31 October 2019

2019: October Favourites

I'm pleased to say that October has been a pretty chilled & relaxed month, just what I had hoped from in the lead up to the end of the year. With that being said, I still have been keeping busy & I'm really excited for the next couple of months & heading into the New Year! 

If you have been keeping up with my posts this month you would've seen I posted a product review on the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer. I have been wearing nothing but this foundation this month & it's very quickly become a favourite.

Keeping me organised this month is a new digital app that I've actually been trying out for awhile now. Things3 is a fantastic task management app, it's simple to use & has a beautiful design. If you're looking at dabbling into the world of digital organisation I highly recommend Things3. 

For reading this month, I've been reading 'History Is All You Left Me' by Adam Silvera. It's a fantastic novel which brings light to the LGBTQ+ community & mental awareness into a world that so desperately needs it. I have a complete review coming it a week or two. Breathe Magazine this month also has some fantastic article in it! 

I've watched two series this month. 13 Reasons Why, Season 3 & You, Season 1. I throughly enjoyed both & recommend both if you're looking for something new to watch. I also went to see the new Joker film at my local theatre & it has to be one of the best films I've seen in a long time. I think there is a lot we can learn from it. 

Some of my favourite content creators this month have been Lily Marston, Hailey Reese & Caitlin Rose. Lily does all things lifestyle & vlogs while Hailey creates all things paranormal & spirit related & Caitlin covers crime & physiological cases. Adore these women & all the content they have to offer. 

What have been some of you favourites this month? Is there anything that you recommend I try out next month? 

B x 

29 October 2019

How To Appreciate The Present Moment

The present moment is all you're ever promised. Don't postpone happiness for a time that might never come. These articles have helped we realise the importances of living in the present moment & how I can go about learn to appreciate those moments more.

The Moment You've Been Waiting For: Zen Habits 
"Our lives are spent building up to more important moments. Moment when we'll be happy. But when those moments come, we're not happier, in fact, we're already looking ahead to our next big moments. An up-coming project, a trip away, meeting up with friends, getting that great thing you ordered online, finding your next favourite book, meal drink, experience. What if that wonderful moment we've been waiting for is this one, right now? What if this very moment is the one, the most important moment of our lives? What if we stopped working for something later & instead started paying full attention to right now? What if we stopped thinking happiness is coming soon & tried to see what was in front of us & find happiness in that? What if this were the moment we've been waiting for all along?"

Appreciate Each Moment: The Huffington Post 
"One of the ultimate objectives of attaining inner peace is learning to live happily in the moment. Keep in mind that life is a continuous succession of present moments Most of us spend a great deal of our present moments regretting the past, worrying about the future, which creates restlessness with the here & now. A whole lot of precious time is wasted.

To a large degree, the measure of our peace of mind is determined by how much we are able to live in the present moment."

6 Tips To Being Happy In The Present Moment: Pick The Brain 
"We all want to be happy. But we have preconceived notions or beliefs about what needs to happen in our lives, before we can be happy. Maybe we need to get that dream job or we need to have a million dollars in the bank. Or maybe we need to have the body of our dreams.

The list goes on. Yes, these things may indeed make us happy. Or then again they may not.

When we set goals, we also have the tendency, once we're achieved them, to replace them with new goals. So you may find that you still don't feel happy after you've achieved that big goal because you've just replaced it with an even bigger goal that you now need to achieve to be 'truly happy'.

By doing this, we stack the odds against ourselves. And if we play this game in order to find our happiness, then there's a good chance that we'll spending the rest of our lives chasing down the dreams that may 'one day' make us happy.

What if I told you that you don't need any of those things in order to be happy in your life & that you can be happy today? The key to happiness is learning how to be happy right now, while you work on achieving your goals, instead of waiting until you've achieved those goals to be happy. Here are 6 easy steps you can start applying today."

How do you prefer to appreciate the present moment?

