9 February 2021

Important Life Lessons To Take Note Of When Attending University


Back to school season is in fully swing & no matter how old you are, there's always time to go back & learn new things. Whether you're eighteen or eighty, back to school can mean so many different things. It can mean enrolling in a course you've always wanted to do, signing up for University, completing your Masters or just retraining. 

I am currently in my second year of university & in the last year there are some things that have really stood out to me that can be carried throughout life & are great life lessons. 

Study Something You Actually Want To Learn 
There was never any pressure for me to go to university & because of that I really wanted to be sure I was going to study something I actually love & want to learn about rather than being influenced by others around me. I was 21 when I first started university & I don't regret waiting at all! People always say it's important to start university as soon as possible & while I think that's great if you know what you want to study & learn, it's not so helpful if you're unsure. And that's okay! You can do an internship, a year in a different city or a year working & people forget that if you want something, there are more things than your degree that will get you there. Also, don't be afraid to ask existing people who already are in the role you want! It's always helpful & they love to give advice! 

Don't Stress About The Future
I always use to spend a huge amount of time stressing about the future. Not knowing what I wanted to do was a huge part of that. I'd never push myself outside of my comfort zone & even attending university itself was huge for me. In the last year my confidence has only grown by pushing myself outside of my comfort zone but also by taking each day as it happens. I think the most important thing to remember in terms of pushing yourself outside your comfort zone is that you don't have to move mountains. Moving small mountains & taking small steps will help you achieve just as much, if not more! I would say to anyone who is unsure about where their degree might take them, what their dream job translates to or doesn't know their place in the world & is worrying & fretting about the future - these are the best years of your life & you should just go out & grab every opportunity no matter how big & 'scary' it might seem! The only fear in life is fear itself, remember that! 

Don't Leave Everything To The Last Minute 
Staying up until the early hours of the morning before having to hand in an assignment only causes a lot of stress & sleepless nights! It can take a bit in the beginning to work out how to plan your workload, set your own deadlines & met them but once you've got it sorted, you're ready to go! I manage to have assignments completed & ready to submit a week before the deadline & I can spend the week leading up to the deadline relaxing rather than staying up until 5AM! 

Take Every Opportunity Available 
Get stuck in straight away & take yourself outside of your comfort zone. Try to dip your toes in lots of different activities & get to know your flatmates & classmates as they're the people you'll be spending the majority of your time with. This year, I know I'm aiming to stress less & enjoy my time more. University gives us a wonderful opportunity to meet & bond with people from all walks of life. It's amazing to  have the opportunity to meet such a variety of people all at one time. 

It's Okay To Struggle Sometimes 
It's okay to struggle sometimes & it's so important to remember that! Don't feel guilty about having fun & enjoying yourself. I think as long as you can say you're really trying your best & giving your studies 100%, then you definitely shouldn't feel guilty for taking some time for yourself. Last year when I wound up in hospital for 10 days & I remember the more I began to feel better, the more guilty I felt because I wasn't able to uphold these high expectations I had set for myself. Everything worked out & looking back that was really a period of time I should've only been focusing on my health rather than everything else as well. 

B x 

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