29 November 2015


Ah I can't believe it's December in a few days! December is definitely one of my favourite months because not only is summer, but it's Christmas time too, whooo, it's the festive season. I can't wait to put up my Christmas tree! With that all being said lets jump into my favourites for this month. 

LA Girls Pro Concealer in Porcelain. This is something I've been wanting to try to a while now but I wasn't able to get my hands on the right shade. It's such a beautiful under eye concealer & it's something I've started reaching for in my everyday make up routine. 

This month, in the way of skin care, I've been loving the Nivea Soft Moisturiser. It's something that I tried last summer & I really did love it so I decided to re-purchase it again. It has such a nice scent & is multipurpose, it's great to use on your face, hands & body. 

APP // 
I've really been loving Instagram this month, I've been sharing a lot of photo's this month that inspire me & also photos that hold memories that I never want to forget.


FOOD // 
Cornflakes & yoghurt. I use to eat this combination all the time as a kid &  just reminds me of when I was kid but not only that, it tastes delicious. Weird I know, but the truth. 

I've always been a big fan of tea & always preferred it over coffee. This month I've fallen in love with a new flavour I guess you could say, Jasmine Green Tea. Not something I thought I would like but I do love a cup before bed. 

This month I've been loving Hello-October aka Suzie. She's super gorgeous & bubbly & I don't know, there's just something about her, I love watching her videos & her blog is also incredible. 

BLOG // 
Amy Young is such a young, inspiring women who is honestly just full of great advice, blog is amyyoungcoaching.com. Amy also has a YouTube channel which is definitely worth going to have a look at. 

Dani Mansutti, her pictures are just gorgeous, definitely go give her a follow. 

FILM // 
Final Destination, isn't something that I would normally watching however when my sister was last here she convinced me to watch one of them with her. I think it's definitely one of those ones that I find weirdly funny. Not something for everyone, definitely a bit gory to say the least but with that being said I still really enjoyed it. 

BOOK // 
Girl Online On Tour is the sequel to Zoe Suggs first book, Girl Online.  Zoe's first book was amazing so I knew I had to grab her second one. I actually haven't finished reading it, just because I've been struggling to find time to read this month but I'm about half way through & so far I love it. 

Wentworth, Season Three has recently just finished airing here in New Zealand but I honestly love this programme. It's based at women's prison & follows the women around as they all seem to find themselves in more trouble. I really love the programme & definitely think it's worth the watch if you think it's something you might be interested in. 

Without any doubt, Made In The Am by One Direction has been a fav this month. I would have to say it's probably my favourite album of theirs.  I really don't need to say no more. 

SONG // 
Featured on the album above, I've been loving AM by One Direction. 

My favourite person this month has been a friend of my Mums & mine for the past year now, ever since we moved to Nelson basically. Her name is Maxine, she's super spiritual which I love & she's honestly just taught us both so much & I can't thank her enough for that. She is also the lady that is featured with me in my photo of the month, above.

Definitely spending the first week of this November with my sister. I always value & appreciate the time I get to spend with her as I don't get to see her very often.

B x

26 November 2015


In my opinion make up is such an amazing tool to play around & experiment with. Big & bight eyes are something that I have always loved & something that I like to achieve on an every day basis. In the way of lashes, I've always liked to have thick long lashes without having to wear any falsies & that's something I also find that helps really open up my eyes.

Picture >> Lauren Curtis,  her links will be at the bottom of the post! 

#1: Shape them brows. 
I find having tidy brows will always make you eyes appear brighter & well put together especially when using a brow bone highlight. I suggest plucking or waxing them from the bottom to create a gorgeous arch. If you aren't so confident in doing this yourself I would recommend that you get someone that knows what they're doing to help you whether that be a friend or family member or even popping to your local beauty salon. 

#2: Concealer. 
Concealer is an important one. Not only does it help hide any horrible under eye bags but it's also going to help highlight & brighten your under eye area. 

#3: Eyeliner. 
I think everyone should have a white, cream or nude eyeliner in their collection. Placing a nude eyeliner in the water line is going to brighten up the eye & contradict any redness you have going on. I also think I a black wing on the top lid creates an awake & put together look. 