B x

27 October 2019

3 Things You Can Do For Yourself Within Your Environment

For this '3 Things For Yourself' I want to talk about 3 things you can do for yourself that are based around you environment. Creating an environment that feels warm, welcoming & comfortable is not only refreshing but I think it can impact how we feel overall. And when it comes to working within a certain environment, I believe we need to feel happy within that space to be able to get anything productive or effective completed. 

20 Minute Tidy & Clean 
Tidy space, tidy mind. I know this concept isn't for everyone but it's definitely how my brain works. I always work so much better when I'm in a clean & tidy environment. It allows me to just focus on the present without worrying about any surrounding physically clutter. 

Fresh Flowers 
Fresh flowers is the easiest way to brighten up your space. There is just something about having fresh flowers in my home that brings me happiness not to mention their beautiful scents. 

Candles, Defusers & Incense
As you may have been able to tell, I'm a sucker for a good scent. I'm always bound to have something burning in my space whether that's a candle, incense or a combination of natural oils. Having your environment smell delightful is just another one of those things that makes everything seem more relaxing & calming. 

What do you like to do to create a warm & welcoming environment for yourself? 

B x

24 October 2019

Product Review: Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer

CN 0.5 Shell 
Natural Matte Finish 
Moderate to Full Coverage 
Cool Neutral Undertone 

Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer in one for a beyond perfected, natural look that lasts 24 hours. Light weight, moisturising makeup covers throughly without clogging pores. Skin breathes comfortably, colour stays true even through sweat & humidity. 

40 shades available. 
No parabens, no phthalates & no fragrances. 
$67 NZD 

I would have to agree with the product description that Clinique provides however I have found that it can become quite cakey if you're not careful when trying to build coverage. You do only need a small amount so would recommend applying & blending to small sections of you face at one time. 

Other than that I do really adore this foundation & think it's a fantastic addition to anyones collection. I really enjoying how long it lasts & the finish it gives. Overall it's a gorgeous foundation & concealer combination. 

Have you tried this foundation? What do you think about it? 

B x

22 October 2019

Positive Affirmations To Tell Yourself Daily

I'm a big believer in being your own bestfriend, your own cheerleader. Somedays we need a little pep talk to bring us back up to face the world again & who better to give you one than yourself. 

Here's some of my favourite things that you can remind yourself daily. 

  • No matter what your background, you can achieve anything. 
  • Your circumstances don't define you, you define you. 
  • Those flaws you think you have are only a big deal to you. 
  • Who you used to be doesn't matter, it's who you are today that matters. 
  • Any small steps towards your dreams are worth celebrating. 
  • You're doing a better job than you give yourself credit for. 
  • There's nothing wrong with not working in your dream career, any job is one of value. 
  • And it's okay if your dream job isn't want bring in your income. 
  • You're never alone, no matter what. 
  • Social media is a highlight reel of someone life, not an online diary. 
  • The world isn't judging you as much as you think. 
  • Be grateful for everything. 
  • Someone else opinions isn't your reality. 
  • It's okay if you don't conquer everything today, you're still during a really good job. 

What do you tell yourself everyday? 

B x 

20 October 2019

Why It's Important To Protect Your Mental Health Online

I believe that social media can negatively impact of mental health without us even knowing it. 'From Roses' has an incredible post about protecting your mental health online & why it's so important.

I wanted to share this with you guys today because social media has become such a big part of our day to day lives, whether that's for work or personal use. There's definitely a lot we still have to learn but I think this post by 'From Roses' is a great place to start.

Why It's Important To Protect Your Mental Health Online; From Roses
"When I began my blogging journey 8 years ago I never imagined it would have a negative effect on my mental health. It was such a positive & joyous place to share my thoughts on whatever I was loving at the time & it's not until recent years have I realised how important it is to protect your mental health online whether you're a content creator or someone who consumes online content. You can't move for posts & articles all about how the online world is so damaging for our self-esteem but what those posts always forget to mention is how much good the internet can do for people. I know there are certainly things that I struggle with but there are plenty more that I have to be grateful for &  this is how I protect my mental health."

