22 November 2018

Rise & Shine | Summer Morning Routine

For me, routines are an important part of any day. Naturally, my routine is what sets me up for any day, physically & mentally. There are several parts of my routine but the idea of it comes from Hal Erlod’s Miracle Morning. Hal Elrod has done an incredible job of creating a simplistic yet effective steps to creating the ideal routine and that's exactly what I was looking for. 

There are six main parts of my routine & they reflect the Miracle Morning. Each letter of ‘SAVERS’ stands for a part of your routine. 

Taking two minutes of silence to just catch your breath. Set intentions for the day. Mediate, pray & be grateful. 

Encouraging words you tell yourself to help you achieve your goals for the day. To help you overcome fears, to achieve your purpose.

Vision boards. Imagining yourself doing each talk or step needed to get through the day. 

Exercise gets the blood flowing so opting to do even a few minutes of exercise as part of your morning routine is so beneficial. Yoga & stretching is my favourite kind of morning exercise. 

Newspapers, books, magazines, blogposts or articles. Through reading you can learn positive thoughts, ideas & knowledge which can help to get you motivated. 

Write, draw or doodle. Expressing yourself through writing or drawing is a great way to process your thoughts, reflect & inspire yourself. 

Of course we can't forget the other everyday bits & pieces like making my bed, having breakfast, brushing my teeth, completing my skincare & makeup routine, doing my hair, getting dressed and feeding Sylvie. 

B x 

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