7 April 2019

What I Love About Sundays

It's been awhile since I've actually looked forward to my weekends. Don't get me wrong, I bloody love my job & I'm incredibly grateful but weekends at all about me. Selfish, maybe but I get to choose what I do & when I do it. Here's why I now get excited about my weekends. 

While I love being productive during my weekends, nothing beats a good ole sleep in. There's something about being able to wake up in your own time that makes you feel so much better. 

Makeup Free & In-Depth Skincare
Majority of my weekends are spent makeup free & more focused on my in-depth skincare routine. I'm due to do an updated in-depth skincare routine but here is the most recent one if you're interested. 

Future Planning & Organisation 
Planning & organising the up in coming week is one way I like to spend time in the weekend. This way I can get up on Monday mornings knowing what my week will involve & what I need to get done. 

Hot Bathes & Self Care Routine 
This one kind of goes along with my in-depth skincare routine but taking care of myself is important especially when I have a moment of spare time. I'll normally take a hot bath, pop on a face mask & just chill out. I'll also light some candles, read a book & just do things that make me my happiest. 

Fresh Flowers & Coffee Dates 
Having fresh flowers is one of my favourite ways to brighten up my home. Buying yourself flowers is just a really lovely thing to do for yourself. I'll also take time throughout my weekends to see my gorgeous friends & family. I don't have a lot of time throughout the week to do this so I make sure it's one of my priorities for over the weekends. 

B x 

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