29 September 2016

September Beauty & Lifestyle Favourites

📷 : Maybe Nelson doesn't like hairy people, opps. 

September has been a super busy month & it has flown by. I don't have a lot of favourites this month but I still thought I would share a few of the random bits & pieces I've been really enjoying.

MAKEUP > ChiChi Super BB Cream has been one of my favourite bases to use lately. I'm thinking I might do a full review post on the product especially because I find myself reaching for BB Creams as it gets into the warmer weather. Keep an eye out for my review post if you'd like to know more or feel free to have a look over on the ChiChi website yourself. So far, this product gets a big thumbs up from me! 

SKINCARE > You guys all know how much I love The Body Shop & especially there different skincare ranges. I decided to pick up the Mineral & Ginger Warming Massage Clay Mask & I absolutely adore it! The self warming aspect of it allows pores to open which means the mask can really give your skin a deep clean. It's perfect for all skin types & has the ingredients, ginger, cinnamon oil & kaolin clay which helps deep cleanse your skin. The thing I love most is that The Body Shop products are never tested on animals. Make sure to check out their website if you'd like more information or to check out more of their products!

HAIR CARE > Dry shampoo was never something I love the idea of. I thought it was a bit gimmicky, you know, the whole idea of being able to leave your hair unwashed for longer kind of grossed me out a bit, I don't know I just wasn't a fan of the whole idea behind dry shampoo BUT I'm here to tell you my opinion has changed! Not only has my opinion changed but I also don't know what I would do with out dry shampoo. I don't specifically use dry shampoo for what it may have been originally brought out for but I use to add natural volume to my roots. While most people think that curly hair has great volume, which it does to a degree, I like to add dry shampoo rather than hairspray to my roots to had natural volume. There are so many brands with dry shampoo out these days however my favourite is Batiste Dry Shampoo. I've tried a few others & nothing has compared! 

LIP PRODUCT > I actually plan on doing a review on the specific product some time next month so keep an eye out for that but the lip product that I have been loving is the LA Girl Lip Liner in Natural. It's a gorgeous my lips but better colour & looks gorgeous with a lipstick or gloss over the top. 

FRAGRANCE > I'm a big fan of Calvin Klein fragrances & my favourite this month has been Calvin Klein Euphoria Essence. They have a mens & a womens scent & to be completely honest, I really like both. I feel like Calvin Klein scents are very unique but I think that's what makes them so amazing, there's something for everyone. If you have the opportunity to have a smell of his fragrances I would definitely recommend it. 

YOUTUBE > As of recently, I've come across quite a few new YouTube channels that I've really been enjoying. Alice Snell who is also known as @beautybyalicee_ on social media but I really enjoy her videos especially her vlog & while I'm here, Alice also has a really lovely blog! Alice is just so genuine & down to earth & I think that's what we all look for in YouTubers, someone we can relate to. 

BLOG > For as long as I can remember Meghan Rienks has not only been one of my favourite YouTubers but also one of my favourite people. So when she announced to us all the she now had a blog, I may have lost my shit a little bit! There's not much to say apart from the fact that I just love it. Meghan is such a huge inspiration to me & she has been for a long time. I'd love for you to go check out her content. 

INSTAGRAM > Emily Canham is such an incredibly stunning women & her posts always leave me lost for words. Not only is Emily freaking stunning she also has a really cute puppy & really nice eyebrows so you should check her out & give her a follow. 

FILM > It's not often I go to the movies however it was my Ma's birthday this month so we decided to finally go & see the film 'Bad Mums'. It's one of the best films I have seen in a long time, all of us in the theatre were laughing & singing a long to the music, it was a really great atmosphere. Plus Mila Kunis is one of my favourite female actors. 

BOOK > Calm by Michael Acton Smith is an amazing book & not just for those who suffer with anxiety disorders. If you are looking to learn ways to incorporate calmness into your everyday life I would definitely check out this book & think about adding it to your collection. It's an amazing book & prior to owning the book myself, I had heard amazing things about it & how it's helped so many people. I'll leave a link so you can look more into it but I couldn't recommend it enough! 

SONG > I'm constantly listening to music, there isn't a day that goes by where I'm not listening to music. I've got quite a few music favourites this month but I've narrowed it down to two. Closer by The Chainsmokers ft Hasley & You & Me by Marc E. Bassy. Add them to your playlist people, they are fantastic tunes. 

