30 May 2017

May 2017: Roundup, Highlights + Favourites

May has been a busy month, for all the reasons that didn't make April the busy month that it was. I've been trying to complete assessments, while still trying to do the extra book work. I've been posting to my blog and try to get posts scheduled for while I'm away next month and on top of all of that my health taken a slight decline and been a big pain in the butt. But none the less, May has been fantastic month, not to mention its my birthday month. 

2017 has been a crazy month for travelling. So far I haven't spend an entire 30 days at home and unfortunately it doesn't look like I will be until August. I generally really enjoy travelling but when you're doing it every month for extended periods of time and not under fantastic circumstances, it can be really draining and tiring. For the month of May I was only away for a weekend which wasn't to bad but the things I was doing were extremely mentally exhausting. Other than travelling I've just been super busy planning content for you guys and trying to complete assessments. 

I had a family friend come to see us from Christchurch, unfortunately it wasn't under great circumstances, her dog has cancer and they were visiting a vet here in Nelson that couldn't cure the cancer but potentially slow it down and make him pain free and more comfortable using natural remedies. So fingers crossed everything works out for the best. I had a birthday! I turned 19 and it was a great day. A big thank you to all of you who sent be lovely birthday messages. This month I also started bullet journaling and so far I'm loving it! I'll keep you updated on how I'm finding it. 

Just a few favourites this month. A couple of beauty products, a favourite content creator and a some favourite new programmes.

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Nail Enamel 
Definitely one of my favourite nail polish collections. Check out the review I did early in the month, here.

Lush, Let The Good Times Roll Body and Facial Cleanser
This was given to me by my sister after she used it a couple of times and didn't like it, or liked it but didn't really do much for her skin. My opinion is slightly different, as you can guess since I'm talking about it in my favourites, I love it. I would say it's like a cleanser and exfoliator in one. I'll of course leave the link so you can read more in to it but just know that I really enjoy using this product and my skin enjoys it too!

The Sky Is Everywhere, Jandy Nelson
This month I have been reading 'The Sky Is Everywhere' by Jandy Nelson. I've really enjoyed reading the book and seeing how the character evolve throughout the novel. Check out my review I did early in the month, here, for more about my thoughts on the novel.

@bohoberry - Instagram and YouTube 
I've followed Kara for a long time before I even started my Bullet Journal and she is where I get a lot of my inspiration from. Check out her content on both her channel and Instagram, especially if you're into organisation and Bullet Journaling!

Bates Motel
Holy crap. I'm on the last season of Bates Motel at the moment and it only took me a few weeks to get there. I remember watching Psycho directed by Alfred Hitchcock in English for school and really enjoyed it, in fact I really enjoy a lot of Hitchcock's work from back in the '60s. I don't really know what to say apart from the fact that I've really enjoyed the show so far. Definitely have a look into to see if it's something you might be into.

Anne With An E
Another show I've started watching on Netflix is 'Anne With An E'. I'm only three or four episodes in but it's a beautiful story and I feel like they've picked the right actors and actress' to portray the characters in a way that really speaks to the audience. Love the show and will definitely continue to watch it!

Pretty Little Liars, Season 7B
The final season of Pretty Little Liars has finally started to air and it is so intense. If you've been following along you'll know what I mean. I adore the show and I can't wait to get all the answers we've been ever so patiently waiting for!

B x

28 May 2017

15 Minutes Of Productivity

We all have those moments when we're waiting for a friend, waiting for a meeting to start or in the line for the bathroom. Let's take advantage of those precious moments and increase our productivity, like a pro. 

Have 15 minutes spare? Now is the time to get these small things done. The next time you find yourself with some free time, try and complete one of these small but ever so productive tasks. 

Update Your To Do List
Working with a to do list is great for productivity but it needs updating every once and awhile. Prioritise your tasks and think of new ones. 

Delete Photos
Free up storage space on your phone and start to delete photos and screenshots you no longer need or want. 