#4: Lashes. 
Like I said earlier I personally like really thick, long, fluttery lashes without having to use falsies. However I do think that false lashes can really make the eyes pop & especially if you don't have time to be applying several layers of mascara on your lashes. Another tip that I think helps with making the eyes pop is applying bottom lash mascara. I know that this isn't everybody's thing but I really think it helps with opening up the eyes. 

#5 Eye Creams & Masks. 
Last but not least & most definitely just as important as the others. Keep the skin around your eyes moisturised is not only going to help with make up application but it will also help with giving you eyes & skin that bright, radiant look it needs especially with early mornings. Eye masks are going to help with the puffiness around the eyes but simply a cold teaspoon would do this trick if you're in a rush in the mornings.

Lauren's Twitter: https://twitter.com/laurenbeautyy
Lauren's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lozcurtis/
Lauren's Blog: http://loveloz.com
Lauren's YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/laurenbeautyy

                                                                             B x 

24 November 2015


Recently if I'm being honest I haven't really been wear a lot of make up & if I have been I've been reaching for the most simplest of products to use & it really does only take me like five minutes. 

Product #1: 
Australis Stay Put Long Wear Foundation in Nude. SPF 15. I love this foundation & I've actually done a review of it here on my blog if you're interest in knowing more.

Product #2: 
Natio Brow Kit, I think I've spoken about this before here on my blog. It's a classic favourite of mine & I can trust that it's going to give me some fantastic brows. 

Product #3: 
Australis Contour Kit, I also have spoken about this product before here on my blog & it's a holy grail. I use it for setting powder, highlight & bronzer. It's a great three in one palette, the pigmentation & formula is way better than I ever expected. 

Product #4: 
Mascara is a must for me, if anything mascara is what I reach for. I have been loving the Maybelline Falsies, an oldie but a goodie as well as the Jordana Best Lash Extreme. I like combining the two to give my lashes the most length & thickness as possible. 

Product #5: 
Nothing special but I've just been applying a lip balm. I don't really have a favourite at the moment in the way of lip balms, just anything that's going to help my lips hold the moisture.

If you're interested in finding more out about the Australis foundation or Contour & Highlighting Palette you can check out a previous blog post review here.

B x


22 November 2015


A week ago  today I celebrated with my bestfriend over FaceTime our thirteen year anniversary. I've spent thirteen years with this girl in my life, with her by my side, through the thick & the thin & if I'm going to be honest I wouldn't of had it any other way. I love her to bits but not only that I miss her like crazy! 


Cassidy, this one is for you girlfriend. Here's to all the crazy times we've had, the laughs, the tears, & all the memories too. I couldn't ask for a better bestfriend, a better sister. Here's to all the years to come, I can't wait. 

You all are probably wondering why I'm writing a post dedicated to my bestfriend. Well not only is she amazing but also over the past couple of weeks I've learnt to appreciate my friends & family so much more than I already did. These past weeks, this world has gone through so much, so many lives have been lost all over the place & it all really hit home because I don't know what I'd do without my close friends & family. I'd be so lost. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day, it's all precious. If you love someone make sure it's known, make sure you tell them because you never know what tomorrow is going to bring. 

                                                                         B x

17 November 2015


I've been wearing make up for possibly three to four years now & for along as I can remember my pores have always been visible & slightly on the larger side. With that, over the past few years I've done a little bit of research & tried out a bunch of different options & I thought today I would share some of the best of them with you.

First of all lets start with the basics "pores are the tiny opening in the skin where oil & sweat is released to keep the skin naturally cool, healthy & moisturised." You have pores all over you body, on the surface of your skin, but they tend to be more noticeable on the face because that it where the oil glands are the largest. When you breakout it's due to the fact that your pores get clogged with dead skin cells, dirt, make up or oil. So it really does go without saying that you need to be cleaning your face daily to prevent build up & also to keep your pores clean. Pores can appear larger on others is due to the fact that obviously we all have different skin types but it can also come down to genetics.  I also read that it depends on the kind of skin type you have, for example, people with oily skin tend to have larger pores because their pores are more active. While you can't actually physically shrink your pores but there are a few different things you can try to make them appear smaller & here are some of my favourites. 

