4 April 2019

4 Ways To Be More Mindful

When I first began practicing mindfulness, it seemed like a chore. Staying mindful, paying attention to every moment, constantly being present, learning not to judge my own thoughts..it seemed like a lot. There are already so many thoughts, scenarios, plans & outcomes running through my head, how could I focus on & find joy in the simple things like drinking coffee or washing the dishes. Not possible, or so I thought. 

Mindfulness is a way of engaging in the present moment. It’s a way go being present without judging, without attachment. It can be the difference between moving through life running on autopilot or mindfully living life as it happens. You don’t have to spend your days, weeks, months & years waiting for something to happen. Every little moment is only as special as you make it. 

Being Present
“Be gentle with yourself. Think less & feel more. Be as happy as you can. You only have this moment.” - Dan Millman 
There are many ways in which you get distracted every single day. Too many to count. I’ve learnt that a lot of times we seek escaping the present moment due to what we’re distracted by. We rarely allow ourselves to be truly present because we often wish we could be someplace else, doing something different. As ordinary as your life may seem to you, it is often those little, ordinary moments that makes life special. 

Mindful Breathing
Short, mindful breathing practices are great for when you’re feeling stress, disconnected & anxious. Whenever you start to feel like this you’ll notice your heart start to beat rapidly, your breathing become shallow & your mind starts racing a million miles an hour. Allow your breath to anchor you. Mindful breathing will help you control your emotions & centre the mind. It can help release tension & help you get in tune with your body. You can practice simple, mindful breathing pretty much anywhere. 

Many times we fund ourselves having to wait we grow impatient. Nothing is a waste of time when you allow yourself to be mindful & present. Having a lot going on & being really busy shouldn’t be an excuse for not being mindful. The busier our lives are, the more you can benefit from being mindful. When you having to wait, work on re-framing your thinking. See it as an opportunity to slow down a little. Once you get into the habit of bringing yourself back into the habit of bringing yourself back into the present moment, you will never think of ‘waiting’ as wasting time.

Compassion & Acceptance
Having bad or negative thoughts is apart of being human. Negative thoughts have their purpose too. You should never try to resist those negative emotions. Instead, be mindful about them & allow yourself to feel. Recognise those negative thoughts as just that, thoughts. Then, allow the thought to pass. Your resistance can sharpen negative emotions, which in the long term is giving them more power. 

B x 

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