Unsubscribe From Subscription Emails
Take 15 minutes to notice which emails you don't want to receive anymore and just with the hit of a button you can be unsubscribed. A tip would be to download the free app 'Unroll Me' which helps you go through all your email subscriptions and helps you decide which ones you'd like to keep and those that you wish to get rid of. 

Mediation is great if you feel like the day is beginning to get on top of you. Find a quiet spot and go for a quick guided mediation or just some deep breathing. 

Go For A Walk 
I don't know how many of you would consider going for a walk productive but I know that for me personally, getting some fresh air outside and going for a walk can help clear my mind while helping me get back into the right mindset to get shit done. 

B x 

25 May 2017

Review: The Sky Is Everywhere, Jandy Nelson

"Lennie Walker, seventeen, Wuthering Heights obsessed, clarinet player, band geek. Also hopeless romantic, prone to scattering poems all over town and as of four weeks ago, sisterless . . ."

I'm not quite sure why I felt so drawn to this novel. Was it because I'm also a teenage girl experiencing my first loss? Was it because I wanted to know that someone was feeling the same way I was, even though it was only a fictional character? I'm not sure why I picked up this book and started to read it but I'm so glad I did. 

The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson, is the story of Lennie Walker experiencing her first love and first loss. How grief and love can run side by side so intensely but so sensitively as well. It's such a poetic and heart warming novel, I found it really hard to put down. Jandy Nelson leaves a beautiful message to the readers of her novel, where she talks about some interesting elements of the novel being true. As somebody who loves poems, I really enjoyed the poem aspect of the novel. Not only the poems that were left from chapter to chapter but also the poetic nature in which Jandy Nelson has written this novel with. 

Highly recommend this novel for anyone looking for something new to read.

B x

23 May 2017

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Nail Enamel

I have to admit that I've never been the someone that used nail polishes, well not until recently anyway. Now that I've started growing my nails out, I've started to enjoy painting my nails a lot more.  There have been a couple of times I've had my nails done professionally, however there's just something super therapeutic about doing your own nails. 

I've tried a variety of different polishes, ranging from drugstore to high end. At the moment my favourite stands with the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Nail Enamel. It's slightly more on the expensive side but I think it's definitely worth it. When it comes to purchase your Revlon Gel Envy Polishes you'll want to purchase a base colour. This is your base coat and colour in one. Perfect for cutting down the steps it takes when it comes to painting your nails. Your next coat will be the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat. This is your top coat and what will leave your nails looking and feeling like you've just got your nails freshly done at the salon. 

"Create salon quality colour in 38 vibrant colours with our revolutionary two step system. Brush on the base + colour in one, and then finish with the protective ColorStay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat for superior strength. Together, they create vivid colour, diamond-like shine and gorgeous life-resistant wear". 

I currently own two shades, one in Up In Charms and the other in Checkmate. They are both such gorgeous shades, in fact all the shades in the collection are stunning. They apply beautifully  leaving a smooth finish and a long lasting wear. 

B x

21 May 2017

19 Things In 19 Years

A few weeks ago I celebrated my ninetieth birthday and I didn't really do to much to celebrate because unfortunately I wasn't very well.  Due to being stuck in bed all day I had a lot of time to reflect on the past 19 years and I think it's safe to say that I've learn't a lot over the years. I wanted to share the things I've learnt with you and maybe you've learnt similar things over the years.  
  • Keep positive, regardless of what you have going on in my life. Try to avoid negativity and the dangerous cycle of comparison.
  • Stop apologising for the things that make me truly happy. 
  • Appreciate and love what my body does for me, even if it's not working perfectly. 
  • Continue to connect with people, online and offline. 
  • Hangout with family and friends as much as possible. Make incredible memories, love and laugh. 
  • Allow situations to be what they are. 
  • Fuss animals, always. 
  • Stop being ashamed of the things you love doing, including hangout by yourself. 
  • Make the most and manipulate fear into being the motivation I need rather than it being the thing that stops me. 
  • Be kind and considerate, always. 
  • Let these that love you unconditionally, help you when you need it. 
  • Never let anybody make you feel inferior. 
  • Take chances and opportunities when the arise because they won't always be there. 
  • Always do your best, that's all you can ever do and remember, you can always try again. 
  • Get outside and just walk. Explore your surroundings and take it all in. Breathe. 
  • Live in the moment. Worry about now, not what could happen or has happened. 
  • Embrace the time you have and don't wish that time away. 
  • Make time for those and the things that matter to you. 
  • Be proud and continue to be proud of yourself and everything you've achieved, and continue to achieve. 

