5 July 2018

Self Care | A Friendly Reminder


Well if you’re here for a long in-depth post about my self care routine, you’ll need to check back to a post from February, linked here, where I chat about all my favourite self care practices, routines and rituals. However, this post is more of a quick friendly reminder to really take some time for yourself. By now I feel like you all know how much of an advocate I am for self care. Self care is essential all year round but I’m not going to lie, this time of the year can be tough. Winter and the cold weather is really enough on its own but it can also be enough to dampen our mood and really get us unmotivated.

I was inspired by an Instagram post I saw on Friday by a good friend of mine Becs, @bringingbackbecs. She was talking about all the things she was going to do for herself over the weekend. Weirdly enough, it was exactly what I needed to see to movitve me to do something for myself. It also really got me thinking about how we shouldn’t just be doing things for ourselves every now and then or when we get to the point of burning out. Self care should be something we do weekly and schedule time for so we don’t get to that point where we’ve got nothing left to give.

I want to thanks Becs because her Instagram post servied as my friendly reminded to look after myself and because of her post, I’m sat here now passing on that friendly remind to you.

If Winter is getting you down, a bit like it was for me last week, take a look at my ‘How To Kick The Winter Blues In The Butt’ post where I talked about a few of things I do to try and keep myself thriving and motivated during the colder months.

Much love, B x

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