30 April 2020

2020: Favourites #02

I'm not going to go into great detail about my favourite products this month because I feel they'll all pretty self-explanatory. Lots of hand creams because with all the extra hand washing & use of hand sanitiser my hands are so dry along with testing out a few moisturisers because my skin is already getting super dry as the weather is starting to cool down. There is also an in-depth review coming on the Evolu Triple Action Oil Control Clay Mask very soon!

Glade Candles: Glade have some of the most beautiful candles & if I'm being honest, I think I've been through three or four of them just this month which is crazy. I think with being at home more  this month I've simply just had them burning for a lot longer but it has just meant my space as smelt amazing. Glade have some incredible scents & are easily asscessible from grocery store.

Oralife Lip Ointment: Winter is on its way which means that everything is drying out, including my lips. I always struggle to find something that keeps my lips hydrated for a decent period of time & I think I may have found the one product that'll keep my lips alive during the drier months, for now at least.

Thankyou Hand Cream & Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hands, Stronger Nails Hand Cream: With all the extra hand washing & the amount of hand sanitiser I've been using this month I've had to invest in a couple of decent moisturisers because my hands just aren't retaining any moisture whatsoever. The two above hand moisturisers have been huge favourites this month. Also, a good nail oil has been helpful for keep cuticles & hands soft.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water In OilAntipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream & Nivea Nourishing Day Cream: Dry & Sensitive Skin: Oh wow, look, more moisturising products! I've been loving the Nivea & Antipodes day creams for keep my skin hydrated throughout the day & the micellar cleansing water has been great as well, especially for quick & easy cleansing on days I either cannot be bothered or days we're I haven't worn makeup. It also comes in handy as a quick makeup remover before cleansing.

Evolu Triple Action Oil Control Clay Mask: Absolutely adored this face mask this month. I'll be doing a full review on it at some point in May so keep an eye out for that!

Lavendar Oil & Coconut Oil: Lavendar oil has been an essential for calming my space & making me feel a lot more relaxed in such an anxious time. Coconut oil is what I've been using as a natural cuticle/hand hydrator but coconut also can be used for lots of other beauty rituals like removing makeup, moisturiser & shaving!

Book; Sop Surviving Start Fighting By Jazz Thornton: An amazing book, written by an incredible person. I will say that does go into all kinds of depths of mental health & abuse but it's a beautiful story of a girl who was struggle & has now made an incredible life herself.

Forest Productivity AppTodoist Productivity AppOneDay Journaling App'Morning!' Gratitude AppQuizlet App & Zoom App: Highly recommend these productivity apps if you're looking for something simply, yet just enough to get you motivated & productive! They're all a bit different from one another but all have a solid place in my daily routines.

What have been some of your favourites over the past couple of months? Let me know if there is anything worth trying!

B x

28 April 2020

Relaxing Activities To Help You Stop & Take A Deep Breath

Stress & anxiety is running pretty high for just about everyone right now & frankly, I think we'll all keen for any distractions we can get. In moments of uncertainty, it's comforting to get back in touch with ourselves & take a deep breath. These are just a few of the activities I've been partaking in to relax & ensure I'm taking some time for a deep breath.

Puzzles are great at engaging the mind but they're also so gorgeous.

Journaling, writing & more specifically gratitude journaling can be very cathartic & heart-warming. The process of taking your thoughts from your mind & putting them to paper can be relaxing.

Coffee & Colour 
Coffee & colouring is combining two of my favourite things. It's the perfect way to step back & take some time for you.

Reading is something I've been doing a lot more of. My favourite magazine this month has been 'Breathe' which all focuses on well-being, mindfulness, creativity & escaping which I think we all need a little bit of at the moment.

Nature, plants & fresh air has always been so calming to me but know this can be limiting at the moment but even just opening a window to allow some fresh air inside your home if your unable to physically get outside. Take a deep breath, feel grounded and content.

B x

26 April 2020

Finding A Routine In This New Normal

We're now in to our fourth week of an entirely new way of life & it's expected to go on for longer. It's a massive change that almost happened over night & we're no doubt all coping with it in our own little ways.

