6 April 2021

Six Tips For A Healthy Headspace

Taking steps to maintain your mental health & wellbeing helps you live life in a positive & meaningful way but it also helps you to bounce back when times do get tough. I am always referring back to this wee list of tips when I'm feelings overwhelmed & like life is getting to be a bit much. 

Set Yourself A Small Goal 
Set a goal or task that you want to achieve for the day. It can be something small like making your bed, going for a walk or calling a friend. Try some new hobbies & keep doing the things you love as best you can. 

Learn Skills For A Tough Time 
It might be helpful to learn new coping skills to maintain & improve wellbeing. You could try journaling your thoughts & feelings, practice some breathing exercises, explore mental health apps or website, create a new routine or take a digital detox. 

Create Connections 
When we can't physically connect with friends & loved ones, there are so many other ways to stay connected. Try calling a friend or video chatting with a family member. Online is always a good way to make connections with those you may not be able to physically. 

Eat Well 
Minimise unhealthy snacks & caffeine. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables & drink plenty of water! 

Stay Active
You could try doing an online fitness class, a yoga session or even a challenge of some kind with you friends. It's important to remember something is better than nothing & it all benefits your mental health! 

Get Enough Sleep 
Trying to stick to a sleep routine can be really hard something but if you can, try wake up & go to bed around the same time. Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep each not & try turning switching off from electronics 30-60 minutes before bed. 

What are some of the steps you take to keeping a healthy headspace? 

B x 

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