QUOTE > "If we bump into each other on a crowded street, it's not us no more, it's just you & me. We're just strangers in passing casually." - Marc E. Bassy 

B x

27 September 2016

5 To Follow On Tumblr

I've done a few '5 To Follow' posts now & I'll link them all down below if you're interested in check them out but I thought it was about time I talk about five of my favourites to follow on Tumblr. 

Like I mentioned in my other '5 To Follow' posts, my favourites are always changing. There are so many inspiring, creative & talented people in this world & I think it's important to be aware of it. Social media can become a very negative place but it absolutely doesn't have to be. 

B x

25 September 2016

Bonnie's Beauty Bundle No.001

Using a number of different products & trying new products is something that I throughly enjoy, as I'm sure most of you do too. Choosing my top five beauty products every month is often difficult but it's something I find very beneficial because it allows me to seperate the products I enjoy using on a daily basis from the ones that I enjoy but I don't find myself reaching for as often. 

I've taken my own twist to these posts & decided that it would be a great opportunity to talk about 5 current beauty favourites of mine. Whether they are new to the shelves or just new to my personal collection I hope that it's some what helpful & beneficial for you guys. The aim of these posts is that you guys can get a feel for what I've been loving the most & more specifically. 

If you're new here you may not know that for the majority of the time, I prefer to keep my makeup pretty simple yet flawless & sleek. Yet there are times where I like to be a bit more adventurous & get a bit more creative. Keeping only five products my makeup bag rarely happens but like I said above I think it's really beneficial to go through your makeup collection, makeup bag or even just new products to see if you can get it down to your ultimate top five. 

I try to find a variety of different products to try out, from foundations to mascaras to lipsticks so that I can create a look for you guys but it just depends on what my loving at that specific moment. 

I'll link my last 'If I Could Only Use Five Beauty Products NO.001' post so you can see what I was loving back then. Keep in mind I've changed the BP name from the original but they're very similar. 

Leaves your skin looking so natural yet covers all imperfections. It's a great foundation for oily skin & great for minimising pores. 

Leaves lashes looking long & thick while adding volume. It's the perfect mascara for those of you who love long, thick lashes.  

As well as using this palette for contouring & highlighting, I take the contouring shade through the crease for a natural yet defining eye look. 

A beautiful matte liquid lipstick that glides on gorgeously. I'm looking forward to trying this specific product in other shades. 

A gorgeous nude lipstick that is slightly sheer & looks amazing on top of a matte nude lip liner, especially if you don't like the super matte lip look. 

B x

22 September 2016

Currently No.003

Recently I've just been writing about thoughts & feeling & then I've been sharing them with you. I thought I would share a few of my recent favourites & what I've been doing. I'll also link my last 'Currently No.002' post if you'd like to check that out too. I'll be doing a favourites at the end of the month as usual so make sure you keep an eye out for that to see what I've been loving this month! 

READING: Calm, by Michael Acton Smith is one of my absolute favourite books. It's been so beneficial & it's been great for my anxiety. It's also great if you want to learn how to meditate & the app that goes with it is perfect.

LISTENING: You guys all know my love for music right? Well here is a list of my current favourites. Final Song by MØ, Let Me Love You by DJ Snake & Justin Bieber, Power Trip by J.Cole, Lot To Learn by Luke Christopher, When You Love Someone by James MT & Closer by The Chainsmokers. 

EATING: Holy crap, one of my favourite snacks recently has been frozen raspberries, strawberries & mango with yoghurt. And that’s all I’m going to say, it’s just delicious. 

WATCHING: I’ve recently got my Ma hooked on Pretty Little Liars so I’ve been re-watching it with her. I’ve been really enjoying watching it again especially since the Season 7 Part A Finale. I've also been super addicted to US Shameless TV Series. I've only recently started watching but so far I'm addicted. 

LOOKING FORWARD TO: I’m really looking forward to seeing my little sister. Nicole arrives tomorrow & we’re going to be spending about 10 days together. I can’t wait to spend time with her. 

ENJOYING: I’ve really been enjoying getting myself into specific morning & evening routines. I’ve found that it’s really helped with being a lot more productive. Plus, I’m someone that loves a good ole routine.