I've adjusted possibly quicker than most people as I've worked from home before so I knew what to expect. Saying that, I haven't worked from home for a few years now so I've definitely felt a shift to my usual day to day & I've had to make a few adjustments to make my new normal work for me.
If it's one thing I've had to adjust that most, it's my daily routines. I'm very much a routine gal, while I'm still pretty flexible when I need to be, routines keep me accountable & they help reduce my anxiety significantly. My routines have been pretty simple & minimal over the past month because I ain't going anyway other than from room to room of my home but nonetheless, I know how important routines can be for that sense of normality.

Morning Routine
Wake Between 7 & 8AM: This aspect of my morning routine has stayed pretty similar, the only difference being is I'm not using my alarm. Waking up naturally between 7 & 8AM has actually been really pleasant. It still means I'm getting enough sleep but I'm also up early enough which allows me enough time throughout the day to get everything done.

Make Bed & 15 Minute Tidy: Making my bed first thing in the morning has been a habit of mine for as long as I can remember & it always feels like I'm starting the day off on the right foot. I also spend some time tidying up my space as my bedroom also acts as an office. I'm a big 'tidy space, tidy mind' gal & there is no way I'd get anything done throughout the day if my space is a mess.

Skincare, Makeup & Dressed: Skincare is next up in my routine. I'll spend a good amount of time in the bathroom tending to my skin, brushing my teeth & doing my hair. If I choose to wear makeup that day this is when I'll do it & then I'll get dressed. This step is what really helps me shift from home to work mode. I could easily not do my skincare, no makeup & stay in my PJs all day but I find I'm less productive if I take that path.

Medication & Hydration: I'll head to the kitchen, take any medication/supplements & I'll also take this opportunity to hydrate.

Breakfast & Coffee: I'm terrible when it comes to eating breakfast but even if it's just a piece of fruit, I've been trying to have at least something. Coffee is also an important part of my morning routine, can't start the day without it!

Journal & Gratitude: I've consciously made this the last step before I head into the work day because my journaling & gratitude practice helps feel grounded & content which means I go into the work day with a really positive mindset.

Evening Routine
Wind-Down 6-7PM: Between 6 & 7PM I'll start finishing up for the day, I'll wrap up any tasks & loose ends, answer any emails & get everything ready to do for the next morning.

Dinner, Dishes & 15 Minute Tidy: I'll head into the kitchen & make myself something for dinner, do the dishes & tidy up the kitchen. I'll then do a 15 minute tidy of my home where I'll tidy any extra clutter from the day.

Time To Chill: I spend this time in my evening routine to do something for me. Whether that is watching Netflix, YouTube, catching up on social media, calling a friend or colouring in. Something that makes me happy & that doesn't fit into my working day.

Shower & Skincare: Next I'll head to the bathroom, I'll shower, wash my hair if I need to, brush my teeth & do my skincare. This process is just another step in winding down & it's telling my mind to start getting ready for sleep.

Planning For The Next Day: This next step is where I'll sit down & plan everything I want to do for the next day. I'll look at what I managed to get done that day & what I can get done the following day. If I feel like I need to do a bit of a brain dump, I'll do that in this time as well. It just means that I'm going to bed with a clear mind. Which follows on to the next practice I do.

Journaling, Gratitude & Reading: The last thing I do before heading off to sleep is journaling & gratitude along with reading a chapter of the current book I'm reading. These three things, as mentioned early, help clear my mind & make me feel grounded & content. Reading is like my alternative to scrolling through social media right before bed. I'll then apply some lip balm & hand cream, spray my pillows with a sleepy spray & then head off to sleep.

Adjustment takes time & thankfully, time is what we all seem to have a lot of at the moment. What has your routine consisted of over the past month or so? Has it changed or are you able to keep it pretty similar to before?

B x

23 April 2020

4 Self Care Tips For Your Mental Health Beyond Taking A Bubble Bath

First things first, I'm absoultey not against bubble baths. Making time for yourself is important & a bath can give you that time. But to me, self care is specifically more about why you're having a bubble bath, not the action of having it.

