21 February 2017

3 Ways To Treat Yourself When You're Too Busy To Relax

I’m a big advocate for self love & self care but I know & understand that we sometimes have far to much going on, where we just don’t have enough time to treat ourselves to that luxury home spa night, that we all deserve & desperately need. I’ve put together a few pamper ideas that are simple & are going to ensure that you’re looking after yourself in a time that you really need to be on top of your game. 

1: Hands & Nails 
Good moisturiser is the key to the feel of fresh hands & great looking nails. After all the typing, writing, screen touching & hand shaking you’ve done, I think your hands deserve some simple, yet good ol’ quality care. You can always give yourself a manicure too, if you have the time to that is & if not I like to use a fast drying top coat just to keep my nails looking fresh. 

2: Feet & Nails
A bowl of hot water & essential oils make the ultimate foot soak. A good foot soak will help eliminate feet aches & help hydrate dry skin & cracked heels. I love to apply a thick body butter to my feet then put on a pair of socks & head to bed. In the morning, your feet a freshly hydrated & ready to carry you for busy day ahead of you. 

3: Scents
Candles, sprays & incense are perfect for this. Oh, the power of aromatherapy is incredible. The aim is to create a pleasant, safe, calming & comforting environment. 

What are your self care secrets? I'd love to hear them!

B x

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