25 May 2021

Feeling Exhausted & Unmotivated? Me Too!

For the past couple of weeks I've been feeling extremely exhausted & unmotivated hence why there were no uploads last week but I think the big question is how do we recover from that? How do we bounce back? It can be difficult. We all have these ambitious goals & hefty to-do list but in between all of it, are we making time to look after ourselves? 

We've all learnt the hard way at least once, that you can't perform & deliver your best work when you're tired & stressed. So if you feel that overwhelming exhaustion creep in, try asking yourself these questions. 

When Was The Last Time You Said No To Something? 
Learning to set yourself boundaries & saying no is crucial. You need to protect yourself by taking on a realistic workload & learning how to say no when you're feeling overwhelmed & overworked. It applies to social commitments & personal goals too. It's not just about saying no but you need to do what you feel is right to protect yourself & your energy. 

Am I Getting Enough Sleep? 
It's not just about the amount of sleep you're getting, but the quality of the sleep too. Make your bedroom a stress-free place & don't bring work into the bedroom. Working from home has meant that my office space is within my bedroom. To ensure work is left behind at my desk, I end my day with writing a list of what I need to do the next working day & then make sure everything is tidy & in place for the next day. 

Who Can I Talk To About This? 
That overwhelming exhausted feeling is never great but sometime talking to someone about it can make you feel a lot better. It feels great to be able to offload feelings & work through your thought processes. Sometimes we just need to see things from another perspective. 

These are always the first three things I ask myself when I can feel that overwhelming exhaustion feeling creeping in. These questions don't always give me the exact answers I want but it does help me work through how I'm feeling & the next steps I need to take so that I don't reach a complete burnout. 

B x 

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