13 January 2019

Top 5 Skincare Tips

I've had a skincare routine in place for quite a few years now & I've experimented with a whole lot of products. But over that time I quickly realised that it's not always that products we use, it also depends on what we're 'feeding' our skin in other ways. I've put together a few of the tips I've found help my skin over the years that aren't product dependent. 

It’s been said a million times before but chugging back water is really the ultimate act of skin self love. It’s the exact same with eating well & easing up on the alcohol. 

You should always, always, always be adding a layer of protection to your skin in the mornings before you leave the house. It will help prevent the obvious gorgeous red tint none of us really love but also wrinkles, sun spots & sun damage. 

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is fantastic in skincare & something I love having in my routine. Vitamin C is great to help safeguard yourself against any potential future damage but also trying to repair current damage. 

 don’t do the whole caboodle every night but I at least take of my makeup, do a quick cleanse & moisturise. Your skin will always thank you in the long run. 

Stick, Not Twist
Keep up with those products that work with well with your skin. Don’t go & change something the doesn’t need changing. Only ever add one product into your routine at a time so your able to have some control over what’s working & what’s fluff. 

B x 

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