LOVING: Don’t get me wrong, I always love my fur babies but recently they have been a lot more cuddly than usual. They’ll come visit me during the night & give me cuddles. It’s the cutest thing ever & it just melts my heart.

B x

20 September 2016

9 Things To Do Alone For A Change

I recently posted about how it was important to be able to enjoy your own company. I'll leave that post linked so you can check it out if you haven't already. Following on from that post I wanted to compile a list of things that you can do alone every once & awhile.

> Take A Drive 
Grab you’re camera & take yourself on a scenic route with no specific destination in sight. Roll down the windows & blast your favourite music, if you see something that sparks interest or inspiration, stop & take it all in. It could be a cute little diner or a field of flowers, really it could be absolutely anything. Go there, be there & take it all in. This is your time to appreciate all the freedom you’ve been given. 

> Hangout At A Coffee Shop & Drink Coffee
You know that one local cafe, that one near your home & the atmosphere is just so cosy & relaxing? Yeah, well you need to go there. Take a book, a magazine, your headphones & allow yourself to drink a cup of coffee, take in the warm, positive energies around you & enjoy your afternoon. 

> Relax In The Library 
Find an old classic favourite of yours, sit on the floor & open it at a random page & start reading & don’t stop. Make up what you don’t know in your mind, create the characters in your mind & imagine yourself as one. Feel their emotions & experience their experiences. Allow yourself to get lost in the world that only exists on the pages in front of you. 

> Wonder Through A Museum 
This could be an old favourite or one you’ve never visited before. Start with a fresh perspective & seek to learn something new. Allow yourself to become inspired & learn new things. Don’t feel like you have to see everything at once or spend a certain amount of time in each room. Allow the experience to come to you. Once you get to the point where you feel fulfilled & inspired you can head home & always go back the following week. Don’t force yourself to rush, take it all in & enjoy the experience. 

> Treat Yourself To A Fancy Dinner 
Get dressed up for a date with yourself. Feel like the confident young woman you are & order something you can’t ever pronounce. Learn the waiters name, say ‘thank you’ & mean it. Feel a sense in gratitude for the person who made it possible for you to eat that meal tonight, from the person who planted the carrot seeds which are now in your salad to the person who is delivering it to you in that exact chair. 

 > Take Yourself To A Concert 
Music is a powerful thing, Choose a band that you know will make you feel something. Close your eyes & let the music take you somewhere else. Make friends just for the night & dance as if nobody was watching. Leave feeling refreshed & fill of positivity.

> Take A Class In Something That Interests You 
It could be painting, pottery, cooking, really it could be anything you want it to be. Pick a class that is going to allow you to be creative & that is going to allow you to express creativity in a way you never thought possible. Let it in & out & don’t think twice. 

> See A Movie 
Treat yourself to a huge bucket of popcorn, arrive early & pick the best seats. Watch all the previews & look around every now & then. The cinema is full of strangers who are experiencing exactly what you are. Feel a sense of community, laugh & cry together but most importantly remember that although you may be by yourself, you are certainly not alone. 

> Take Part In Some Well Deserved Retail Therapy
Treat yourself to the lipstick you’ve been eyeing up for days or those gorgeous heels you saw in the window yesterday. Take you & only you, into your favourite shops & try everything you love on, even if you don’t buy it, have fun with the experience. 

B x

18 September 2016

5 Posts To Read This Weekend No.002

A face mask & the opportunity to read the content from my favourite bloggers is definitely one of the things I love to do when it comes to winding down after the hectic day. I've put together a list of the 5 posts that I either enjoyed most from this past month.

By Anna at theannaedit.com

"When it comes to packing, I use to be on it. I remember when I has pretty much packed up my whole room, ready to leave for University about a month before I was due to go. You know me, I like to be organised. These days though I hate having to retrieve already-packed items & so leave packing until either the morning of or the day before. I know, it completely goes against all my other Virgo-ism, but having to pack & re-pack my wet brush 17 times puts me right off. I also out it down to my 'Holiday Packing PDF' that give me a little tick-list to check off as I go & after months of tweaks I can pretty much guarantee that if I follow it, I have everything I need. Even Mark ask for a copy each time we travel & scratches his head at the long list of toiletries I include, facial spritzes, fake tan & bath oils?!" 