B x

17 October 2019

Slow Down & Find Joy In Your Life

With the constant glorification of busyness, I have to say that sometimes it feels like my brain has way to many tabs opened at once. I don't want to close any of them just in case I have to go back & re-visit one or two, yet there always seems to be more & more. 

We're always trying to fill up space which sometimes needs to be left empty, while also forgetting that being busy doesn't always equal productive. 

Having some of that empty space in your is good. Slowing down, unplugging & actually being present can help you see the truly important things in life. It can also help you reduce stress, gain clarity, build stronger relationships, be more productive & bring more joy & happiness into your day to day life. 

Slowing down doesn't have to be complicated but it does require you to make a conscious effort. Living a slower paced life can bring more joy & appreciation into your life. 

Create A Morning Ritual 
To a lot of us, early morning is the only time we get just to ourselves. Think about it. How do you really feel each morning when you open your eyes? The way you start you day makes a big impact on your mood & stress levels. Are you always in a hurry, rushing out the door? If you do find yourself always being in a rush, chances are your mornings are a lot more stressful than for someone who gets up that extra 30 minutes early, takes their time & makes more of an effort to be gentle with themselves. 

Create a morning ritual for yourself where you have something pleasant to look forward to. Read a few chapters of a book, prepare a nice breakfast, go for a morning walk, have a cup of tea or two & set your intentions for the day. Your mornings don't have to be hectic & stressful. 

Focus on others. This is an important habit for keeping relationships strong. Spend time with others. Notice how their eyes widen & twinkle when they talk about something their excited or passionate about. We all tend to like to talk about ourselves & sometimes it feels like we have so much to say. But we should all learn to listen. Once you make an effort to actually listen to the other person, your connection is deeper & stronger rather than constantly being distracted & not really 'being' there with them. 

Indulge More 
In food, in that book you're reading, in conversations with other people. Savor your food instead of rushing through your meals. Avoid eating in a rush, at your desk or when driving. Bring more joy into your life by allowing yourself time to slow down & enjoy those simple tasks. 

Schedule In Some Self Care 
The more you think you don't have time for things like mediation, exercise, a regular emotional check-in like journaling or any other form of self care, the more you need it. Self care looks different to all of us & there is no wrong way of doing it. It is, however, important to make it a habit in order to avoid running on empty. The best way to avoid a burnout is to prevent it by knowing when to slow down & take care of yourself. 

Make it a habit to disconnect from your electronic devices at least once a week for a few hours. Okay, so ideally this would be every day but once a week is a great place to start. Set a specific time when you unplug from all your electronic devices. Give your mind & body a break from being constantly plugged & connected. Use that time to spend with others, being outdoors, reading, cooking - whatever it is that you like doing. 

Wind Down Before Bed 
This is the ultimate place where you should really be slowing down. At the end of the day, you should be able to switch off from work mode, unwind & get that well deserved rest. Give yourself some time to unwind before trying to fall asleep. Your bedroom should be only used for sleep, that way when you get into your bed, your body naturally knows it's time to fall asleep. Don't bring things like your laptop or other electronics to bed. You don't want your brain yo associate your bed with things like work. Use this time to shut your brain down. Take a warm bath, mediate, read a book, apply a face mask - whatever it is that calms, relaxes you & helps you slow down. 

Remember those day when things used to be less hectic? Days when even the simplest of things would make you smile? Well, those simple things are still there, they're still apart of your life. We just somehow lost our appreciation for them. 

If you find yourself being in a rush constantly, if you often feel overwhelmed, tired or burned out, it's time to slow down. 

B x 

15 October 2019

Six Of My Favourite Homebody Activities

At this point I feel like it's no secret that I'm a complete homebody & nothing makes me happier than spending the day just pottering around home. I know I can't be alone in my homebody ways so I've rounded up some of my favourite activities to share with you & of course, I'd love to know yours too. 

