13 April 2021

Standout Haircare Products

As someone with a natural curl that get's a bit dry & unruly more often than not, I thought I'd share some of my current standout haircare favourites that I'm really enjoying & more than that, my hair is really loving. 

"Been putting your hair though a lot? Help easy some of the damage with Rehab. Olive oil adds strength the hair, while fresh pineapple & papaya juice means this clarifying shampoo cleanses oil & enhances shine." After using Rehab shampoo my scalp & hair feel so beautifully refreshed, the fragrance is fresh but subtle & just a small amount provides such a rich lather! I really wish I had come across Rehab earlier! 

"Don't let bad hair days rain on your parade, this nutty conditioner is loaded with ingredients to soften, smooth & detangle your hair for a sleek, moisturised finish." Candy Rain conditioner leaves my hair so smooth & soft. I love that this product has an abundant of moisturising properties which helps protect hair for stronger strands. As someone with curly hair that tangles way to quickly, Candy Rain is the perfect conditioner to help detangle hair as well! It really is the perfect conditioner for my hair, I'm in love. 

Garnier have a great range of hair masks for all hair types but what I think I love about them most is their multiple use factor. They can be used as a hair mask, intense conditioner or a leave in treatment. These hair masks consist of a formula that is 98% naturally derived, 98% biodegradable & vegan, with no silicones, no parabens & no artificial colourants. Each individual mask is specialise depending on hair type & scent. My favourites are the Aloe Vera & Macadamia masks as they're for dry & unruly hair types similar to mine. Highly recommend checking out these hair masks, they're for sure some of my favourites! 

If anyone has tried any decent curl creams I'd love your recommendations! I'm on the hunt for something incredible! 

B x 

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