28 February 2017

February Lifestyle Favourites

I really like the idea of sharing favourite products, lifestyle bits & pieces as well as anything else I might have enjoyed over the month, with you guys.  I enjoy writing this kind of content for my blog but I also enjoy learning about the products that others have come to love.

When other content creators post their favourites, I get the opportunity to learn about new products & other bits & pieces that I may not have heard of or that I haven't had the chance to get my hands on yet. 

When it comes to the content of my 'Beauty & Lifestyle Favourites' posts, I want to change things up a wee bit. I want to have things slight more flexible & not so structured. I'm going to talk about anything & everything that I'm enjoying & loving at the moment in time. 

I can understand that these kinds of posts can start to repetitive & with that in mind, I've made the decision to  to necessarily post 'Beauty & Lifestyle Favourites' every month. Some months I have a decent amount of favourites, other times I only have a few new products I've been loving. I'd rather wait to put together content with a bigger amount of favourites than having say, two products in one post just for the sake of posting content.  

I hope you guys can understand where I'm coming from & I hope that these new changes make my 'Beauty & Lifestyle Favourites' content more enjoyable. 

Now that I have said all that I needed to, lets jump into my favourites for the past couple of months. 

How To Be Happy Or At Least Less Say
By Lee Crutchley
I was gifted this book at Christmas by a good friend of mine. She's knows me so well & it's like she knew what the beginning of 2017 had install for me. This book is a creative workbook in the hopes of helping its audience become 'less sad'. It helps you draw, write, discover & remember those things that make you feel happy . . .  or less sad. I definitely recommend this book for those of you that are maybe having a tough time at the moment or maybe you just want to put a few things into perspective. The activities in this creative workbook will help you do that. 
Follow the author on social media at @leecrutchley to see more of his work. 

By Michael Acton Smith
Calm, by Michael Acton Smith, is another book that has been a life saver over the past couple of months. I throughly enjoy the 'Calm' app which I purchased through the App Store, but the book is next level. I can confidently say that this book has changed my life. There is so much useful information in this one book & I think everyone could benefit from reading it. It teaches you to discover those moments of calm, using a mixture of creative prompts, activities, instructions & inspiration. I highly recommend this to everyone but especially to those who are feeling a little on edge at the moment. 

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Butter
I'm a big fan of The Body Shop & I'm always use products from the shop. I already adore their body butters but the Fuji Green Tea is my favourite scent at the moment & has been for the past month. It's such a beautiful, fresh scent that I could wear anytime of the day. Green tea scents hold a huge significance to me as that was my Nan's favourite scent too. She had a wee collection of perfumes & body butters smelling of green tea, so that's where my love for green tea has come from. 

Banana Boat Tear Free Baby Sunscreen Lotion, SPF/UVB 50+
In New Zealand, we are coming to the end of our summer months, however I feel like over the past few weeks it's been the hottest it has been all summer. Regardless of the season, we should be wearing sunscreen all the time, especially on our faces. The reason I reached for this specific product by Banana Boat is because created for babies I thought it would be perfect for my sensitive skin. And I was right, I adore this product. It doesn't break me out, it isn't tacky on the skin & once applied, it's not heavy on the skin. I also like that this product is SPF/UVB 50+, it is also tear free, hypoallergenic, fragrance free & water resistant.

Dove Original Anti Perspirant Stick Deodorant
When it comes to purchasing deodorant, whether it is in spray or roll on form, I always reach for Dove products. I've been using Dove products for years now but what I love most about this specific product is that it's a stick deodorant, it's not a liquid like what regular roll-on deodorants are. It has a pleasant scent, it's soft & moisturising on the skin & it doesn't leave a tacky, wet feeling like liquid roll-on deodorants do. I'm onto my second stick of this Dove Deodorant which is a clear indication I love this product. I've never buy anything again if I don't truly love it. 

Chapstick Natural Pawpaw Lip Balm
When I was down South mid January I got sun burnt lips. If you've ever had sun burnt lips before you'll know how painful & uncomfortable it can be. The only product that I could find that would really help lock in the moisture & make my lips feel a lot more comfortable, is Chapsticks Natural Pawpaw Lip Balm. Pawpaw ointment is a favourite of mine however Chapstick has bought out a lip balm form. I enjoy the lip balm form more purely because it means I don't have to stick my finger in a container or use my finger to apply the product. I throughly recommend this if your lips are dry, painful, uncomfortable or even cracked. Even if you're just looking for decent lip balm, I definitely recommend this one. 

B x

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  1. I really need to get onto reading Calm, I've heard such great things about it! Oh, and I am about to purchase my forth stick of that stick deodorant!

    - Louise x