Styling & Rearranging 
Something I've always loved doing since I was a kid was rearranging my bedroom. And when you spend so much time in your surroundings it's natural to want to switch things up every now & then. Repainting or buying new furniture isn't always an option but having a little rearrange is always something that is feasible. Generally, as the seasons are changing is my favourite time to switch my surroundings up especially in Winter & Autumn when we tend to be tucked away in our own spaces more. 

I think a lot of people presume to take pictures they need to be out & about but setting up small life set ups at home can be one of the best ways to build on your own personal skill. Even if you don't use the images, it doesn't mean it's been a waster of time. It's one of those activities that 'practice will make perfect' & what better way to do that at home. 

Probably one of the more classic homebody activities & after I've had a long day, reading has the ability to instantly take me into another world, away from my own & away from my thoughts. I've always believed that reading is great for learning but also building on writing skills. Writing comes naturally to me & is something I've always been passionate about & reading more & more on a wide spectrum is something that has helped so much with building skill. 

As much as I love a good ole Netflix series like Gilmore Girls, I'm also a huge lover of documentaries. You get to wind down & relax but you're also learning something at the same time. 

Some of my favourite beauty practices & rituals happen right in the comfort of my home. I always like to make sure that I carve out some time in my schedule so that I can slick on a fresh manicure & treat my skin to some of my favourite masks. They're all reasonably small things to do but make all the difference in how I feel. 

Colouring In 
A bit of an odd activitiy, I know but there's just something about colouring in that is super relaxing. Maybe because it takes me back in my childhood, I don't know but there are some really amazing adult colouring in books out there you can play around with, that makes the whole process so much more exciting. 

B x 

13 October 2019

Content Creators To Look For When Needing A Kick Of Motivation

If you're anything like me, then you see the weekend as an opportunity to reconnect with yourself. You can't expect to perform your best on Monday if you're not investing in yourself over the weekend, can you? And investing in yourself can happen in many forms. You can do your groceries & make a proper meal plan, book into a fitness class, get your hair or makeup done, the possibilities are endless!

But first, you need to be motivated. You need to be inspired to keep living your best life. And what better way to get inspired than to watch some amazing content! Here are some of my favourite YouTuber creators that continue to keep me motivated & inspired on a regular basis.

Instagram & YouTube 

Kathryn June 
Instagram & YouTube

Instagram & YouTube 

Sarah Betts
Instagram & YouTube

Kalyn Nicholson 
Instagram, YouTube & Website

Renee Amberg 
Instagram & YouTube

Lydia Violeta 
Instagram & YouTube

Abby Asselin 
Instagram & YouTube

B x

10 October 2019

Why We Should Be Taking More Risks

Have you ever heard of the saying, "life begins outside of your comfort zone"? In other words, you know that feeling when you get flushed, your heart feels like it's going to burst out of your chest & you have a sick feeling in your stomach? That's the moment when the magic is suppose to happen. Couldn't think of anything worse than going through that pain? You're not the only one. 

Taking risks doesn't always come easy & if you are anything like me you will love nothing more than analysing every detail before everything that you do. Here's a few tips to help you start taking risks. 

It Teaches You To Keep Going 
Growing up risks petrified me. I was a pretty optimistic child but nothing sat more comfortably with me than playing things safe. Or, it did for a while. But taking risks lets you adapt to change & shake things up instead of getting stuck in a rut & being comfortable, which can open you up to all kinds of opportunities. 

The More Risks, The Better You Get 
The more risks you take, the better you get at taking them. The first risk will get the ball rolling & then before you know it that start becoming second nature. Leaving my quiet, settled little life for taking more risks & uncertainty taught me the good that taking a risk can do. 

What Have I Got To Lose? 
Nothing is so bad that it cannot be fixed & although it isn't always easy to believe, it's true. Why not take the risk? If it doesn't work out the way you had hoped then that's life. You can work on fixing the problem but you can't erase the feeling of wishing you had taken a chance. 

