25 June 2020

How To Plan Your Day When Working From Home

Whether you’re new to working from home or simply need some tips on how to plan your day, here are some techniques to help you stay on track throughout your day. 

Create Desk Goals

I’ve found that it’s easier to get into a routine if you have a desk or even just an area in your home that is your area while you work. Ideally, you might find that you want to convert a space room into a home office but if your home doesn’t allow for that a part of the dinning room/lounge/bedroom can work just as well. Try to find some space for your laptop, notes and a good cup of coffee, not matter how small. 

Be Strict With Time

When working from home, home life can easily mesh with your professional life. To prevent this from happening & for me to be completely aware of what need to be done when I will have routines & block periods of time throughout my day for certain tasks. Even though we’re working from home, we must set work hours for ourselves. It automatically gives us a routine to follow & offers us that structure we would usually get when working at the office. 

What Planner Suits You? 

A planner that will help you structure your to-do’s, goals & work all in one is really helpful when working from home. A daily planner can help you create structure in the day but maybe you feel you need something to help you see the bigger picture & that’s when a weekly desk planner can come in handy. 

Track Time If You Lose Focus

Time tracking apps are very useful to help you make the most of your working hours. It could also help you figure out how many hours you’ve spent on a project. I also find time blocking in iCal to be really helpful as well. It’s flexible but also allows me to see where my day is heading & how busy I’m going to be. 

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