#1 Cleansing daily. 
Never ever go to sleep without giving you skin a proper cleanse. I prefer to do a double cleanse just because I love the way a double cleanse makes my skin feel plus it is highly recommended. Incorporating steam can help to open up the pores & help release impurities while softening the skin at the same time. 

#2 Exfoliating. 
Exfoliating is key to keeping pores clear & exfoliating is something that should be in your skincare routine at least twice a week. I find the exfoliating really does help with the size of my pores & again really does help with the softening of the skin. 

#3 Primers.
Primers might be one of those products that you think you could do without or that you don't really know or understood the purpose of. However using a primer is an amazing way to minimise the appearance of pores. Primer sits between you skin & foundation while preventing your foundation from sinking into your pores while also helping you achieve more of an even skin tone. 

Now I know that these three steps are very simple but they do honestly help me with minimising the appearance of my pores. You have to keep in mind that you are never actually going to actually rid of your pores so it's good to just in brace it, it's apart of who you are.

B x

15 November 2015


Anxiety is something that I've have been dealing with for five years now & I'll continue to deal with for the rest of my life & that's reality, that's a fact. Rather than focusing on the negatives, I want to focus on the positives. I want to share with you what helps me through the toughest moments of anxiety but also how I deal with my anxiety on an everyday basis.

Obviously these tips aren't going to be for everyone, some might work for you & some others may not. These are the tips that I think & have found most helpful out of the thousands that have been either been recommended for me or that I may have found through my own research. Take what you can from this post, add your own bits to the tips that I'm sharing with you today & do what's going to work for you.

#1  Not only is chewing gum a great distract from whatever might be making you feel anxious but it's also great because it tricks your body into thinking that your eating. Eating is generally the last thing you want to do when your anxious but also the last thing you'd be doing if you were in some kind of serious danger. It sends a message to the brain, that you're ok, you're calm, you have everything under control & that you have no reason of panic. 

#2 Carry water & a snack around with you which is going to prevent you from going all light headed & dizzy. I know for myself, that if I don't have enough water or have a little bit of food in my tummy the chances of me feeling light headed & dizzy are pretty high which is then only going to make me feel anxious. 

#3 Pick up a few anxiety books & really learn what going on inside your mind & with your brain. I know picking up a book & reading about anxiety is probably the last thing you want to do, but read it, & read it some more & some more again. Even if you think it wouldn't help, honestly it's so good to just be able to read something & feel like that there is somebody out there that understands what you're going through especially because anxiety can be very isolating. 

#4 Distractions, & I know that it's way easier said than done but I know that if I honestly put my mind to it then I know it'll help. Start & keep up a conversation with the person that you're with & if you're not with anyone, put your headphones in & play some music, or just be on your phone even. Anything that is going to distract you from what it going on inside your mind. At the end of the day any kind of distraction is great.

#5 Don't try & resist a panic attack. This will just feed it & make it worse. And by that I mean it'll encourage & could possibly only make it worse or even last longer. So rather than try to fight or resist it, you need to do the complete opposite & tell yourself that you want it to happen, that it's not going to hurt you nor is it going to last forever. You'll be surprised that once in this mindset, how quick it all stops because the fact that you're fighting it is what keeps it going. 

#6 Have a grounding & find comfort. Find something that you are able to carry around with you that makes you feel comforted. For example, I like to carry around roller perfume & a small solid perfume, which are two different scent but these remind me of my mum. My Mum has been such a big security blanket for me, especially when I was really going through the worst of it all. I find those scents really comforting & I just love having them on me at all times. Another thing to take my find off any anxious or negative thoughts then in which give me a chance to think of the positives things is this:  say to yourself, 5 things that you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell & 1 thing you can taste. This technique is all about using you scenes. When we have panic attacks or just feel anxious we can sometimes feel like we're losing control. Doing this will bring your mind back down to reality. 

#7 Remember you will not faint. A panic attack will raise your blood pressure & people usually faint when their blood pressure drops so not matter how dizzy or lightheaded you may feel due to the symptoms of a panic attack you will most likely not faint. As someone who was always scared that I would faint when I would have a panic attack I found this very useful to know. All you have to remember is that it's unlikely for you to faint because your blood pressure is increasing rather than your blood pressure dropping. 