So take the risk, it might just be the best thing you ever do! 

B x 

8 October 2019

3 Signs You're Starting To Burnout

Back in July I posted about 'Overcoming Burnout', which will be linked if you'd like to read it but I wanted to follow up with this post about 3 signs that you make notice when you're on the path on burnout. 

I get it, it can be easy to program ourselves on autopilot & grind until we crumble. The problem with that is we can lose balance in our time & miss out on rest. What is rest you ask? It's like that old friend from High School you message every few months on Facebook & ask to get together but never do. But you'll be contacting her again to chat about plans again even though it'll probably never happen again. Yeah, let's not do that with rest. 

Here are three things you can observe about how you feel that are most probably red flags, that you need to rest & need to make that date stat. 

Lack Of Motivation
If just thinking about all the tasks & projects & that aspects of it doesn't get you excited in the morning, it's time to take a break. It's okay & it's healthy for you to stop working for a day or two. Allow yourself a real weekend & do something totally different. In order to be motivated, we usually have to be creatively stimulated. Some days we just don't want to cheer ourselves on or continue with whatever we're working on. That is a definite sign that rest should be added to the to-do list. 

Lack Of Inspiration
Yeah I get it. No matter how many doodles you do or notes you scribble, it's just not working. You're starting to dislike what you're creating & that won't win over anyone. Especially not yourself. This might be a good time to take a break & get outside. Get a coffee, put in some ear buds & take a walk around the block. Call up a good friend for a Netflix binge-sesh & a pizza party for two. Rest in laughter & friendly conversation. Be present for a bit & inspiration will find you. 

Lack Of Excitement 
Sometimes we are motivated & inspired but then afterwards we lose excitement over something we have made. We feel disappointed with the final results & our attitude is slumped. It's that feeling you get when you try something different off the menu at your favourite restaurant, only to wish you would have gone with what you normally order. When this happens it's time to just create something for fun. No expectations. Rest in your happy place & get your mind back to why you started in the first place. This will hopefully help you center your focus back on what's important - doing what you love. 

B x 

6 October 2019

What We Can Learn About Minimalism

Minimalism is a word & concept we hear often these days. Minimalism is about living a lifestyle with less & that could be a number of different things for a number of different people. People can decide how much of a minimal lifestyle they want to lead but they can also do it in stages as well.

The whole concept of being a minimalist can be overwhelming but I prefer to just think of it as just being simple. I came across this post recently that I thought would be of benefit to those who are wanting to live a more minimal life but are struggle to understand the concept behind it.

Have a read & let me know what you think? 'Becoming Minimalist' also has a bunch of other really helpful posts about minimalism if you're wanting to learn more.

5 Truth About Minimalism I Remind Myself Often 

B x

3 October 2019

7 Selfcare Rituals For Stressful Days

As your life becomes more stressful & busy, de-stressing & relaxing can also become a bit more challenging. When dealing with the kind stress, it's not one of those things a nap can always fix. 

To me, at least, relaxing that actually brings in ease & calmness was something I had to learn. My self care rituals for stressful days don't always involve the typical simple things like taking a bath or curling up with a book. When I experience high levels of stress, my mind is often all over the place & no amount of trashy TV or dark chocolate can slow it down. 

Re-Evaluate Your Priorities 
Even though it might not seem like it, this is a huge part of self care & pretty much the whole idea behind it. Are you paying attention to the right things, the things that are important to you? Are you devoting too much time to those things that might not matter a whole lot but bring more stress into your life? Maybe you're trying to do too much & you're spreading yourself too thin? Take a closer look at where that stress is coming from & where your valuable time goes. 

Process It
The whole idea of turning off, to me anyway, doesn't mean that you should run away from any negative emotions, thoughts or feelings. You have to allow yourself to process it all, feel it & try not to push it all away. You can do this by free-writing, brain dumping or journaling. 

