14 July 2020

Why A Healthy Morning Routine Became Crucial While Working From Home


Naturally I’m not a morning person, yet it’s something I’ve always wanted to be but if I had to choose between snoozing my alarm for an extra 15 minutes & basically anything else, you’d definitely find me in bed, with the curtains drawn fighting for a extra few minutes sleep. 

While it’s tempting to roll out of bed just minutes before my first meeting, I quickly realised that waking up earlier allows me the chance to have some time for myself & tackle some small tasks that are going to get my brain going. The result? Well, I feel more energised, focused & better equipped to tackle the day. These are some of the habits I’ve put into practice during my mornings & why you should do the same. 

Drink Water 

Dehydration has more side effects that you think & one of them including fatigue. I’ve found that this habit can actually be beneficial as a night time one too. I try to remember to drink a glass of water right before I go to bed & then again first thing in the morning. It immediately helps me feel more awake & less likely to hit snooze. 


I try & start my day with at least some basic stretching, even if I’m literally still sitting in bed. I know when I’m working from home that I’m less likely to get up from my workspace as often as I normally would & I’ve found that some simple stretching in the morning but also throughout the day helps keep my energy up & keeps me from feeling sluggish. 


I’ve never be a breakfast gal & breakfast often consisted of a cup of coffee. Now I’m trying to make time to actually sit down & eat something. Typically it’s just a piece of fruit but I want to start experimenting with some different recipes. Having something in my tummy definitely helps with my productivity first thing in the morning. 

Time To Unwind 

When you’re working from home it can be difficult to set boundaries. I try yo do something in the morning that isn’t work or school related, whether it’s reading a few pages of my book, completing a word find or mediating for a few minutes. This helps give me a sense of work-life balances which I believe is crucial. 

What are some of your crucial morning routine rituals? 

B x 

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