6 January 2019

Self Care Ideas | Summer Edition


You all know how important I think self care is & to have it as a constant routine in your life. I wanted to throw some ideas around for things you could do for yourself throughout the summer. 

It is currently summer here in New Zealand but I know it's not summer everywhere at this time of the year so regardless of the season you're in at the moment I hope you can take some of these ideas, adjust them where needed & include them in your self care routine. 

Spend Time Outside
One of the reasons summer is my favourite is because of the gorgeous weather. I cannot encourage everyone enough to spend time outside, absorb all the Vitamin D you can, safely of course & just have fun in the sun. Being outside & being in the fresh air almost immediately puts me in a better mood. I feel instantly grounded & just at a place of peace when I'm outside. Make the most of the sunshine because it'll be winter before we know it! 

Slow Down 
For us here in New Zealand, Summer is upon us just in time for Christmas. In the lead up to Christmas & the New Year it can be hectic. We're all busy trying to get shit done before the end of year but at the same time get things in place ready for the New Year. Take some time for yourself, slow down, take a breath & ground yourself. At this time of the year we're so busy thinking about everything & everyone else we tend to forget about the most important person, ourselves. Do something for yourself & do whatever the heck you want to do for a change! 

Mind & Soul 
Something I do regardless the time of year in regards to self care is mediation, yoga & a bit of journaling. All three things are great for your mind & soul. It's important to look after your mind just as much your soul. These three things together help me feel grounded when everything else around me is busy & chaotic. I highly recommend adding these practices to if not your everyday routine, your self care routine. 

Pamper Evenings
Girl, treat yo'self! Hot bubble bath, mani/pedi, freshly washed hair & a face mask. We can't afford to forget about ourselves at this time of the year. Pamper evenings are one of the best ways to relax after a busy week. Take time to debrief & just check out for the weekend. Do the things that bring you happiness. 

Switch It Up In The Kitchen
Another one of the many reasons I love this time of the year is the food. The fresh fruits, salads & fresh juices & smoothies. Experiment in the kitchen. Cook meals you haven't tried before but think might be interesting. Have a go at cooking & trying foods you never have before. Enjoy the process & have fun! You'll either end up a wicked meal at the end of it or you would've had a good laugh throughout the process!

B x 

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