

Feeding the Lamas! The were so cute! Aw! ♡

The beach on New Years Day! ♡

I've really enjoyed the past few days with my bestfriend and it will be sad to see her go but I'm sure we'll see each other sometime soon! 

I hope you all had an amazing start to 2015 because I know I did! 
Best wishes for the up coming year!
Love you guys millions and we'll talk soon! ♡

1 January 2015


Hiii everybody ♡

2014 has been a crazy year so with that I thought I would write a letter to 2014 and reflect on the year. 

Dear 2014, 
Oh my, what a crazy year it has been! 2014, you've brought me the good with the bad and laughter with the tears. To be fair you've just been one big rollercoaster. An emontional rollercoast for sure. Yes you were a hard, difficult, chanllenging year, you brought more tears than I ever thought I would shed but you also were full of life changing moments, memories, lessons and a few happy tears. January 1st, I was praying 2014 would be my year! The year I would shine, the year I would really just be myself and be truly happy. Honestly it was a tough start, the end of 2013 was rough with a crazy amount of mixed emotions which were pushed aside when they really shouldn't of been. 2014 was a year of pain and hurt. Words can't even begin to explain what I was feeling. I felt like the world was againest me and life, well life was just not going my way. After a few long, depressing months, things got worse, I hit rock bottom. You'd be lucky to get out of bed in the morning let alone leave the house. Living my life became a chore, and a chore I didn't want to do. Everyday tasks became impossible, school became impossible. I just didn't have the strength to carry on, there was no way I could hide this anymore. I decided to leave school with the support of my doctors and with that I was diganosed with serve depression and anxiety. What I'm saying to you now doesn't even begin to explain how horrible this year was for me but like I said, you gave me the good with the bad. I knew I needed to something to take my mind off the negative things that were going on in my life so I found myself a job at an after school and holiday care program. It was exactly what I needed. Something that would destract me three hours, fives days a week. It was chanllenging at times but it gave me something else to think about. I also started working out, working out was great when I was feeling down and depressed. It made me feel good about myself too. Along with that I changed my eating habits, and I was like a new person! 12 days ago I moved. I'm living in a new city, I'm going to make some amazing new friends but best of all I'm now closer to family and friends that already give me wonderful support and I can't thank them enough. 
I'm not saying 2015 is going to be easy but I hope it has more ups than it does downs. And in the way of my depression and anxiety, I know they'll never leave, I know I'll never get rid of either of them but 2015 is about learning how to manage them both. 
Thankyou 2014 for the lessons you've taught me, the moments we've shared, aswell as the laughter and tears. 


I hope you guys have had an amazing 2014! And I wish you all the best for 2015! 
Love you guys millions and we'll talk soon ♡