B x 

18 May 2017

Being Branded The 'Boring' One

I enjoy spending time at home. I consider myself a home body. I am often perceived as boring or unadventurous. Society has put this label on people whose ideal night doesn't involve alcohol and party after party. As you get older, it becomes more acceptable for people to choose to stay in but as a 19 year old, it's very different. I have an introverted personality so when I go out, it's because I genuinely want to but sometimes all I desire is to be surrounded by my own company.

I have no issue with people that consume alcohol and enjoy going to parties. I myself, have the occasional alcoholic beverage and I may go to parties every now and then. However I'm never the one to drink so much that I pass out and can't remember what happened. In fact, not remembering what happened the previous night when I wake up in the morning terrifies the crap out of me. For me, it comes down to having control of my decisions and actions. If I was to consume to much alcohol, just like everybody else, I would no longer have that control over those things and that terrifies me. So when it comes to society, I'm not consider the life of the party for the exact reasons above. 

I'm not say that consuming alcohol is not enjoyable because when I have a few drinks with family and friends, I always have a good time. But what I am trying to say is that just because my ideal night doesn't involve alcohol and party after party, or consuming so much alcohol that I pass out and can't remember anything in the morning, doesn't mean I'm boring or unadventurous. It just means that I prefer and enjoy doing different thing with my life.

Doubt and anxiety can have a influence in my life, I won't deny that and for a long time I thought I was weird because I didn't enjoy going out and drinking as much as my peers did. I came to the realisation that there's nothing wrong with me, I'm not weird for not enjoying something that my peers choose to do. It's just who I am and I've learnt to embrace it. 

If you are reading this and your ideal night involves activities other than alcohol and parties, please know that you're not weird. Not every 19 year old is out consuming crazy amounts of alcohol and partying. I know this because right now, I'm sitting at home, with Netflix on, cuddling my fur babies. 

B x

16 May 2017

Instagram Roundup

Instagram is probably one of my favourite social media platforms. Not just to have myself but to also follow others on. I believe I follow over a thousand people on Instagram and could spend hours scrolling through all the amazing pictures in my feed. Instagram has to be the place where I get the most inspiration from and I thought it would only be appropriate to share some of those amazing people who continue to inspire me, and of course have incredible Instagram accounts. 

* All images above belong to those who Instagram accounts are tagged. 

B x

14 May 2017

Why Self Respect Is So Important

Neither self care nor self love is enough. On it's own or paired together, it's not enough. Self respect might be a long distance relative of self love and self care, but it's still a relative. It's still important. We need to start recognising self respect and thinking about what it means to us individually but also what we do for ourselves that shows self respect. Self respect is going to mean different things to different people, but my take on it is that self respect is about accepting ourselves fully for the person that we are. Acceptance for the things we like about ourselves as much as the things we don't like about ourselves. Developing awareness towards the willingness to feel emotions, feelings, thoughts, likes and dislikes without denial. 

While thinking about self respect as a whole, what it means to me and the significance it has on my life, I became curious as to what others thought about self respect and what their opinions were. I admit, I learnt a lot from just these three articles below and it became clear to me that some of you might just benefit from these articles too. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that self respect is just as important as self love and self care. Like I said, they many be distance relatives but at the end of the day they're still relatives. All three are just as important as one another. Try putting self respect practices into your very day life and see how you get on. You might just notice some pretty incredible changes. 

B x

11 May 2017

Recommendations For Things To Do Before Bed

Your night time routine might be the last thing you think about when you get home after a long day at school, work or even just a night out but your night routine is just as important as your morning routine. Routines play an important part in my life, and more specially a night routine allows me the chance to prepare myself for the following day, not just physically but mentally as well. 