By Lily Pebbles at lilypebbles.co.uk

"I haven't done an updated skincare routine video in a while so until that happens, here's a little round up of the products that have been taking centre stage on my bathroom shelves. I've been trying to keep it simple & give each product time to work, I think it's important to allow time for your skin to get used to products." 

"I love shopping for beauty products, but one thing that makes the whole experience even better is a good gift with purchase. And boy, do we have a cute one today! With Autumn on our door step & a very busy month ahead of me, I couldn't be more thankful for Clinique's new gift with purchase. Beauty To Go contains a seven piece beauty gift - made up of the most adorable makeup bag & six other mini's - when you spent $45 or more."

By Alex at www.icovetthee.com

"Instagram has always been my favourite form of social media within the few I find myself checking every day. I love photography & beautiful images so it's no doubt I end up refreshing my feed endlessly. Of course when it comes to my own profile I'm incredibly picky about the photos I upload - as I am with so many other things in my life. It's taken me a long time to get the process down but I now have a set of steps that I follow each time I edit a photo that ensures they all fit together & satisfy my perfection driven little brain. Of course, my photos would be nothing without the app they're edited on & there are three in particular that I couldn't be without." 

By Rhiana at kaseyand.co

"Twas the night before weekend, & all through house. Only one girl was sleeping the one with a spouse. The other sat up, her face lit up by glare from her hot little phone, swiping with care. Left swipes & right swipes, laughter & dread in the hopes that she'd find a guy who . . ." 

B x 

13 September 2016

Find Beauty Inspiration

Beauty has been something that I have always found inspiring, probably from about the age of 14. I use to use makeup as a way to cover my blemishes & imperfections, however now it’s a creative outlet. I love experimenting with all kinds of beauty products from makeup, skincare, body products, all kinds of products really from fake tan, to body butters & nail polishes. I adore the beauty world & all that it’s done for me & made me realise. But I thought I’d share a few sources of inspiration today. 

I think if it was acceptable & I had the opportunity to ask complete strangers about their beauty regime I would. I think there is something so interesting about everyday women & the makeup they wear & the skincare products that they use Or learning about how they developed a relationship with makeup & beauty products & what tips have been passed down between the other ladies in their lives. When I watch people do their makeup, whether it is in person with family & friends or if it’s online watching my favourite beauty gurus, I always zone in, in what make they’re using, now they’re applying it, how they styled their hair & what they’re wearing. 

One of the most obvious choices for beauty inspiration is the blogging world. And even though it might not be like what it use to be & there is a lot more advertorial content being produced, there are real people behind those word & glossy pictures. What I love about blogs is that it’s just like talking to your bestfriend about your favourite products, whilst getting a honest & relatable review on a product at the same time. Here are a couple of my favourites to visit: 


As well as blogs I also always love to have a scroll through pinterest & weheartit for beauty inspiration. Just general images of beauty products & behind the scenes of various fashion weeks. It’s all something I find super inspiring especially when it comes to trying out & creating my own makeup looks. 

Let’s be honest, the beauty community on YT is huge & there is never just one channel I’m in love with. For beauty inspiration at the moment is definitely Anna from ‘theannaedit’. I don’t think I’ve ever talked about how much I love her & her content. I’ll leave a link so that you can check her content out & let me know what you think. 

Books & magazines are a great & single way to increase you knowledge. I love beauty books & magazines for inspiration because it gives you the opportunity to give you the opportunity to see what products others are using & others are loving. You can get heaps of advice & tips & tricks from personal experiences in books & magazines too. Sometimes I just prefer to pick up a book or magazine rather than reading a BP or watching a YT video. I enjoy finding out who has been the makeup artist of specific shoots & I also enjoy looking at different photography pages. This is definitely one of my favourite things to on a Sunday afternoon. 

Let me know where you like to get your beauty inspiration from.

B x

11 September 2016

What I Do To Manage Bad Flare Up Days

📷 : www.tumblr.com

Living with a chronic illness is hard. I have been chronically sick you nearly a year now. There are a few things I have found helpful when I’m under bad flare ups. 

Now, every individual is different & doesn’t mean what helps one, helps others. I want to share my tips with managing symptoms for those days when you just can’t get out of bed. 

I’m going to leave my previous post linked where you will be able to read all about my experience with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome over the past year. 