Self care isn't always just about relaxing, while that holds an important part, I don't believe that's all there is to self care. It's about understanding you deserve to look after yourself, along with actually wanting to do it.

These are some of my favourite self care ideas which I believe make a deeper & more long-term impact. They can gradually be introduced to your life or thought processes to help you build yourself up.

Using Social Media For The Better
Now, I'm not trying to tell you that social media is awful & that we shouldn't use it at all, that's definitely not my intention but I think we could all try to make our time on social media more purposeful & positive. I'm really interested in how we can develop those purposeful & positive habits on social media & better ourselves because of it. I've intentionally tried to follow more educational, inspirational & supportive account across all of my accounts & it's really awesome to be able to open up a app & see so much positivity & purpose.

Here I am banging on about meditation again & if you think it sounds like a load of garbage, it's okay, I did too. . .until I tried it. I personally really enjoy meditation because it encourages me to try & clear my mind & learn intuitively. I find it makes me more intune with my emotions which then I'm more capable of managing. There are so many amazing benefits of meditation & I believe everyone can get something out of the practice as long as we're willing to give it a go.

I spoke about having boundaries in a post a couple of months back, which I'll link here, but it's really important to get to know what you need, to understand yourself & to find a balance between what you do & don't want. I get it, there are going to be things we don't want to do, that's life but I do think finding some kind of middle ground is important. Don't say yes to things when you don't mean yes & try not to feel guilty about it. The whole point is understanding your needs & having the ability to meet them.

Give Yourself Time
I don't know about you but sometimes life can just get so hectic, it gets to the point where I feel like I haven't given myself anytime to think. Sometimes I feel that my brain is going a hundred miles per hour & trying to tell me fifty million things as once & I find that it's just not productive on all level possible. This is where meditation has been a great practice for me. It gives me the opportunity to slow down & check in with myself. You simply have to give yourself time to process.

B x

21 April 2020

Managing Stress & Anxiety While At Home For A Long Period Of Time

As the country takes action to combat the rapid spread of the global COVID-19 pandemic, your current living space might be getting a bit too comfortable. There are different restrictions in place depending on where you live & from my understanding most of us are at the point where we can go out to buy groceries & essential supplies but other than that we're residing at home where we need to stay for our own safety & for the safety of others.

No matter what your situation is, whether is you're working remotely, out of work because of the current circumstances, trying to pass the time with children or attempting to home school your children - being at home can feel isolating especially when we can't get 'out'. This is completely normal, feeling anxious & stressed is okay. This gist of it is that your regular routine has most likely been disrupted. Plus, this unprecedented time can be extra stressful.

You might not be as involved in activities that are meaningful to you & you may not have as much social engagement as you would in your normal day to day life. For some people, there may be a significant financial strain if they're not able to work during this time & they may not be able to access the kinds of things they do to cope like working out, going to the gym or attending religious services. All of this, can affect your mental health.

There are a lot of things that individuals can do to offset the experience of feeling isolated. Everyone can feel the effects of isolation but those that already have mental illness, isolation can add a significant stressor to what you're already dealing with.

With that being said I did a little bit a research about the best ways of dealing with isolation & what we can do to assist our mental health. Along with the research, this information also comes from previous experiences of my own. There have been other times in my life where for whatever reason I've either felt isolated or have been physically isolated, they're not the best of experiences but through each experience I've learnt more & more.

Keep A Routine
You all know how much of a routine gal I am. Generally, if you're used to have a structured schedule, it may be hard to cope with the fact that you no longer have that same routine. Finding things & setting up a structure around the things that keep you going is really important. This could be some kind of physical activity, a regular sleep schedule, good nutrition & social support. When it comes to my mental health, having a schedule helps manage all the different symptoms. Staying home during this time can make things even more difficult so I really do recommend trying your best to sustain a schedule despite the circumstances.