#8 Every situation will differ. By this is mean when we have a panic attack or just anxiety is general, our mind stores the specific situation which then means when we are put back in that situation, for whatever reason it may be, our minds thing we are in some kind of danger & then we are right back a square one, a panic attack. What I encourage you to do if you find yourself in a situation which may cause you to have a panic attack, try & find the differences in the situation, it could be absolutely anything, right down to the fact that maybe you're wearing different shoes to last time or maybe the weather is different. This will divert your brain of thinking of the similarities & the negative thinking. 

#9 Have an escape. To avoid ever feeling trapped in a situation make sure you plan an escape before hand. If you have a plan in place then you are less likely to have a panic attack just because you do know there is a way out. Feeling trapped is definitely a big thing when it comes to anxiety for me personally & I suffered with this for ages so I definitely recommend that if you are the same, that you put a plan in place. 

#10 Be proud of yourself. If you do something that is something you wouldn't normally do, if you put yourself outside of your comfort zone at it causes a panic attack, still be proud of yourself! We tend to beat ourselves quite a bit so it's important to notice the good & proud moments too.

Having anxiety is a super scary things at the best of times & it most definitely takes us on some crazy rollercoaster journeys but remember, not matter what, I'm so proud of you & how far you've come.

B x 

12 November 2015


Being home is the best thing ever, am I right ladies? Without a word of a lie, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want and yes of course that means you're able to eat whenever you want. I know for some of us, that having the house to ourselves is a sacred time & we all make the most of that time as possible. Well here are some weird things that we know that we all do when home alone - don't deny it, we all know your secrets!

#1 Being the inner star you always knew you were. 
Let's be honest, we all love to cover ourselves in our favourite perfumes, turn on our favourite tunes & having our own wee dance party. It's your time to shine - I knew you were always meant to be a superstar. 

#2 Crying & more crying, oh & some more crying. 
Crying when people are around can get pretty uncomfortable. When you're home alone is the perfect time to have a bit of a cry & remember the good times. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a good cry sometimes & in fact sometimes it's nice & exactly what we need. Pop on a movie or listen to some sad tunes, there's no one there ready to pounce on you & ask you a million & one questions. 

#3 Making your bed the next top MTV crib. 
When your home alone not only does your bed become your office, but it becomes your dinning room, living room, kitchen & of course we can't forget that it's your bed too. Why would you ever need to leave such a magical place right? 

#4 It's time to take some ugly selfies. 
It's bad enough when you're trying to take a selfie & you have the whole squad steering at you but when you're home alone go wild on the ugly selfies, but be careful..don't be accidentally spending them to your crush on Snapchat! Oh & you want to know what's even better? If you happen to get a selfie that isn't so bad, you might as well edit it & make it your new Twitter profile picture! 

#5 Are clothes really needed? 
Being home alone means clothes are optional right? If you're comfortable in a baggy t-shirt and sweats then so be it, who say's you have to wear clothes? Oh the social norms, they most definitely not apply here that's for sure. 

#6 Karaoke. 
I mean it's bad enough when I'm not home alone, let alone when I am here by myself. I mean we can't deny the fact that we all blast our current favourite songs & have a bit of a sing a long. Did I mention that it might be a good idea to make sure that all the windows are closed first? 

#7 Talking to yourself. 
I ain't going to lie. This one is the one I find myself doing the most while home alone. I mean it varies from what I need to get done to full blown conversations & although it might sound crazy, it actually stops you feeling like you're about to go crazy. Don't deny it either, I know you all like to talk to yourself every once & awhile but as soon as you start considering & thinking about the fact that you would make a great friend & person to hangout with, you know you need to take a step back a make a really phone call. 

#8 Freaking out. 
So naturally there's a mass murderer lurking around the streets & of course duh, he know's your home alone. He'd only attack at night & once I'm asleep right? My bedside lamp would do enough damage right? 

#9 Changing it up & trying something new. 
When your home alone there's nothing better to do than play around with your make up & re-create a Kim Kardashian or Kylie or Kendell Jenner look. But not only with make up, we like to try out different outfits with different make up looks as well as different pairs of shoes, oh & of course you can't forget the accessories, duh?  

                              B x 

10 November 2015


This day in age I think it's important to be patient. To be understanding, forgiving, thoughtful and gentle.