NO.1 REST > Rest is definitely over ratted especially when it comes to chronic illness & because we often feel like we are pressured into working & being like a completely normal person. Yet it’s often us who feel guilty about resting so much & force ourselves to be active, which will really only make our symptoms worse. I struggled with this when I was first diagnosed & it took a long time to get my head around & accept that I was sick & this was just part of it. No matter what happens, if you feel tired, please leave all work & rest. Our bodies are already fighting. They need energy to work & resting at proper intervals is important for well functioning of your body. 

NO.2 WATER > Unless there is a medical reason that you have to drink a limited amount of water, be sure to keep yourself well hydrated. Well hydrated bodies work well & can help fight pain & infections. 

NO.3 DISTRACT YOURSELF > If your health allows, you can read books. Simple novels or children books are great for days when brain fog is high. You can delve into whatever you enjoy reading, it’s totally up to you! 

NO.4 INSPIRATION > There are days when we feel stuck in this life & want to get well at any cost. A little inspiration can be really helpful to keep us motivated. The internet is full of inspiring quotes & pictures. You can also follow people on social media who post positive & encouraging stuff. The hashtag ‘inspiration’, especially on Instagram is a great way to find positive & encouraging quotes, pictures & stories. Finding inspiration is great just to boost positivity in general. 

NO.5 YOUTUBE / TV SERIES > My illness can cause me to lie on my bed for huge amounts of time. Sometimes I can feel stuck in my room & I have the long to go out & having exciting experiences. I completely understand, but for me watching TV series & YouTube videos is like forgetting the world & the illness for awhile. It’s a great to watch some of your favourites & a little laugh is always good for your health. 

NO.6 ARTS & CRAFTS > If you are well enough but also the arty, crafty kind of person, you can always go for something mindful colouring or any fun craft really. 

NO.7 MUSIC > I don’t think I really have to explain this one but focus on listening to music that uplifts you & makes you feel good. I’m always listening to music, it always puts me in a great mood!

NO.8 PAMPER YOURSELF > Us girls now how much a fresh coat of polish & a face mask helps up improve our mood. And you don;t have to do that on your own. It’s crazy how much the little things can make you feel so much better! 

NO.9 SIMPLY OBSERVE > This is something that I have gotten into the habit of doing most of the time. I just lie on my bed & observe anything & everything. It’s super soothing because you don’t have to spend your energy & yet you feel like you’re apart of the activity. This doesn’t necessarily have to happen in your own home, you can observe anywhere & anything you want. 

NO.10 PET THERAPY > As some of you may know I love my fur babies a tone load. There’s nothing better than pet therapy & you get to strengthen your bond with your fur babu on these bad days. 

While we struggle to live with serve illnesses, it’s not necessary to not be happy. Even if you can’t leave the house or bed, I think you can always find little things to make you happy. And if nothing works, just pull up your blankets & rest as much as you need. Remember that all days are not the same. Change is constant. You might be traveling to your favourite city this time next year! You just never know! 

B x

8 September 2016

How To Enjoy Your Own Company

📷 : www.tumblr.com

For some reason, we do not often spend time with ourselves. You may have binge watched your favourite show for half the day but have you ever spent nearly as much time in a public place? I grew up thinking it was odd to go to the movies by yourself or to book a table for one at your favourite restaurant. We seem to forget that we don’t need a person by our sides to be able to have a good time. 

There is often a stigma attached to being alone. For some reason it is seen as socially unacceptable to do things by yourself. As soon as we see someone by themselves, we sort of assume something is wrong, something they’ve done to repel other people. 

“That guy is eating alone, that’s so sad.” 

“Oh, that woman is at the movies alone, I feel bad for her.”

Why is it always presumed that people don’t want to be doing things alone? This type of thought can lead us to believe that we cannot go somewhere unless someone is with us & when no one is available we would rather not attend than go alone. 

Whether you are single or not, there is a unique value in taking time to see your own reaction to things completely unfiltered by any social expectations of friend groups or relationships. Often you are able to notice more details & take more in when you are alone because there is no one pulling your attention elsewhere. 

We are all so rooted in spending time with people that sometimes, when no one is available, it can feel like a loss to be alone. Instead we should recognise our individual strengths & appreciate one on one time with ourselves. It also teaches us to be comfortable with who we are. In this day in age it’s easy to miss out on fully knowing our own thoughts & habits. 

