26 February 2017

Setting Goals & How Often We Set Them

Setting daily, weekly & monthly goals are just as important as setting yearly goals at the beginning of every year. Goal setting is a big part of my life & I don't believe that it should be limited to the beginning of every year. If you want to see a change in your life you should set goals as often as each month, so you're able to keep an eye on what your accomplishing. 

Goal setting gives me a sense of what I'm accomplishing, day by day, month by month & year by year. To keep myself accountable I like to write my goals down & putting them in a specific place, such as a notebook or journal. Having them in a specific place allows me to evaluate my goals in day to day life, when needed. 

I wanted to bring this topic up for discussion with guys to see what you think. Do you think we should be beaten goal more often? Or is once a year sufficient enough? Goal setting is such a big part of my life & I wondered if it was in yours too? I set goals daily, weekly & monthly. When life is hectic & I have a lot going on, goals help me direct my focus back to the things I want to achieve.

It doesn't matter how big or small the goal is but if there are things you'd like to implement in your life, I encourage you to set goals. Regular goals. Daily, weekly & monthly. Write them down & put an action plan in place to help you along the road of accomplishment. 

Do you set daily or weekly goals? Maybe even monthly? If so, what are the kind of things you aim to accomplish by the end of the week or month? 

B x 

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