In this world today, we are in such a rush to get everything done we fail to take notice of what's really going on around us, we fail to take in the beauty around us and we fail to grateful and thoughtful. 
That woman you cut off this morning on the motorway might have been on her way to visit her critically ill husband in hospital. That man behind the till in your local supermarket with the unnecessary attitude might have been feeling really ill with an awful headache but couldn't afford to take time off work because we has a son to provide for. That horrible English teacher of yours who has given you the homework task of writing a 600 word essay in one night, she might be stressed and worried about her father that has just been diagnosed with cancer. 
What I'm trying to say is that every single person  you come across during your day has a story, a life, and that's something that you have no idea about. We are so quick to judge these days, we are in such a constant rush to be everywhere and anywhere, while trying to get everything done at once. 
We all need to take the time to appreciate and be grateful for what we have. We need to take the time in our daily lives to appreciate everything that others do for us. We need to take time to be patient, understand, forgiving, thoughtful and gentle. 
We all have bad days and unfortunately they are inevitable. We are all humans, and believe it or not, this world is full of them. Precious, individual souls, not a single one of us can be replaced. So lets all start being more understanding, patient and thoughtful towards each other and make our world a better place.
This aspect of being understanding and thoughtful towards other is something that I have been preaching for years and although I have my bad days I still try my very hardest not to take it out on those around me whether I know them or not. 
All I ask of you is that you really think about the message I'm trying to get across here because at the end of the day, we're all humans and we're all have made mistakes and are going to probably make many more. Be understanding. Be thoughtful. Be gentle. Be patient and be grateful and appreciate what you have. 

                                                                  B x 

8 November 2015


We can all have a rough time sometimes and it's to be expected, there's not a lot we can do about it. It's just apart of life unfortunately. I can often find myself having an amazing day, getting heaps of work done and just in a really good place, then about mid afternoon I find myself in a bit of a rut. Now this doesn't happen all the time but I've learnt along the way some instant pick me ups and these just give me a chance to re-fresh and I guess re-start my mind. And today that's what I plan on sharing with you.

1 // Pets
Pets are a great way to cheer me up. I personally am an animal lover so spending time around animals is something I really love to do. If I'm in one of my down moods and my cat is around I'll take some time to cuddle with him and just really try and relax. If you have a dog, you could take them for a walk. Walking would also really help clear your mind too.

2 // Baths
Take a hot bath. My body knows that when I'm taking a bath it's nothing but relax and me time. I like to put some bubbles in, maybe something that smells amazing from Lush. A hot bath is really going to help relax muscles and I think just really give you some me time.

3 // Hugs
This one is pretty self explanatory but I know that if I get a hug from someone it makes me feel so much better. Hugs are definitely one of my favourite pick me ups.

4 // Music
Music is something I can't go a day without listening to. And if I feel that I need to take a break from working or just take a break in general I'll put on a calming playlist and just lie on my bed with my eyes closed, just really focusing on my breathing. I find this so calming and relaxing. This is something that I might do for 10-15 minutes or possibly even longer depending on how I'm feeling.

5 // Goodbye Social Media
If I'm taking a break and looking for something to pick me up, I can guarantee you I won't be on social media. Although I know that social media can be a positive place it also has it negatives too. And sometimes we consumer those negatives without even being aware of it.

6 // Books
Reading is something that I love to do whether I'm looking for a pick me up or not. I find that reading really gives you the opportunity to dive into another world. You become present in the book and imagine everything that is happening in the character lives rather than your own.

7 // Working Out
Now when I say working out I don't necessarily mean a full blown intense cardio workout. By all means do that if that's something you want to do at the time but by 'working out' I also mean just going to a walk around the block, maybe a run, or why not try some Yoga or Mediation. Something I like to see is just small at home workouts. Nothing to intense but enough to get my heart rate up and get up a bit of a sweat. Working out or even just getting outside and getting some fresh air is going to make you feel so much better.

8 // T.V Series
Again very similar to the idea of reading. Pop on your favourite t.v series or your favourite movie and give your mind a chance to really dive into it, the characters lives and the story line. Again sometimes this is all we need to take our minds of things for a while so then we can get back on track. Put something on that is really going to inspire you and that may even be some of your favourite YouTube videos.

