27 May 2021

Best Of My Current Skincare Routine

I will be putting up an in-depth post soon of my entire skincare routine, morning & evening but for the mean time I wanted to put together a post that mentions all the new standout favourites in my routine. The majority of these products fall under two categories, either face masks & eye creams/gels but if you have any recommendations of products for dehydrated skin I'd love to hear about them! 

"Minimise pores & restore a more radiant skin tone with the brightening & purifying goodness of natural Pink Clay & Witch Hazel. Gently draws out all the dirt & trapped oils in the skin, combined with nourishing Native New Zealand Kawakawa Extract - renowned for its calming & cleansing effects." 

It's a pretty basic face mask but it does the job really well. I love how smooth & soft my skin is after using this product. It helps to dry up any active blemishes & leaves skin feeling clean but not dehydrated. It's really affordable & great if you're looking to try something new! 

"This light eye serum melts into the skin helping to soften & firm dull stressed skin, adding a boost of radiance with our nourishing formula. Although the name appears a bit sciency, Hyaluronic Acid is a natural, highly active ingredient that fights dullness, fine lines & uneven tone & texture caused by daily UV exposure, stress & ageing." 

Again, a pretty simple & straightforward product but I find it to be relatively effective. I've found that it has helped soften & hydrate under my eyes which is exactly want I need in an eye cream. I use this product in conjunction with another eye cream which will be motioned below but I don't have any complaints about this product. 

"The lightweight gel formula helps to brighten dark circles & visibly smooths the precious skin around the eyes, using Vitamin C sourced from exotic fruits such as Mango, Papaya & Pineapple." 

A really gorgeous lightweight eye gel with a pleasant scent. It's cooling & refreshing under the eyes & I find works really well along side the byNature Hydrating Eye Serum. 

"Simple Protect 'n' Glow Detox & Brighten Clay Mask draws out impurities & pollutants like a magnet. Formulated with organic, ginger, natural clays, vitamins C & E, it inspires micro-circulation for revived & revitalised skin. Like all Simple products, it's 100% free from artificial colour & perfume & has no harsh chemical that can upset your skin." 

I'm really loving this product & I'd say currently, it's being used more than the mask I mentioned above. This mask leaves my skin feeling revitalised & fresh but not stripped of hydration. I've used Simple skincare products for awhile now & they impress me every single time. I'm looking forward to adding & trying a few more products from this Protect 'n' Glow range from Simple. 

What are some of the standout skincare products currently in your routine? 

B x 

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