2 August 2018

What I've Learnt From Taking A Month Off Blogging

I’d say I have a pretty healthy relationship with my phone. I notice when its been in my grips a little too much on one day and them spend the next with it out of arms reach and on silent. July quickly became the month I decided to take off blogging when life got busy and internet was limited.

I was extremely cautious about taking the month off because one of my big goals for the year was to consistently upload good content to my website. But it got to the point here I really needed some time away to  re-evaluate a few bits and make a plan for what and where I see my website in the future. 

Having some time off blogging also came with having time away from being online. Being offline has been a big eye opener and it’s one of those thing that you don’t realise how good it is for you until you do it. I mean I’ve kept up to date with social media but it hasn’t been something that has consumed my life over the past few weeks. Here’s the thing though - I think this period of consuming content while not putting anything to consume has changed my outlook of the online world. I haven’t spent hours glued to my phone but instead I picked out the content that I actually wanted to view, just the good stuff from topic and creators that appealed to me. When it comes to producing content to consume, I’ve alway stood by the mantra, ‘create what you like to consume’ and so that’s what I really want to delve deeper into now that I’m back online. I’ve got a bunch of new ideas for website posts and things I’d like to update you on. I’d like to eventually get back up to three posts per week but we’ll see how we go. 

B x 

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