29 December 2019

2019 Lifestyle & Beauty Favourites

This post is simply going to be a bunch of my lifestyle & beauty favourites. I'm not going to go into any great detail as I'm sure I've spoken about all these products before but there will be links for everything if you're interested in checking a product out! 


Ecoya Products 
Ecoya has been one of my favourite brands this year. They have the most beautiful products & the scents are divine! 

iCal, Notes, Trello, Things3
These 4 apps have been everything to my planning & organisation system this year! 2019 has been a ridiculously crazy year & I couldn't have gotten through it had it not been for my organisation system through these apps. 

Plants & Succulents 
2019 has been the year where I've fallen in love with plants & more specifically indoor plants. There is just something about have flowers & plants in your space that instantly brightens its up & makes it more pleasant. 

Along with Ecoya, this year I've also come across another really fantastic brand which goes by the name Candle-Lite Company & their Essential Elements Candle Collection is just gorgeous! They use essential oils & a natural soy wax to make their candles with 13 different scents available. They offer their candles in 3 different sizes but if candles aren't your thing, they also offer a reed diffuser as well. 

Bullet Journal 
I've had a love/hate relationship with my bullet journal this year but I'm looking forward to a fresh start next year & I've been brainstorming different ways I'd like to utilise it next year. 


Super beautiful product & that's all I'm going to say. If you want to know more you'll have to check out my full review here

I've had this mascara in a mini version for awhile now & I love it so much I'm looking into buying the full size which isn't something I'd normally do considering the price point of the product but I love it that much. 

Haven't always been a big fan of primers & I've more or less learnt to embrace my big pores but I actually really enjoy this primer. It's lightweight, non-oily & doesn't clog my pores like other primers I've tried in the past.  

I know I spoke about this in last months favourites but it's one of my favourite hair products in the way of curl creams. It doesn't leave hair looking or feeling crunchy but does give your hair such a natural frizz free look with a natural shine. 

Again, another product I've mentioned recently but I just can't get enough of this brand especially because of their SPF use. Hands down some of my favourite SPF products. 

Essano is a natural skincare brand here in New Zealand & I've tried a lot of their products & been extremely impressed. Their body products didn't fail to amaze & is something I can see myself continue to use. And their scents are to die for! 

Two of my favourite Revolution products hands down but with that being said, there are a few other Revolution products I'm looking forward to try in the near feature! 

For a drugstore foundation, I was highly impressed & it quickly became a staple in my routine earlier on in 2019. I believe I've done a review, so if you'd like to know more I'll link my review here

Oh, look at that! Another product I've done a recent review on but I cannot rave about these two products by Mecca Max. They're a dream duo from gorgeous, natural looking, glowy skin. See review here

I got gifted one of these in the shade 02 Whole Lotta Honey & it's a really gorgeous my lips but better shade. It's a perfect lip product you can just chuck in your handbag & that is really easy to wear. I'd definitely love to try this product in some different shades. 

What have been some of your lifestyle & beauty favourites for 2019? 

B x 

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