Group brainstorming is great but there’s also time for quiet, personal reflection. Clearing out distractions & allowing time to reflect is a great way to tap into your creativity. Going out to events & doing it alone can help you focus on all those creative energies. 

Use your alone time as a change to clear out your cluttered mind & just get back in touch with yourself. Taking a little ‘me’ time gives you an opportunity to get away from distractions for long enough to reflect on your relationships & the course of your life so that you can determine what changes, if any, you might want to make. Once you start becoming more comfortable with being alone, doing activities by yourself can actually be enjoyable. It takes a degree of confidence & initiative to do things solo, of which you should be incredibly proud of. 

If you want to do something, why should the idea of doing it alone be enough to stop you?

Keep an eye out for a couple of posts the relate back to enjoying your own company. They’ll be ‘Five Reasons You Should Spend More Time With Yourself’ & ‘Eight Things To Do Alone For A Change’. 

B x

6 September 2016

Is There A Right Way To Apply Blush?!

📷 : www.tumblr.com

Is there really a right way to apply your blush? Back when I first started learning about makeup & how to apply it, I remember all I would ever read or hear was the you were to apply your blush on the apples of your cheeks.

However, over the many years of been wearing makeup, I've found that this isn't always flattering on most face shapes. And to be honest, I feel like with anything in life, not just with makeup, there is no 'one size fits all' situation. We should take a more personalised approach when it comes to our blush placement or the placement of any makeup product really. Really it just comes down to personal preference.

Personally, I feel the traditional apple of the cheek blush can lead to the face appearing longer than it actually is. I don't know if this is just me & my personal face shape or if this is something other people experience & have noticed too. Having your face appear longer & more dragged down than what it actually is, is the complete opposite from what we want from our blush placement & application. Essentially, we want an uplifted & radiant look from our blush application.

So where do I like to apply my blush? One of my top tips would be to blend upwards rather than downwards. Make the first point of contact on your face the lowest point you would like your blush to go & then softly blend upwards. However, be careful because too much buffing can move your foundation which then can lead to a blotchy effect.

I spent some time & did some research on how to apply blush products to a variety of different face shapes. I wanted to add some tips that might be helpful for some of you & because I'm not a professional makeup artist I didn't want to just give you any old tips for the sake of it. It's important to remember that there are no specific rules when it comes to makeup & makeup application, these are just tips that I thought some of you might find useful. Take them or leave them, that's totally up to you.

IF YOUR FACE SHAPE IS ROUND > Round face girls can add structure by starting your colour just above the apple & blend upwards towards the cheek bone. This placement will detract attention from the lower cheek area which is generally the roundest part of the face & helps lift & sculpt features.

IF YOUR FACE SHAPE IS SQUARE > To flatter the jawline, apply your blush in a linear sweep. This will help create the impression of a narrower jaw. However, be careful not to start the colour to close to your nose.

IF YOUR FACE SHAPE IS OVAL > Out of all the face shapes, the symmetry of an oval face is best suited to pull off the traditional apple of the cheek method. However, always remember to blend upwards rather than in a circular spot on the cheek - this can look doll like & unnatural. Remember no one naturally blushes in a perfect circle after all!

B x

4 September 2016

Lush Cosmetics Haul

While I was on holiday I had the opportunity to pop into the local Lush store & pick up a few of my favourites & a few new products I wanted to try. I was gutted when I found out my local Lush store had closed down. Although I can order my heart out online, it's not the same as the amazing in store experiencing. 

'Our signature fragrance for bath time; oranges & multi layered spices. Karma is a fragrance that keeps on giving. Each time you catch a whiff of its many layered fragrance, you notice yet another thread in its multi personality. Bathe in a fluffy Karma bath & you'll generously perfume the whole house with it fragrance & yourself too.' 

Personally, I'm not a big fan of orange scents but I love the scent of this bubble bar. I didn't I would be a fan of this product but I recommend going into your local store & giving it a smell even if you're not a big fan of orange scents like myself. 

'Do you want to have a bath bomb? Do you want to splash & play? Enjoy the most magical soak in the kingdom with this shimmering blue bath bomb, which spills out rolling snowdrifts of silver lustre. Uplifting neroli from Tunisia & precious rose oil from Turkey are sure to spread a little sunshine & melt the iciest of moods. If your day's felt like a series of doors in your face, this shiny, sky blue bath bomb filled with sparkle provides the perfect fairytale ending. Step in, take a deep breath & let it go.' 

