11 April 2019

7 Ways I Loved Myself This Week | Getting Yourself Out Of An Emotional Rut

Todays post will be a quick one but one I hope will benefit at least one of you. The bulk of this post was written the week following the Christchurch Mosque Terror Attacks & it was a wee self care activity I felt I needed to do to be able to help pull me from a state of emotional numbness, disbelief & anger. This wee activity is something that can be used as often as needed & is great one to incorporate into your current self care routine. 

Look after yourself, love yourself & do what is right for you. You are number one. 

I brought myself flowers. 
I took time to read everyday this week. 
I picked up a colouring book & coloured until my heart was content. 
I laughed at myself. 
I got one early night & slept for an entire 10 hours. 
I sat with my sadness & let myself feel my emotions. 

B x

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