Stay Connected With Family & Friends
Highly recommend taking advantage to technology during this time. Even if you're practicing physical-distancing from your peers or even if you're in lockdown, that doesn't mean it has to be actual social-distancing too. Set up a coffee date with your friends via Skype or FaceTime. Reach out to family & friends. Find ways to stay connected to the world & your loved ones. I came across the term 'physical-distancing' while doing a bit of research & it's something mental health officials are trying to use more because you're still able to have a social life, just not in the traditional sense which I thought was interesting.

Support Your Community
When we remember that we're all in this together & that we're doing this for an important reason, trying to reduce the overall community risk, that does help us to feel better about the situation. One of my goals for 2020 was to support smaller businesses more & I think they need out support now more than ever. In New Zealand, we're currently in a national lockdown but I already have a bunch of my favourite smaller businesses that I'll be buying from once things calm down a bit. You can also donate to local organisations that are providing support for those who are struggling through this time or you could go grocery shopping for a neighbour who shouldn't be going out. I know that when doing these kinds of things, it helps us feel like we're making a positive difference & that can really impact our mental health too.

These times are stressful & worrying for all of us & I think my biggest piece of advice when it comes down to it is, be kind & stay safe. We're in this together.

B x

19 April 2020

COVID-19 & Mental Health

I'm going to be frank. COVID-19 has messed with my mental health in more ways than I first antcipated & realised but the good thing is, I know I'm not alone. Today, I'm simply going to share the content of those that have been sharing their experiences online but also how they're coping. Reading through all these articles really helped affirm in my mind, I'm not going crazy & that I'm not alone in feeling like this.

The Medium: www.medium.com - Jenene Crossan: A Spot Of Anxious Bother

Voices Of Hope: thevoicesofhope.org- Claudia: COVID-19 & PTSD

I also wanted to point out that over at thoughtcatalog.com they have an entire section on COVID-19 which covers all kinds of topics which may be useful to some of you as we progress through this tough time! It'll be linked here if you're interested!

Stay safe, stay inside & talk to each other. We're in this together & we'll get through it together. 

B x 

16 April 2020

5 Tips For Working From Home Effectively

Working from home can be an absolute delight. You can be flexible & you don't have to ask anyone for permission to take a break, have some coffee with a friend or do some sneaking online shopping. But with that being said, it can also be an utter disaster that kills productivity too. Home is a place we associate with free time & its's easy for you to become your own worst enemy. But what happens when you don't have a choice, when you have to work from home to keep yourself & everyone else safe? How do you keep your work life separated from your home life? How do you stay focused & productive? Here is a wee run down of what I do to ensure that my working to the best of my ability within my own home.

Clean House Policy
As tempting as it might be, you can't vacuum the floor, do the dishes, do laundry & clean up your living room during work hours. It works counter productive. Try & maintain a clean house policy so you won't be tempted to clear up your mess during your working hours. I also find the whole clear space, clear mind concept really helpful when it comes to working from home at any point.

Specific Space
Keep your work life separate from you home life & find a space suitable for a home office. Working from a specific space only for work helps you psychologically. I know this isn't always an easy thing especially in the circumstances we happen to find ourselves in at the moment but there's always a spot, it could be a small area in your bedroom. Find yourself a comfy chair & get producing some of your best work.

Set Goals
For the sake of your mental health, create a daily work schedule. Whether you start at 7AM or 11AM, try & set work hours for yourself & create boundaries. When you start, make a list of all the tasks you have to do for that day. Didn't make it to the end of the list? It's okay, there's a new day tomorrow.

Change Of Scenery
Sometimes, inspiration requires a change of scenery. Typically, I would recommend treating yourself to an office-away-from-home every now & then, just because why not. But again, our circumstances aren't exactly ideal at the moment so it terms of this tip, I'd recommend getting outside, get some fresh air or take a break!

Take Regular Breaks
Breaks are crucial. A great time management method is the 'Pomodoro Technique' where you set a timer for 25 minutes & then take a break for five minutes. You can do this as many times as you want & you would be surprised how much you can get down in those five minute breaks!

Obviously these are the practices that work well for me at the moment but there may be other practices that you choose to also implement throughout your day to make it run with ease. If there's something that works well for you & I haven't mentioned it above feel free to share it in the comments below!

