29 March 2015


Today I thought I would do another monthly favourite blog post with a bit of a twist. So I came across while reading through some of Zoellas old blog posts, these series of questions and I thought it would be a good way for you guys to find out a few of my favourite products and places at the moment! 

1. What it your current fashion obsession?
My current fashion obsession would have to be oversized comfy jumpers! It's coming into winter over here and when you get home from school you just want to pull on a pair of tights and comfy jumper. However I also like that you can really nice 'fashionable' jumpers and you can totally get away with wearing one out into town in the winter!

2. What is your current makeup obsession? 
My current makeup obsession would hands done have to be my Maybelline Fit Me ConcealerI . I know I've talked about this concealer before and I think it's featured in a favourites before but it's just so moisturising and has an amazing coverage. This concealer is great for under the eyes and blemishes as well. 

3. What is your current skincare obsession? 
My current skincare obsession 110% has to be rosehip oil! Rosehip oil has helped my skin so much over the last week. It helped clear up my problemed areas on my face and it helps lock in the moisture and I think it leaves your makeup looking flawless!

4. What are you wearing today?
It's currently Sunday when I'm writing this blog post so I'm currently wearing a pair of skins and a oversized jumper, just some comfy clothes for sure!

5. Hair?
My hair is just tied back in a messy bun. 

6. Do you nap alot?
This is an interesing question because it does depend on the kind of day I've had. If I've had a really stressful day at school  and I have only managed to get 4 hours sleep the night before, if I've had an anxiety attack aswell I'll always feel tired after I've had one then yes I probably will nap in the afternoon once home from school but if I've had a really good day and I feel like still pretty energised then I generally won't and just go my homework straight away. 

7. Why is today special?
It's not really, it's Sunday which means I have school tomorrow ):

8. What would you like to learn?
I love learning new things, whether it's about someone, so a friend or family memeber or if it's at school and I'm learning something new there. However I would really love to learn sign language! I remember taking a course at primary school learning all the different symbols and bits n pieces, so I would love to fill in the bits a can't rememeber. 

9. What's for dinner tonight? 
That's a very good question, I'm unsure at the moment but it'll probably be a chicken salad!

10. What are you listening to right now? 
No Type by Rae Sremmurd

11. What is your favourite kind of weather?
Ah I love summer because I love the heat but in middle of summer it can get extremley hot here so I'm going to have to say autumn kind of weather, it's still warm but it has that winter chill about it. 

12. What is the last thing you brought?
2 pairs of fluffy bed socks, 1 pair in grey and the other in teal (: 

13. What are your essentials when traveling?
Depending on the length of the trip and how I'm getting to my destination will depend what I'll have on me. Generally I'll have a water bottle, some snacks, my iPhone, my iPad, my general hangbag essentials, I also may have some makeup wipes on me, my pillow, a sleep mask and definitly my headphones!

14. What is your style?
Depending on where I'm going, am I staying at home, running a few errands or maybe going out? Generally it's comfy but chic.

15. What is a challenging goal at the moment?
Personally for me at the moment it's the small things, I'vr recently gone off track with my mental health so things are a bit tough but I'm getting back there slowly. 

16. What are some of the things you can't live without?
Friends, family of course but to be honest I would be pretty lost without my iPhone, I rely on my phone quite a bit!

17. Thoughts on the person who tagged you in this?
No one tagged me in this however I did find this on Zoe's (Zoella) blog! I love Zoe's videos they are so inspiring and they just generally put you in a good mood! Her vlogs are always uplifting, I love them! Her YouTube channel is definitely worth a look, I think you'll fall in love with it just like I did! 

18. If you could have a house totally paid for and fully furnished where woud you want it to be?
Ah, this is a hard one! Of course there are lots of places I'd love it to be but I've always loved the look of Brighton, London! Definitley a place by the beach, I think would be amazing! 

19. What's your favourite holiday spot?
Oooo, I'm not sure! I haven't been anywhere out of my own country but I'd have to say Auckland is a really nice place and I have family I can visit when I go up there but also Nelson which I know I've just moved here but I really do love it here! There are so many beautiful things to do here and so many beautiful things to see!

20. What was your childhood like? 
Really good, so many amazing memories! I really do miss being that little though! 

21. What would you like to get rid of if you could?
Simple, my anxiety and depression! I wouldn't just do this for myself I would do it for everyone suffering with a mental illness! I've been to hell and back and I don't wish that upon anybody at all. 

22. What are you most excited for?
School holidays in less than a week, yaaaaaay! Also my birthday which from today is in 35 days! 

23. If you could go anywhere in the world in the next hour where who it be? 
Manchester, England for sure! 

24. What countries have you visited?
Absoulety none at all! I will definitley get there one day and there are so many places I want to visit so it'll definitley happen! 

25. Top five favourite apps at the moment?
Not including all the basic soical media apps like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc becausing I'll always be loving them but recently I have been loving Pinterest, the game 94%, daily horoscopes, airbnb and the game Tiny Towers!

That's it for today's blog post guys! I hope you enjoyed finding out more about my current favourites! I thought this was quite a unique way of doing a monthly favourites so let me know what you think?

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Thankyou so much for reading, we'll talk soon!
Love you guys millions and millions ♡

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