8 February 2018

What Is Self Care To You? | My Favourite Self Care Products

What is self care? 
"The actions that individuals take for themselves, on behalf go and with others in order to develop, protect, maintain and improve their health, wellbeing or wellness." @selfcareforum

Self care means something different to all of us but to me it is about taking time to look after myself so I maintain a good overall wellbeing. 

Why do we practice self care? 
From the definition above, it's clear that it's important that we all practice self care to maintain good health and wellbeing. Self care means we'll have greater control over our overall health, and helps put healthy behaviours into practice. Self care can benefit us all. 

Self care is such an important part of my daily routine. I don't always have time to spend a full day to myself but little practices every day help me keep balanced and grounded until I do have that extra time to spend on myself. 

My Favourite Self Care Practices

Sleep: Sleep is huge and getting a good 8 hours sleep is so important for me to ensure that I have a productive day. But not only that, sleep is the time my body takes to heal and rest, that's important to me when it comes to looking after my body and my health. 

Gratitude: Being grateful for all the little things that happen on a day to day basis is great for our mental health. Okay, we might of had a really shit day but we got to and from work safely, it was a beautiful warm day and you're healthy. Those kinds of little things can really help shift your mind set. 

Diet: Diet plays a big part in how I'm feeling physically but it's also looking after your body. Feeding it those foods that are going to nurture it and well make you feel great as a result. 

Fitness: Working out is one of the best ways to clear your mind. I love the way you feel after working out, mentally and physically. Working out is other self care practice that I think is a great way to shift your mind set and make you feel great again. 

Step Away From Work: Leave work at work. Try not to bring work home with you, leave it at the work place. If you work from home set yourself a routine so you know when to stop working, start unwinding and do things for you.

My Favourite Self Care Activities

Bath/Shower: When it comes to taking time to myself I'll usually start with having a bubble bath or a shower. You always feel great after having either a bath or a shower. I'll shave, exfoliate, wash my hair, all those things that make you feel refreshed.

Makeup/Skincare: Skincare is a necessity when it comes to self care. If it's after a long day, I'll take off my makeup, put a face mask on, cleanse, exfoliate, all that good shit just to really pamper my skin. If I'm taking a day to myself or maybe it's just the morning and I feel like putting makeup on then I will. I love having the time to sit down and do my makeup so if that's something I feel like doing then I will. 

Fresh Flowers: Nothing makes me more happy than seeing fresh flowers sitting on my dinning room table. Fresh flowers always just brighten up a room so every now and then I'll have a fresh bunch of flowers in the house somewhere. 

Podcasts/Books: I love to read and listen to podcasts but struggle to find time to do so in my day to day life. When it comes to taking time to myself I make sure that a chunk of that time is dedicated to either reading or catching up on my favourite podcast. 

Beach/Nature: Getting out into nature, even if it's just my backyard is really calming. If it's a beautiful I'll go to the beach but there's just something about being in nature that is calming and great for centring yourself. 

Yoga/Meditation: Last but definitely not least is yoga and meditation. I can't talk about yoga and mediation enough. It's something you can do when you get home after a long day and it's going to instantly make to feel calm and centred. Yoga and meditation is probably one of my absolute favourite self care activities. 

What are some of your favourite self care practices and activities? 

Much love, B x 

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