B x

14 April 2020

What To Do At Home If You're Self-Isolating

While staying informed is one thing - seeing news about COVID-19 surges, emails about COVID-19, instructions on how to wash your hands & all the memes can be a lot & a little overwhelming.

Over the past week or so I've seen heaps of content about what we can be doing while we're either self-isolating, social distancing or in full lockdown. I've put some of my favourites together along with some of the things I'll be doing & thought I'd share those ideas with you in the hopes you'll find something fun & productive to do that'll help pass the time.

Delete Social Media Apps
If the state of the world is making you anxious, then the catastrophized articles on Facebook & your friends panic posting on Instagram is not going to be helping. Delete Facebook & Instagram but have your local news available so you're able to stay in the loop.

Get Some Impactful Life Admin Done
Do all of those things like culling your subscription services, create your budget, set up a password manager, get you productivity system set up - do as many of those things you can that will help improve you life while you have the spare time to. I've been spending a lot of time working in Notion & on my productivity system which has been really beneficial.

Start Compiling Your Life Notes
I really love this idea & it's something I'll be putting on my task list to do while in lockdown. Essentially, it's creating your own 'commonplace' book & filling it with all the philosophies, ideas & thoughts that have helped you through life so far. I'm also going to link a video to one of my favourite YouTuber's, Michelle, who talks more in detail about life notes.

Deep Clean Your Home
If you're going to deep clean your home, there is no better time to do it than now. I've already deep cleaned a few different parts of my home & I feel so much better for it. Don't feel you have to do it all at once either. I know I'm taking my time & making sure everything is getting done throughly.

Declutter Your Home
This one goes hand in hand with the one above but it's time to tackle that wardrobe in your house that doesn't get opened because it's filled with so much stuff. Dedicate some time to decluttering your space & creating an environment you're proud of.

Adapt Your Morning Routine
I spoke about my morning routine briefly in a post earlier on in the month. All my routines have changed ever so slightly due to being in lockdown but more than anything, they've become a solid form of self care. I live for routines, I have routines for everything but since being in lockdown a lot of those have had to go out the window. I'm not currently working, nor am I at school so my morning routine, more specifically, is one of the opportunities I'm giving myself for routine & a bit of self care.

Let me know what you've been up to in these crazy times!

B x

12 April 2020

I'm A Young Person At Greater Risk For COVID-19 & I'm Asking You To Take This Seriously

As a young person at greater risk for COVID-19 I wanted to share this post with you today. I couldn't put words down myself any better than writer, Caitlin Flynn, did in this post!

"Over the past few weeks, we're suddenly found ourselves in a strange & disconcerting new reality due to the Corona Virus outbreak. The shelves of grocery stores are empty & toilet paper has suddenly become the hottest commodity in town. As COVID-19 rapidly spreads across the globe, we've been directed to self-isolation in an effort to slow the spread of the deadly illness. In many cities & states, schools, restaurants, bars and shops have closed their doors. Although the majority of my peers are taking social isolation seriously, others have dismissed it as an 'overreaction' & incorrectly stated that only the elderly should stay indoors - after all, they're the ones at risk, right? As a young person with an autoimmune illness, I & the millions of other millennials & Gen Z'ers with these conditions are also at risk & I'm asking everyone to please think of us too."

Unlike Caitlin, I don't have Lupus, I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome also known as CFS or ME. I was diagnosed with CFS 7 months after I was diagnosed with the Infectious Mononucleosis which is more commonly known as Glandular Fever & this is caused by the Epstein-Barr Virus. There are so many so many different symptoms that I'm not going to go into but long story short, I'm still effected by this all 5 years later & because of all this my immune system isn't as strong as everyone else's. So, from someone who is immuno-compromised I ask that you take this seriously & that you stay home. It's ableist to decide the rules don't apply to you & in addition, then put your peers at risk. Now more than ever, we need to come together & support one another in any way we can. Complying with social isolation or lockdown is the bare minimum but it will undoubtedly save lives.

