1 June 2021

The Problem With Always Wanting More

I saw a post a couple of weeks back on Twitter that sparked  the beginning of the thought process for this post. I guess I just wanted to chat about how I feel about living in a culture that is never satisfied & always desires more. Whether it's more money, more clothing, more toys, more followers - the list could go on forever. When thinking a little deeper, a came to the realisation that in many ways, wanting more, defines our entire society. More power, more wealth, more prestige, more reputation. 

But the problem with that lifestyle choice, of desiring more, is when we constantly desire more, we are never satisfied. No matter how much we accumulate or achieve, more always exists. 

Don't get me wrong, I think it's great to have goals but when more is the goal, we never truely achieve it. More is not sustainable & that's the problem with wanting more. Happiness & contentment will always elude us if we are looking for it in the acquisition of more

What if it was a common place to see an end to the pursuit of wanting more, would it be a different story? If human beings eventually arrived at a level of more & suddenly become content, we could all strive to reach that magical level of more that we are all desperate to reach. 

After all this, this is the way I see it. We can continue to pursue more. We can believe there is a better life waiting for us if we just acquire more money, more property, more fame. OR, we can reject the false notion that more is needed to discover happiness. We can find contentment in our circumstances & gratitude for the blessings we already possess. The choice is yours. 

I choose to be content with less. What do you choose? 

B x 

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