21 February 2015


Hiiii everybody!

Today I'm here with my February YouTuber Favourites! I have had so many this month but I've managed to get it down to five! At the bottom of this blog post will also me some of the YouTube videos I have been loving in general, so let's get straight into it! 

1: Aflie Deyes! Aflie has a few different YouTube channels and I love them all however my favourite this month has to be his vlog channel which is also known as 'PointlessBlogTV'. Aflie is a daily vlogger and his vlogs are just so fun to watch, I love watching them when I've got some down time at night! Aflie does an amazing job with all his videos and I definitely think they are worth checking out! 

2: Tess Christine! Ahhh, my love for this girl and her channel is incredible! Tess has just a variety of things on her channel, from get the look videos, #asktess, makeup tutorials , there is just a bunch of amazing stuff over on her channel and I totally recommend going to check her videos out! 

3: Liv, known on YouTube as xlivlovesmakeup! Liv is just one of the many New Zealand YouTubers that I love! Again Livs content varies widely and I love that! Liv does unboxing videos, makeup tutorials, first impressions, and a bunch of tag videos, if you want someone down to earth and so lovely, Liv is your girl, totally worth checking out her channel! 

4: Shani Grimmond! Now if you don't know who this girl is, where have you been?! Shani is an Australian YouTuber and can I just say, her makeup is on point 24/7! I love watching Shanis makeup tutorials and vlogs! Shani and her best friend have just moved into there own apartment, so I'm super excited to see what new videos she comes out with next! 

5: BrianandKirstenTV, now if you read my January YouTuber Favourites blog post you would have read about Kirstens beauty channel well this is her and her partner Brian's vlog channel! Brian and Kirsten have just had their little baby girl called Avery and she is so super cute! I love Kirsten and Brian's vlogs they are so down to earth, I love see Kirstens daily planner segments but I just love their videos in general! I can't wait to see more of what they get up to and especially now that they have baby Avery! 

The videos I have loved watching this month are school organisation and study tips, I have been loving planner videos at the moment along with morning and night routine videos! 

Thank you for reading, 
Love you guys millions & we'll talk soon xxx

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