B x

9 April 2020

Staying Motivated & Positive

As we all know, just in a couple of months, the world as changed drastically & as I've mentioned before & will continue to say, please stay on top of the latest Government advice in your country, stay safe & look after yourself! Whether you're lucky enough to have a profession which allows you to work from home, you're self-isolated or you're in a national lockdown as we are here in New Zealand, I wanted to share some ideas on how to stay positive & motivated in such a stressful & worrisome time.

Carry Out Your Morning Routine
Continuing with my morning routine has been a sense of 'normality' in my world of uncertainty at the moment. It's become a really strong form of self care. Something that also isn't essential but always makes me feel a bit better is when I do my hair & makeup. It would be very easy to just stay in your PJs all day, messy hair & no makeup & while that's okay if that's what works for you but it just makes me feel like a have my shit together when the majority of the time I don't.

Have An Office Space
Not everyone is going to have the perfect office space within their home but if it's possible find somewhere to set & work that isn't your bed or your sofa. It could even be a dressing table or a corner of the dinning table. I find it really helps increase productivity & minimise distractions. Even if you aren't working from home, it's not a bad idea to have a space where you can get all those admin tasks done & crossed off your task list.

Get Creative In The Kitchen
Now, if you're in lockdown as I am at the moment, I know it will be hard to get to supermarkets but this is the perfect opportunity to try new recipes with what you already have readily available in your cupboards! Baking your favourite treats or you favourite home cooked meal is not only a great way to kill time but release some of those creative juices as well! I'll definitely be spending a whole lot of my time cooking up a storm in my kitchen!

Give Time To Your Personal Projects
Lockdown or not, even if you're working from home, you'll have no commute & a lunchtime in your own space so you'll have a bit of extra time in your day to do things that are important to you. That time could be put towards reading a book you've always wanted to or to learn a new skill.

Be Grateful
Comparing your problems to those of others can feel unhelpful at times but in times of worry & stress, gratitude can be a great way to help you look forward. There are people losing their lives, loved ones & businesses right now, so if you're not one of those people in that position, be thankful for what you do have.

Get Active
While sticking to your Governments guidelines, you could go for a small walk or run. Or, there are plenty of workout & yoga videos on YouTube you can do from your living room. Whilst it still isn't going to feel like same as going out, attending your gym & socialising, it's better than nothing at all.

Share you ideas & tips for stay motivated & positive below!

B x

7 April 2020

Don't Let Things Get To You In Stressful & Worrisome Times

There's no way to escape the fact the, sometimes, we're going to deal with stressful & worrisome things in our lives. In these situations, how do you not let things bother you? We all respond to challenges differently & what helps me feel strong & empowered might frustrate another people even more than they were already before. Here's what I've learnt when it comes to not letting the tough stuff bother me as much & maybe you guys can find some advice that works for you as well!

Acknowledge What's Out Of Your Control
The first step to getting tough things not to bother you is acknowledging that some things are just simply out of our control. It's very easy to naturally want to fix everything that goes wrong or to feel guilty if you can't. When you acknowledge what you cannot change, you set yourself free from that feeling of failure.

Exercise Mindfully
Sometimes, if your mind can't let something go, shifting your focus from whats on your mind to you body by doing some of your favourite forms of exercise. Anything that gets your body moving & your mind focused is a good thing. Personally, my favourite is doing some simple yoga & stretches.

Lean On Your Friends
It's often harder to deal with things when you're on your own. When the stressful or uncertain times start bothering you, reach out to your crew. It could be a venting session, some good advice or purely just some distracting time - friends can make almost every problem seem less uncertain.

We're all experiencing stressful & uncertain times at the moment. We have to think of our own personal safety but also look out for each other. If you're feeling a bit under the weather, which is totally natural in times like these, try & find some activities & rituals that are going to help you get through these unprecedented times.

B x

5 April 2020

5 Tips For Staying Informed About COVID-19 While Minimising Stress & Anxiety

Recently, life has drastically changed & it's changed the way we live. It's hard to escape the harsh realities of this moment when we're constantly confronted with the latest information to Twitter, on our televisions & in the news alerts that pop up on our phones. More often that not, this 24-hour news cycle that has left me feeling anxious & helpless. It's a lot to handle & it's completely understandable if you're feeling the same way.

