26 December 2019

Current Morning & Evening Routine | Summer Edition

My current routines are pretty simple at the moment but nonetheless I know you guys enjoy seeing what I get up to & what my routines consist of outside of work & study. 

7AM: Wake, Check Phone, Bathroom, Make Bed, Water & Medication 
730AM: Breakfast & Coffee 
745AM: Skincare, Makeup, Hair & Dressed
815AM: Planner & Journal Time 
830AM: Begin Work Day 

630PM: Arrive Home, Put Belongings Away, Comfy Clothes On 
645PM: Dinner, Clean Up, 15 Minute Tidy 
730PM: Netflix, YouTube, Phone - Chill Time
9PM: Shower & Skincare 
920PM: Hot Drink & Planner Time 
940PM: Bed 

What do your routines consist of at this time of the year? Is there something that you do that isn't in my routine that you think I should try out? 

B x 

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