11 August 2016

10 Things To Do This Weekend

I'm generally pretty busy on the weekends & so when I eventually get to have a day to myself I end up not knowing what to do with myself. It got to the point where I decided to make a list of thing that would help me relax & things that I really enjoy doing. I'm going to share that list with you all today in hopes that it might be able to help some of you when it comes to having a day to yourself & just taking that opportunity to look after yourself.

Pick up & read. Even if it's a book that you've read three times before. Pick up something you really love to read, even if it's a magazine or a newspaper.

Start watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix, ready for the new series in November. It's sweet & lighthearted & perfect for the weekend!

Bake a batch of cookies. Have fun in the kitchen & bake yourself a treat.

Treat yourself to a fresh coat of nail polish. Give yourself a manicure & pedicure in your favourite colour.

Pick up a favourite bunch of fresh flowers.

Plan for the week ahead. I love planning for the week ahead & I purely think that is because I like to know where my week is heading.

Catch up on any YouTube videos or any blog posts you may have missed throughout the week.

Get outside & go for a walk. Get some fresh air & take time to be appreciative.

Treat yourself to a mask & some luxury skincare.

Take some time for you. Have a hot bath, add some bubbles. Do whatever is going to make you feel relaxed & happy.

B x

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