Fortunately, there are things we can do to help us regain some control. Our bodies are in survival mode working with a threat we don't quite know yet. But there are techniques to make sure stress doesn't overwhelm us.

It's been a bit of trial & error. I've been working out ways to stay informed about what's going on in the world but I can't ignore the impact it's taking on my mental well being. If you've found yourself in the same position, here's what helping me cope so maybe they'll help you too.

Limit Your News Intake
I'm a wee bit of a news junkie, I'm constantly scrolling through Twitter, seeing all the COVID-19 updates & it's been making me feel more worried than informed lately. To help filter it out of your social feeds you can mute out certain words or accounts that fill your timeline with news about the outbreak. It's also been really helpful to limit checking any news sites to just the morning & evenings for all the necessary information without having to go on social media.

Take One Day At A Time
It's easy to catastrophize, especially when facing the very real threat of a global pandemic but try not to think about what could happen weeks or months from now. Often when we are anxious, we spiral into the future & it's usually the worst case scenario we land on. But there are still things which are certain. There are people in your life you love. There are things that can make you smile. The sun will still rise & set. When the news is too much, try this technique to help you feel more grounded. Using your senses, ask yourself what can you see, smell & feel?

Guided Mediation
I'll be the first to admit that meditation was never my thing & I always had thought it was a bit silly. I've since completed changed my mindset & highly recommend the Calm app. Meditating while taking long, slow breathes signals to your body that you are safe. I find that mediating in the mornings help set a good grounding & mindset for the rest of the day & mediating at night allows me to head off to sleep with a clear mind leaving any of the stresses from the day behind.

Get Some Fresh Air
Staying at home is crucial to help slow the spread of COVID-19 but make sure you step away from your screens & the news from time to time. It's really important to get out of the house to be outdoors & breathe in some fresh air. Spend some time reading in your backyard, stand outside on your balcony or go for a short walk while keeping a safe distance from those around you.

Remind Yourself That This Is Temporary
We don't know a lot about what the future holds in regards to COVID-19 but we do know that the measures that have been put in place are a temporary solution to help protect our communities over the long-term. It the meantime, embrace what you can control in the situation & know that you're not the only one who feels worried. Often we tend to feel alone in our anxieties but that past few weeks has demonstrated just how much a whole globe can come together in their feelings about COVID-19.

How are you coping? Are you doing okay?

B x

2 April 2020

Together, We're All In This Together

Hello you lovely bunch of humans & welcome back!  What a strange & unsettling time this is. Coronavirus has swept the rug right out from under all of us & in the midst of all of this uncertainty, I wanted to try & keep a little normality going.

I took a little break from sharing bit & pieces on my website due to being extremely busy & trying to find my groove with life & new routines. But what better time to get back to some 'normality' than when you're in a lockdown for 4+ weeks.

I want to take this opportunity to share with you what I'm doing to get through these uncertain times & hopefully add some light relief to what's going on in the world right now. The biggest thing for me is that we're not alone in this! We have each other & the more we can support each other, the easier these times are going to become.

However, you're feeling about what's going on, it's totally fine. Keeping safe is key but when a pandemic hits & literally the entire world isn't sure what to do, it's okay to scared. Do what you need to do to make yourself feel calmer.

I'm aware that not everybody is not in a full national lockdown as we are in New Zealand & if you're not in lockdown, most of you will be practicing self-isolation. So, saying no is more than okay too. Don't feel guilty or worry that people will judge you if you'd rather stay than go out & see anyone. And if you don't want to go out & about, that isn't an issue. It doesn't make you 'silly' or 'rude', just do whatever feels right for you & know that it's going to be the right decision.

Looking after yourself & those around you is so important in such unprecedented times. Together, we can try & make each day a little brighter.

I'm sending you so much love & well wishes. Please stay safe & if you feel like popping back here, I'll be back posting as normal!

B x