9 // Face Masks
I love doing a good ole face mask. I try and do this at least once or twice a week. It's going to make your skin feel amazing and I always think a good face mask will waken and freshen you up.

10 // Hot Drinks
At the end of a long day I love to sit down with a hot cup of tea. Again this is about taking some time for myself and treating myself after a long day. 

B x

5 November 2015


Instagram. Definitely one of the most used apps on my phone. I love the fact that I'm able to have this unique place where not only can I share my pictures with you guys but also a place where I can come back and have a place where all my memories are kept. I love photography, editing photos and playing around the colour and the composition and all that good stuff. I thought today that I would share with you some of my favourite Instagram accounts and with that I also get a lot of my inspiration and new ideas and thoughts.

'seeyouaround' Instagram account has more of a darker theme but I adore this. I'd say that the pictures are everyday lifestyle based and again I adore this. The pictures are really simple yet they look amazing and I feel that they can really tell a story. I love to gather inspiration from this particular Instagram account because I just think that it's incredibly well set out and I essentially love her posts. 

I myself watch Amelia's YouTube channel and she is just such a lovely, caring, down to earth kinda girl. Her pictures are incredible and I always find joy out of looking at them. I'd say the her theme is definitely bright and it has an amazing pop of colour. Amelia posts a range of different pictures, whether it's beauty related, or lifestyle related with of course the occasional selfie! 

I feel like I talk about Jonlyn a lot. Whether it's her in general, her YouTube channel or her Instagram. But honestly Jonlyn is such an amazing person. We've talked a few times through Twitter and I honestly love her and her Instagram is no different. Jonlyn has a black and white themed Instagram and honestly I'm not a big fan of black and white Instagram feeds but there's something different about Jonlyn's. Again I'd say her Instagram is more everyday life style based. 

Again I've watched Aspyn on YouTube for quite awhile now and she's so super lovely and caring! Aspyn's Instagram is quite bright but then has some amazing pops of colour. She posts a range of different pictures so I'd definitely say it's a lifestyle based theme. 

I'm not going to say a lot about Meghan's Instagram account apart from the fact that is truly amazing and you must go and check it out! Plus Meghan has a very light bright theme so if you like that kind of theme definitely head over and check it out! 

Of course anyone can post whatever they want to their Instagrams, remember not to be judgemental and to keep your thoughts to yourself if you have nothing nice to say. I see way to many horrible comments on social media these days, just remember that your words can hurt someone more than you could ever imagine. If you would like to follow me over at my Instagram account, I'd love to have you following me, it's just @msbonni3ellen

B x

3 November 2015


Since a week ago I decided to do a updated morning routine post, I thought it would be the perfect time to then do a updated evening routine. Like I said in my morning routine post, which I'll link here, keep in mind these times will vary as it all depends on what my day is like. Whether I have a busy day or more of a relaxed day.

Around 430 in the afternoon I'll take a bit of a break and have a snack. I might even read, watch some YouTube in this time. Depending what I'm doing that particular day, I might have a break a little bit earlier and then hit the gym for about an hour. I try to do this everyday but some days do tend to get a little bit busy and the gym gets put on the back burner unfortunately. If I'm not going to the gym, I'll usually head back to my desk around 5 and finish anything off that needs it or just finish things off in a good place where I can easily pick it up the next day. So that may include emails, blog bits, anything to do with YouTube, any social medias bits and pieces. 

About 630 in the evening I'll kind of start working out what I want for dinner and then start preparing it and I'll usually have my dinner around 7-730. In this time I also like to sit down with my mum, catch up with her and see how her day has been, we might watch some tv, maybe Netflix or a movie. 

Then 9 o'clock rolls around and it's time for me to have a shower or a bath. This is time that I really like to take for myself. I'll wash my hair, cleanse my face, exfoliate, moisture and at least one a week I'll do a face mask. 

930-945 PM is the time that I try and do a little bit of yoga, meditation or just stretching. I won't do this every night as sometimes I make time during the morning or my day to do it but sometimes I find it useful to do it at night too. 

By 1030 I'm in bed. I'll either be reading, I might be watching a YouTube video or what not. Then I'll eventually nod off to sleep. 

This is just my basic night routine and like I said above, I don't necessarily keep to these times, it really does all depend on the day I've had, the times are just a rough estimate. 

B x