14 September 2017

Just A Few Of My YT Faves

While I’m subscribed to many incredible creators on Youtube,  but there’s only so much Youtube you can watch in one day. I go through phases of those I watch on Youtube and it’s constantly changing. Below you’ll find six different Youtube creators I’ve been obsessed with lately, along with links to where you can find a variety of there content. I hope you enjoy their content as much as I do. 

Justine Ezarik, iJustine 
Twitter: @iJustine
Instagram: @iJustine

Jenna Ezarik 
Twitter: @jennaezarik
Instagram: @jennaezarik

Kalyn Nicholson 
Twitter: @kalynnicholson
Instagram: @kalynnicholson13

Anna, theannaedit
Twitter: @theannaedit
Instagram: @theannaedit

Rebecca Meldrum, mrsrmeldrum
Twitter: @mrsrmeldrum
Instagram: @mrsrmeldrum

Niomi Smart
Twitter: @niomismart
Instagram: @niomismart

B x

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