It's important to keep in mind that these are only recommendations and aren't the only things involved in my night routine. Each of these things play a huge part in my night routine and getting my body ready to relax and re-energise to the best of its ability. 

Remove Makeup
At the end of a long day, makeup ends up only leaving dirt and oils on your face. It's important when looking after your skin that you remove your makeup before going to bed. Even if it is only the bare basics - cleanser, tone and moisturise. You're going to want to cleanse, which will help remove dirt and oils. Tone, which will remove any excess oils while also leaving skin feeling clean and smooth. And last but not least, moisturise, which will help skin rehydrate. 

Green Tea/Lemon Water
Green tea and lemon water have an incredible amount of health benefits. Not only will it make you feel great physically but it also boosts metabolism, antioxidants and hydration levels. 

Tidy Space, Tidy Mind
You know that good ole saying, tidy space, tidy mind? It's true and super effective. I know that if I spend a few minutes in the evening tidying up any clutter, washing dishes, organising my desk, that I'll feel so much more productive in the morning waking my to a tidy and clean space. It means that I don't feel like something is looming over me all day. 

Speaking of clear and tidy  minds, take a few moments to mediate. By doing this I feel so much more lighter and relaxed. By the time I'm finished mediating my ready to sleep like a baby. Knowing that I can take on anything tomorrow throws at me with a calm and steady outlook is such a great feeling. 

Get To Bed Early
A bit of an obvious one but we all should be aiming for eight or more hours of sleep every night. I didn't realise this along time but actually getting less than eight hours of sleep every night can cause a raise is our stress hormone and the chances of us getting sick and rundown. Plus, getting eight hours of sleep at night means we don't feel the need to have a mid afternoon nap - bonus! 

B x 

4 May 2017

Best Loved Lifestyle Articles From The Past Few Months

I've been extremely run down these past few days but I still wanted to get something up for you guys, regardless. I adore reading content just as much as I adore writing it myself. I've enjoyed a lot of various content over the past few months but I thought I would share a few of the best loved ones. 

Images: All images belong to those linked in articles above.

If you have any bloggers or specific articles you think I'd love and should check out, leave me links or tweet them to me. I'm always looking for new content to read! 

B x

2 May 2017

Digital Dependency

In a world that is always connected, it’s simply a habit to have your phone in your hand 24/7. Even during times where being on it causes more stress and distractions, leaving your phone tucked away is a hard habit to break. On top of the random phone detoxes when we need them, we should also think about certain situations where our phones should be sacred. Here's a few places you & I can both work on not bring our phones along to. 

While Reading > I adore reading newspapers and magazines, especially over the weekends when I have a little more free time. Rather than checking my phone every time I get a notification, I want to embrace the articles I'm reading and learn as much as possible from them. 

In The Car > While I'm in the process of learning how to drive, this means I'm usually in the passenger seat. Rather than being on my phone, I want to relax and embrace my surrounding.

Walking > How often do you see people looking down at their phones while trying to get through human traffic? It’s pretty ridiculous that we feel that we have to be on our phones even while we’re walking. Let’s all save our phone time for while we’re at a desk or somewhere where we don’t risk walking into strangers, yeah?

In The Bathroom > Ok, don’t judge me. But how many of you also feel the need to take your phone to the toilet with you? It’s weird and even unsanitary but we still find ourselves doing it, right? I guess it just goes to show how connect we really are to our phones. 

During Meals > Although I’m pretty good at this, while out with friends or family or whether I’m at home, I still see people grabbing for there phones while eating. Not only is it rude if you’re with some else but how about thinking about what we’re doing in the present moment. You’re eating a meal, regardless of whether you’re with family, friends or by yourself, you don’t need to be on your phone. 

Family & Friends > I feel like this one is a given but I wanted to put it in here anyway. When you’re spending quality time with your family & friends, don’t be inclined to pick up your phone. Not only is it rude, but you’re wasting precious time you may never have again, checking Snapchat & Facebook notifications. It’s so not worth it. 

B x