Set Limits
Learning to say 'no' is also a part of taking care yourself. It's okay to be unsure, to allow yourself to take some time out to think things over & reconsider certain commitments or new responsibilities. Don't say 'yes' too quickly or easily, especially if you ever feel unsure about committing to something 

Take A Step Back 
Sometimes the stressful situations you find yourself in have nothing to do with you. It's so easy to get dragged into some 'drama' or uncomfortable situations between friends & family members. Some people, as much as we love them, can be great at emotional dumping. Venting is something we all do & it's a healthy way of expressing feelings. Dumping on the other had, can feel very toxic & overwhelming. Knowing how to take a step back, drawing a line between your life & someone else's like is all about setting boundaries & protecting your own energy. You have to remember to look out for yourself. 

Breathe It All Out 
As you experience stress, your body sends out stress signals - your heart beats faster, your muscles tighten, your palm start to sweat. I find the best way to deal with unpredicted stress is to train yourself to recognise those signals & then you'll react better to those stressful situations before everything gets completely out of hand. Your body tends to feel stress quicker than your mind does so this is why it's important to pay attention to your body's physical signals. When you can identify those stressors, you can then work on eliminating them. Breathing exercises are my favourite way to calm myself down quickly. Everyone is going to be different, so it's just about finding what works best for you. 

Long term stress can change the way you process it & make you more vulnerable & susceptible to even more stress & emotional imbalance. These things tend to build up over time & can come back & hit you out of nowhere. 

This is why it's so important to not push it away, to not tell yourself that'll you'll deal with it later or try convince yourself that all is well, or that you just need to toughen up. It's okay to take care of yourself, especially during times of stress & put your emotional wellbeing ahead of everything else. 

Do you have any self care rituals for stressful days? How do you look out for yourself when life gets hectic? 

B x 

1 October 2019

How To Overcome Negative Thinking

The sooner you realise that negative thoughts have no real power, the sooner you will start to put in effort into overcoming them. However, overcoming negative thinking is easy said than done. It takes time to train your mind to naturally turn a negative into a positive. I often get comments on how I always turn negative situations into positive ones but it hasn't always been like that & it's taken me years of mindful & conscience living to get me there. 

I really struggled to come up with the right words for this post & I've sat here for ages trying to put something coherent together but it's just not working out in my favour. Regardless of the fact that I couldn't get the right words out, I didn't not want to post about it. 

With that being said, these kinds of posts are very much enjoyable to put together. Not only do I get to share my perspective on a topic but I also am able to share other content from creators which allows a variety of perspective to be shared. 

"Twelve years ago after I graduated from college I spiraled into a deep dark depression. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, I was dating an awful guy who refused to kiss me, and I was so anxious all the time that I barely ate anything. I asked a nurse friend to help me find a therapist. The therapist recommended that I read Wayne W. Dyer's, Your Erroneous Zones. It may sound clich├ę, but this book changed my life." 

"It starts with just a thought or a feeling. Or maybe with a sentence spoken by someone else. And then it starts to drag you down. Into feeling sorry for yourself, worried or into thinking 'what's that point of taking any action at all?' as you walk around in a funk with your own personal rain cloud above your head. 

Negativity that wells up inside of you or in the world around you can quickly become toxic & hold you back from living the life you want. So in this week's post I want to share 12 tips & habits that have helped me - and still help me - to prevent & to overcome my own negative thoughts but also the negativity that's sometimes around me." 

"Many times, people's negativity comes from one small thought or occurrence & it takes them into a deep, winding spiral. Imagine your mind is like the ocean, the deeper you get into the negative thinking patterns, the darker it gets, There is no need to drown yourself in the negativity but you d need to explore it. Nine out of ten times, the negativity is much deeper rooted than people allow themselves to see or feel. The main problem is that people don't spend time or give themselves space to look at what's really there." 

B x