22 December 2019

5 Staycation Ideas That Allow You To Reset Without Leaving Your Home

Depending on your work schedule, current budget situation or overload of tasks & projects, taking even a quick weekend getaway might seem impossible. But that doesn't mean you can't still hit the refresh button & give yourself a moment of much needed rest, relaxation & inspiration to power through everything coming up in your calendar. 

Sure, it can be fun playing a tourist in your own town but there are also those times when staying in feels even more enticing. That being said, it can be challenging to shut off your brain to any projects that might otherwise distract you from completely unwinding. The best version of an at-home staycation manages to let you feel somewhat transported but with the all the comforts that being in your own space allows you. Maybe for you, that includes a weekend of Netflix bingeing or taking all the long luxurious bubble baths you want, either way, the best staycations are the ones that allow you to truly recharge. 

And if you need some ideas, here are five ways to make the very most of you next at-home vaycay. 

Do A Digital Detox  
If you truly want to disconnect from your usual distractions, a digital detox might be in order. By putting down your device for a day or two, you can truly take a break from work obligation & also channel your time & energy into offline things, like that book you keep meaning to finish or treating your body to some yoga or guided mediation. 

Treat Yourself To A Spa Experience 
Even if it's as simple as drawing yourself a stress-relieving bath, putting a face mask so or doing a DIY manicure, this is the perfect time to treat yourself to a little pampering.

Order In 
Try out the latest new restaurant from the privacy of your home, in pajamas if you feel like it! Or just order in from your favourite pizza place! A home staycation is the perfect excuse to take a break from cooking & your usual routine & enjoy of few of your favourite dishes. That is, if cooking is something that soothes you, this might be the perfect time to try a new recipe or bake some totally indulgent. 

Catch Up On Your Favourites 
With a full workload, there's probably a few shows or movies you just haven't gotten around to watching but have been wanting to. Your staycation is an ideal time to catch up on your favourites. Do a movie marathon, or finally binge that new series everyone's been talking about.

Work On A Creative Project 
The whole Netflix & chill thing can be fun but maybe you want to avoid screen time altogether. If that's the case, use this time to indulge in some of your favourite creative hobbies, like sketching, journaling, creating a vision board - sink your teeth into something crafty! 

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