6 July 2021

Being Productive While Having A Clear Mind

If like so many of us you find yourself spending more time scrolling on social media than on your to-do-list or spontaneously cleaning your bedroom instead of tackling that assignment you have looming over you, then these tips could be for you. 

Have a deadline tomorrow & you want me to sit & breathe for fifteen minutes? Yes, I do. Your brain is a muscle that needs to be exercised & practicing mindfulness can help with your brains ability to focus. Not only will you find concentrating easier but you will actually work better too! A simple, yet really effective way you be mindful before your working day is to write in a gratitude journal. You then can read over previous prompts you've filled in & reflect on previous feelings of happiness & gratitude. 

Tackle Big Tasks In The AM 
Now this might not be the case for everyone but I find that I'm able to focus better on tasks I do in the morning therefore I maximise my time in the morning by tackling all my bigger tasks for the day. To help keep focus steady throughout the day I try to take regular breaks & avoid multi-tasking & flagging. A planner where you're able to planner out your day hour by hour while having a place to list tasks is always handy to have too! 

Be Anti-Social 
We live in a world of constant distraction & from time to time a girl got to give herself a chance to stay focused on the task at hand. Close down emails, turn off all notifications & sign out of social accounts. There are also apps out there that you can use where it'll easily block you social media for up to eight hours & give you the opportunity to get to work! 

Hydrate & Fuel 
If you want to improve focus it's really important that you're taking regular breaks, having nutritious foods & keep hydrated. I keep a water bottle at my desk & some nuts handy for a quick snack if I feel my focus & productivity beginning to decline. 

A Dreamy Work Place 
Whether you're working from home or not, your environment plays a huge part in your brains ability to focus. Create a place that inspires you, not one that distracts you. Plug into a focus playlist on Spotify, light an energising candle & add flowers & places you help reduce stress but increase productivity. 

What helps you focus & keep a clear mind? 

B x 

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