I really enjoy the scent of this product & I love how it makes your bath water look. It's beautiful & sparkly & perfect for an at home pamper night! 

'Avobath in the morning to help you face the day; its lemongrass & bergamot oils will pick you up while also tackling dryness with avocado & olive oil. It contains lustre, which gives a shimmering green effect to the water, but will leave your skin feeling dazzling without the dazzle. It also contains lots of mashed avocado & olive oil to tackle dehydration, making this an excellent choice for dry skin suffers.' 

You all know how must I love avocado so when I saw this bath bomb I knew I had to try it. Not only do I love the scent of this product but I also love how moisturising it is for the skin.

'A good soak in a Honey Bee bath will soothe & cleanse the skin thanks to its wonder trio of honey, aloe vera & rhassoul mud, a clay mined near Morocco's Atlas Mountains. Honey is a wonder ingredient that soothes, retains moisture & is antiseptic & we add plenty of cooling aloe vera too. Rhassoul mud has natural cleansing properties & also helps condition & soften the skin.' 

This is definitely an old favourite of mine. It's a gorgeous bath bomb that helps keep the skin moisturised. The only disadvantage is that it makes it look like you're bathing in pee but at least it smells good, right?

'As soon as you drop this into your bath, tension is banished as the bergamot & frankincense oils are released. Bergamot is used in aromatherapy for anxiety, depression & nervous tension, & is both relaxing & uplifting as well as antibacterial. You'll soon feel calmed as frankincense oil helps slow down breathing & indices a feeling of wellbeing.' 

This was one of the first bath bombs I ever tried from Lush & it is still a solid favourite of mine. It has a beautiful scent & again it makes your bath water look super pretty. My favourite time to use this specific bath bomb is when I'm feeling anxious or if I've had a super busy & stressed day. It's super calming & relaxing. 

Let me know your Lush favourites in the comments below!

B x

1 September 2016

Blogging While Traveling

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Not only are you juggling the fear of whether you have packed everything you may need, whether you have anything to wear by the pool but you’ve also got a blog to look after. It can be tricky especially for those of us who work on our blogs by ourselves. Do we share holiday updates while traveling around the world in different time zones or do we simply give ourselves a break? It can be tough to make that decision & I know that I always have trouble deciding what I should do. Battling against the desire to keep up with a schedule vs enjoying a well earned break. 

Whether you are planning to keep a schedule or simply share a handful of posts whilst away, here are a few tips & tricks that I’ve found work for me when it comes to holiday time alongside looking after your blog. 

PLAN & SCHEDULE: Planning & scheduling posts is a very common ground for a lot of us in the current world of blogging, whether it’s for posts, videos, tweets, social media links & all the other bits & pieces. I like to get organised in advance & I find that it gives me the opportunity to enjoy my holiday but also keep up with regular postings on my blog. It definitely helps me feel a lot more prepared. 

PHOTOGRAPHS: Photograph in bulk. Sometimes I might like to spontaneously upload something while I’m away & generally it would a bunch of photos from a specific day of my holiday. If a have collection of photographs it means that have lots of photos to choose from when it comes to adding them to the post. 

BE FLEXIBLE: I think it helps if you can be flexible whilst you are away. Not everything will to plan & there is nothing wrong with that. Take a deep breath & remember that you are only human & take the opportunity & embrace the chance to switch up your routine & content. 

BE HONEST: There is nothing wrong about being on holiday & taking some time out! Not just while you are on holiday but just in general. Your blog, your rules. If you want to take the week off you should, never feel the pressure to post daily or whatever your schedule may be. Make sure you take time to enjoy your break otherwise it may feel like you’ve never been away.  

TIME ZONES: Being aware of timezones is important. Although I don’t generally have to deal with a change in timezones, it is something we should be aware of. It’s always worth doing a timezone check before you hit the schedule button. That way you can be sure that you know what it going live when. 

At the end of the day you’re on holiday so take a break! It’s important to remember we are only human & you aren’t expected to maintain a full schedule while lapping up the sun at the beach. Holidays don’t happen everyday so make sure you take a step make from you blog, leave your laptop in your hotel room & take time to switch off. Relax & enjoy your break. It then enables you to return to your blog refreshed & recharged. 

B x